5 Days in May: The Coalition and Beyond #2020

5 Days in May: The Coalition and Beyond By Andrew Adonis Days in May The Coalition and Beyond In the wake of the inconclusive May general election Lord Adonis and other senior Labour figures sat down for talks with the Liberal Democrat leadership to try to persuade them to govern Britain
  • Title: 5 Days in May: The Coalition and Beyond
  • Author: Andrew Adonis
  • ISBN: 9781849545662
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 5 Days in May: The Coalition and Beyond By Andrew Adonis In the wake of the inconclusive May 2010 general election Lord Adonis and other senior Labour figures sat down for talks with the Liberal Democrat leadership to try to persuade them to govern Britain together in a Lib Lab coalition The talks ultimately resulted in failure for Labour amid recriminations on both sides and the accusation that the Lib Dems had conducted a dutIn the wake of the inconclusive May 2010 general election Lord Adonis and other senior Labour figures sat down for talks with the Liberal Democrat leadership to try to persuade them to govern Britain together in a Lib Lab coalition The talks ultimately resulted in failure for Labour amid recriminations on both sides and the accusation that the Lib Dems had conducted a dutch auction, inviting Labour to outbid the Tories on a shopping list of demands Despite calls for him to give his own account of this historic sequence of events, Adonis has kept his own counsel until now Published to coincide with the third anniversary of the general election that would eventually produce an historic first coalition government since the Second World War, 5 Days In May is a remarkable and important insider account of the dramatic negotiations that led to its formation It also offers the author s views on what the future holds as the run up to the next election begins 5 Days in May presents a unique eyewitness account of a pivotal moment in political history.
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    1. The day Nick Clegg got the Single Transferable Vote Labour peer Andrew Adonis gives us his account of the negotiations that followed the UK General election of 2010, when no party won enough seats to form a Government alone Although not published till now, Adonis explains that the book was written near contemporaneously and that shows through in the anger and frustration that seeps from the pages For non UK based people, coalition government is highly unusual in Britain and not much liked The Li [...]

    2. 5 days in May is an account from a Labour insider of the events which led to the formation of the Conservative Liberal Democrat coalition in the aftermath of the May 2010 UK general election As a voter in this election I was interested in how we ended up with a government which was not an option on the ballot paper and a seemingly unnatural alliance of right wing and liberal parties My review is written from this perspective.What I read did not please me and made me question how democratic the s [...]

    3. A must read for any British politicoes This book explores the negotiations between the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats in the aftermath of the 2010 General Election, shedding some light on what would be otherwise unheard.

    4. The 2010 UK parliamentary elections ended with no party winning an outright majority Existing prime minister Gordon Brown s Labour Party came second, and if they formed a coalition with the third place Liberal Democrats they d collectively have seats than the Conservatives, but still not enough for an outright majority without the support of some of the smaller parties too Brown, however, was convinced that The Numbers did in fact add up for them Certain peculiarities of the UK system e.g the S [...]

    5. Andrew Lord Adonis is a middle aged man who sounds a bit like Jools Holland Unlike Jools, sadly, he hasn t been content to restrict himself to adding innappropriate boogie woogie piano fills to live pop music performances After a few years as a policy advisor, Adonis was elevated to the Lords during the fag end years of the Blair administration in order to oversee New Labour s education reforms City Academies were the result, meaning Michael Gove is basically his fault More recently, as Gordon B [...]

    6. Excellent account of the tragically missed opportunity that was the inconclusive election of 2010 Adonis, possibly the most reasonable person in politics, meticulously takes you through the various moves of those key days Despite claiming bias, he presents the details calmly for you to judge, possibly a legacy of having been a Lib Dem Sadly, it all appears to be true Nick s preference for Cameron their shared background an ill founded dislike of Gordon a shrewd Conservative negotiating team a la [...]

    7. Self serving as all political memoirs are , you won t find Adonis admitting to any mistakes or major misjudgements but he does, overall, give a very clear and detailed account of the uncertainty and desperation of Labour s doomed from the start efforts to negotiate a coalition with the Lib Dems.What Adonis writes largely rings true Gordon Brown s clumsiest of human touches and his edgy, urgent need and instinct to cling to power are obvious And his account second hand as it may be of Nick Clegg [...]

    8. Fascinating book about the formation of the Conservative Lib Dem coalition government, told from from a Labour insider s point of view Andrew Adonis was a senior Labour politician near the center of Labour s negotiations, and is apparently keen to ensure that history is not always written by the victors The major part of the book is an engrossing account of the 5 days, complete with the deals, sniping, politicking and big characters that you would expect, and this was written shortly after the e [...]

    9. Andrew Adonis account of the interregnum between the 2010 General Election and the formation of the coalition Captures the intensity of that period and details how Labour could feasibly have formed a coalition with the Lib Dems Gordon Brown comes out of it particularly well, demonstrating a sharpness of his thinking and force of argument whereas Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems don t, damned from the start as actively seeking to govern with the Conservatives It should of course be remembered that thi [...]

    10. This book about the immediate aftermath of the British election in 2010 confirms what I think about Nick Clegg right wing, weak and inexperienced At the same time Labour carries some blame for not being determined to keep the Tories out I suppose even insiders didn t realise the extent of the damage they were planning to inflict, or how weak the Liberals would be in restraining them One point Adonis doesn t cover is the weakness of their party base in this, surprising given that they are suppose [...]

    11. An interesting short book from an unusual politician who sits in the centre ground and has close frIends among the Lib Dems and Labour It s an interesting account of dramatic events played out in private with growing pressure from the media.The Labour side in particular seem to have been exhausted by office and the election campaign Cameron seems to have been best prepared and ended up with almost everything he could have wanted including salvation from a terrible election result The Liberals co [...]

    12. A good account of those key 5 days following the 2010 election by one of the Labour team Much of it was written at the time Added to that material, he gives his thoughts on both the formation of this coalition and how to do it better i future should it be needed It makes clear that Labour were defeatist in 2010 going into the election, had done no preparation to enter into coalition talks unlike Cameron and then struggled to seize the initiative He seeks to blame Clegg for a lot My reading of it [...]

    13. Lord Adonis paints a thrilling and compelling picture of the negotiations, struggles, and back and forths which eventually produced a Tory government in May of 2010 Admittedly pro Labour, nut influenced by Adonis Liberal background and progressive outlook This book is well written and incredibly instructive as concerns questions of coalition building, compromise, policy trade offs, and electoral legitimacy Definitely a worthwhile read

    14. I suppose I shouldn t be surprised to read yet another account by a politician with no insight These people are so far removed from ordinary life its scary Not once in this account does Adonis take any responsibility for the failure of talks with the Lib Dems It s all their fault we did nothing wrong he laments throughout the book Waste of time.

    15. Really easy to read account of what went on in the 5 days after the 2010 election when the Lib Dems decided to go into bed with the Tories The author argues that they got a poor deal with no major government posts As their performance in the 2015 election proved it was probably a poor decision by Clegg.

    16. Eye opening and telling account of the coalition negotiations that doesn t attempt to convince the reader of its impartiality but probably needs to be read in tandem with Conservative 5 Days to Power and Lib Dem 22 Days in May accounts.

    17. Fascinating account of the coalition talks, and an excellent analysis of Labour s challenge over the next few years Worth a read.

    18. He can certainly write Very depressing read, as well as a weird one as I was 9 months pregnant at the time and generally feeling divorced from what was happening in Government

    19. Clear account of the labour side of the 2010 coalition agreement Whilst there are some subtle judgments, the story seems to be dispassionately told.

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