Principles of Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript #2020

Principles of Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript By Nicholas C. Zakas Principles of Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript If you ve used a traditional object oriented language such as C or Java JavaScript probably doesn t seem object oriented at all It has no concept of classes and you don t even need to define any ob
  • Title: Principles of Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript
  • Author: Nicholas C. Zakas
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  • Page: 445
  • Format: ebook
  • Principles of Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript By Nicholas C. Zakas If you ve used a traditional object oriented language, such as C or Java, JavaScript probably doesn t seem object oriented at all It has no concept of classes, and you don t even need to define any objects in order to write code But don t be fooled JavaScript is an incredibly powerful and expressive object oriented language that puts many design decisions right inIf you ve used a traditional object oriented language, such as C or Java, JavaScript probably doesn t seem object oriented at all It has no concept of classes, and you don t even need to define any objects in order to write code But don t be fooled JavaScript is an incredibly powerful and expressive object oriented language that puts many design decisions right into your hands.In The Principles of Object Oriented JavaScript, Nicholas C Zakas thoroughly explores JavaScript s object oriented nature, revealing the language s unique implementation of inheritance and other key characteristics You ll learn The difference between primitive and reference valuesWhat makes JavaScript functions so uniqueThe various ways to create objectsHow to define your own constructorsHow to work with and understand prototypesInheritance patterns for types and objectsThe Principles of Object Oriented JavaScript will leave even experienced developers with a deeper understanding of JavaScript Unlock the secrets behind how objects work in JavaScript so you can write clearer, flexible, and efficient code.
    Principles of Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript By Nicholas C. Zakas
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    1. Nicholas C. Zakas

      Chinese Nicholas C Zakas is a front end consultant, author, and speaker He worked at Yahoo for almost five years, where he was front end tech lead for the Yahoo homepage and a contributor to the YUI library He is the author of Maintainable JavaScript O Reilly, 2012 , Professional JavaScript for Web Developers Wrox, 2012 , High Performance JavaScript O Reilly, 2010 , and Professional Ajax Wrox, 2007 Nicholas is a strong advocate for development best practices including progressive enhancement, accessibility, performance, scalability, and maintainability.

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    1. JavaScript is a rather strange language Its roots come from the Netscape browser heyday, and it gives the impression that it was rather hastily created Complicating this was the fact that, at the time, Java was a recent phenomenon, and the Netscape management thought it would be a good idea to make JavaScript popular by riding on Java s coattails This turned out to be a terrible idea it meant that JavaScript was renamed, and rewritten to mimic a lot of Java syntax, and, as a result, it caused a [...]

    2. First, my background and where I m at as a developer I consider myself to be somewhere in between a novice and intermediate JavaScript developer I have lots of jQuery experience as well as some MV experience using Backbone.js I ve been exposed to advanced concepts like closures and IIFEs, etc and I ve even used them but always felt a little foggy about exactly what was happening behind the curtain I want to create games in JavaScript, and so I was looking to this book for some insight in regard [...]

    3. This was a good book for anyone who wanted to know some of the Javascript fundamentals especially when for the last couple of years, projects were heavily depend on frameworks and 3rd party libraries For instance, frameworks have functions to create instances of Javascript class Where does the keyword new sit in There is than one way to new a class, So do I go ahead with var o new Object or var o This is, surprisingly, confusing for someone who did not follow Javascript thoroughly but going in [...]

    4. tl dr I might ve expected the wrong thing and I was disappointed.The author walks through a bunch of techniques that you can use to write OOP code in JS, which is a nice for a reference book However, what I hoped the book would tell me is why and when to use the OOP techniques This question, however, remains unanswered

    5. If you re interested in how the flexible JavaScript supports Object Oriented programming, and want an in depth, practical guide, this book is a fantastic read While it isn t long, it s helpful code walkthroughs and background information on the inner workings of JavaScript make it a high impact read.I m looking forward to an updated edition for ES6

    6. After Reading this book, I really learnt a lot about OOPS in JS Now I know1 How to create a readonly property in an object.2 How to create an object which cannot be overridden.I haven t completed it yet But its awesome.Must read for every JavaScript Developer

    7. This book is not for people who are new to JavaScript It is intended for people who already are familiar with JavaScript and want to gain a better understanding of the language Nicholas Zakas explains objects in JavaScript down to a fundamental level in an concise and succinct manner The Principles of Object Oriented JavaScript is a thin yet dense book covering many aspects of objects in JavaScript with straight forward lucid examples There are no convoluted overly verbose code snippets waiting [...]

