The Revised Vault of Walt #2020

The Revised Vault of Walt By Jim Korkis Bob McLain Diane Disney Miller The Revised Vault of Walt In Jim Korkis wrote his best selling book The Vault of Walt Now Jim has returned to the Vault and in this revised edition of his classic book you ll find your favorite tales plus five brand ne
  • Title: The Revised Vault of Walt
  • Author: Jim Korkis Bob McLain Diane Disney Miller
  • ISBN: 9780984341542
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Revised Vault of Walt By Jim Korkis Bob McLain Diane Disney Miller In 2010, Jim Korkis wrote his best selling book The Vault of Walt Now Jim has returned to the Vault, and in this revised edition of his classic book, you ll find your favorite tales plus five brand new stories, including The perilous four month stint of famed Warner Bros animator Chuck Jones at the Disney Studios Why two women you ve never heard of were among Walt s mostIn 2010, Jim Korkis wrote his best selling book The Vault of Walt Now Jim has returned to the Vault, and in this revised edition of his classic book, you ll find your favorite tales plus five brand new stories, including The perilous four month stint of famed Warner Bros animator Chuck Jones at the Disney Studios Why two women you ve never heard of were among Walt s most important influences Walt s admiration for and brief collaboration with legendary artist Salvador Dali Walt and Lillian Disney s raucous 30th wedding anniversary celebration in Frontierland How Walt s early infatuation with polo led to an injury that plagued him for the rest of his life The story of Cinderella s Golden Carrousel and the Disney craftswoman who tended it for decades Walt s fondness for chili and cold weenies, with authentic recipes to create his favorite dishes And over twenty With a foreword by Walt s daughter Diane Disney Miller, The Revised Vault of Walt is your chance to roam the nooks and crannies of Disney culture in the capable hands of Disney historian, master storyteller, and former Cast Member Jim Korkis As Diane Disney Miller herself writes, Jim s stories are thentic, so true to my dad s spirit, so unprejudiced and non judgmental, that I could see the twinkle in dad s eye, hear his laugh The Revised Vault of Walt consists of four parts, each with seven memorable tales about Walt, Disney films, Disney theme parks, and the many other worlds of Disney In addition, there s a bonus section about Disney s controversial film Song of the South to herald Jim s new book, Who s Afraid of the Song of the South And Other Forbidden Disney Stories, also from Theme Park Press and now available on.Note to readers of the old edition The Revised Vault of Walt omits several of Jim s stories and replaces them with new tales The book has been professionally copy edited and features a brand new layout not to mention a much lower price But please do remember that most of the content here was also present in the old edition.Jim Korkis is the best selling author of Vault of Walt, and has been researching and writing about Disney for over three decades The Disney Company itself uses his expertise for special projects Korkis resides in Orlando, Florida.
    The Revised Vault of Walt By Jim Korkis Bob McLain Diane Disney Miller
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    1. Jim Korkis Bob McLain Diane Disney Miller

      Jim Korkis Bob McLain Diane Disney Miller Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Revised Vault of Walt book, this is one of the most wanted Jim Korkis Bob McLain Diane Disney Miller author readers around the world.

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    1. Yes, this is indeed a book entirely about semi random bits of relatively obscure Disney history, specifically relating to Walt himself The well read Disneyphile has probably encountered bits and pieces of this information, but not in quite so much depth And yes, you will need to be quite a Disneyphile to even make it through the book The one thing that I found slightly annoying is that Korkis tended to repeat information too much So he might include a lengthy quote from a first hand source, and [...]

    2. aside from the figure of Walt Disney himself, there s no theme to tie the short stories together The author dances between short biographical snippets to short stories tied to the park and then back to Walt s personal life But treated as easy to digest biographical nuggets, each story is well researched and addressed with a respectful sterility Part of the motivation for publishing these stories out of all the possible content to select from is these facts and folks are under researched and unde [...]

    3. Not bad I don t find the person of Walt Disney to be all that interesting, but I did enjoy the stories about the history of several of the park s rides There seems to be a fair amount of repetition at a few points in the book Would probably be a great read for those truly into Walt Disney, the person and the company However, I wouldn t recommend it for others.

    4. Jim Korkis shares an incredible amount of information in this modestly sized book It reads as a book of short stories, categorized into 4 sections Walt Disney himself, Movies TV, the Parks, and everything else Not every story is specifically about Walt Disney, the man, but they are all interesting stories that relate to Disney s involvement in everything his company did during his lifetime, and how that has bled into what the company has done since To be fair, though, the book doesn t advertise [...]

    5. NOTE I forgot to do a review on this book due to being away from the site for a few months This author seems to deliver up a lot of great information of Disney lore He does his research really well and he s not doing it to demonize Walt Disney or the company He does it to point out the most well kept secrets of the Disney legacy The secrets range from Walt s childhood, Disneyland, and of course, the classic films.There were some parts that I wanted to skim mainly the Disneyland segment , but I k [...]

    6. A few months ago I wrote a review of the book The Vault of Walt, by Jim Korkis Since that time I was lucky enough to get a copy of the revised Vault of Walt, and I would love to share that review with you now.For the most part the revised version of this book is similar to the original The major differences are that the new version has some stories that have been added, and others that were removed Of those that have remained in both editions, I noticed very few changes and I believe that for th [...]

    7. Very fun, fast read I liked the episodic nature of the book Some of the stories were, of course, interesting to me than others, but they all had the fun and adventurous spirit of Disney The writing did feel a little amateur to me, which is why I only gave it 4 stars Nice vacation read or weekend book if you want something easy and light.

    8. An outstanding read for anyone who both loves history and Disney A great collection of stories behind Walt Disney, his company, movies and parks Looking forward to reading the other volumes.

    9. It is good to learn some behind the scenes information but no story really stood out to me Wanted stories that offered a bang

    10. Excerpt from my full review at seattlebooks.tumblr Disney historian Jim Korkis has compiled a lovely collection of anecdotes, interviews, and behind the scenes narratives focusing on little known facts from Walt Disney s life in The Revised Vault of Walt I was blown away by some of the tidbits unearthed here, from Disneyland s first authentic Tom Sawyer to the rotating cast of flying Tinker Bells and the intricate restoration process for carousel jumpers Korkis captures the feel of the famed inn [...]

    11. Not particularly hard hitting by any sense of the imagination, it still has some interesting stories More of a fluff piece relating the mild side of Disney history you may not know about.

    12. The Revised Vault of Walt by Jim Korkis was in a word, exquisite It is hard to put this book down once you ve started reading it if I had to