    8. A clear if not overly descriptive account of object oriented principles as they would be realized in javascript It doesn t dwell on the advantages of encapsulating data, but rather the nuts and bolts of how one goes about doing it The advantages become clearer with each chapter It also clarified a number of design patterns that one encounters in web development The next step will be to apply these principles to my next project

    9. Nicholas C Zakas really knows his Javascript craft Very well written, short and clear Every sentence, every word, has a meaning These days, one might consider it a bit obsolete since Javascript language has been at extreme pace of changes for the past few years , but still mandatory for a starting JS programmer that seeks proper understanding of the language core.

    10. A solid book for those who are serious about applying what they know about class based OOP to JavaScript As it turns out there is a lot to JavaScript objects than a bunch of key value pairs between a set of curly braces.

    11. A great read but it is ready for an ES2015 refresh I still came away from it with lots of useful insight and a much better grasp of OO concepts.

    12. it s a pretty short book and all the fundamentals were familiar, but I still found some neat tidbits of knowledge that I may never specifically use, but which round out my understanding of the language.

    13. This is a solid and comprehensive overview of object oriented OO programming with JavaScript focusing on using OO principles in JS after coming from traditional class based OO languages like Java It covers a lot of the features brought into ECMAScript 5 which is probably the most prevalent version available today it ll be a while before ES6 is available everywhere and thus most relevant for developers aiming to have their software work on any browser and on any platform.The material is dense wi [...]

    14. Nicholas Zakas has a new and short book out on Leanpub called Principles of Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript Remember the OOP coverage from his Professional JavaScript for Web Developers It s like a deep dive version of that Recommended.I had the privilege of getting some early looks at this book and am glad he pulled the wraps off of it to share with everyone.Zakas goes into the gritty details of the various OOP patterns that are available and idiomatic in JavaScript After some technic [...]

    15. Great, quick read that will help any new or intermediate JavaScript or web developer get familiar with OOP JavaScript.The best parts of the book for me coincide with the things I am learning at Treehouse during their OOP JavaScript course in the full stack JavaScript Track.As far as the OOP nature of JavaScript A lot of the syntax and ideas borrow heavily from Java and it is evident when I am writing in JS Fortunately, the book stresses the Prototypal Inheritance of JavaScript instead of thinki [...]

    16. The book is very useful, it puts your legs on the right first step toward OO in JS, and it quickly dig you deeper with dirty hands, especially that it s very easy to follow the author s progress in it Also it s a small size book, which makes you quickly ready to go But as it s a small size book, it s very concentrated, so don t bypass any point or section which you didn t get well, you will need it very soon in the book Chapters are built over each other, so be sure to read some chapters section [...]

    17. This is a nice short book on Javascript Objects updated to EcmaScript 5 features like getters setters and locking objects with sealing freezing functionality.It is not overly descriptive, but if you are good with JavaScript, and would like to get a bit better just with Objects or refresh your memory this is a book for you If you re familiar with Javascript The Good Parts , and you liked that approach, you ll like this book as well.In the end, book is only 120 pages, but worth than 300 pages of [...]

    18. Almost everything in Javascript is an Object JavaScript Object to be exact Similar but different than classical OOP languages like C or Java The patterns are still useful to know and I learned a lot about the inner workings of the language through exploring how certain OOP features would be replicated in JavaScript Although the trend is moving towards Functional Programming paradigms I still got a lot of value out of the book which demystified certain quirks in the language.

    19. drdobbs tools developeThe author, who previously wrote the well regarded Maintainable JavaScript, digs into the implementation of various language features to show how JavaScript implements a given feature under the hood For example, a function is merely any object with an internal property named Call From there, he demonstrates what is and is not possible to do and how best to approximate OO concepts from other languages.

    20. Quick and to the pointPrinciples offers a well rounded study of the JavaScript object, as well as a peek under the hood of the language itself I recommend this book to experienced developers, and programming experience with a lower level language is a plus This is definitely not a book for beginners.

    21. If you want to know about Javascript, Zakas is about as good as it gets For that matter, I wish he was an expert on other technologies too because he writes about technology as well as anyone I ve ever read And I ve read a lot of tech books.

    22. I hesitated before going into this book, but the author s fame made me buy it It was extremely revealing and easy to read It gave me a strong sense of understanding the difference between classical OOP and prototypal inheritance.

    23. I started to read this book directly after finishing the Eloquent javascript.I have to say that it is a much better book about 100 pages shorter, yet thorough.Book s writing style is clear and to the point 3.

    24. This book explains the object oriented aspects of JavaScript in a very concise, simple and clear way After reading it, the book also makes a great reference guide The examples perfectly explain the points being made This is a fast read, but a great read

    25. Outstanding One of the most important books for JavaScript Web Developers or aspiring developers to include in their read list, right up there with classics by Douglas Crockford and John Resig.

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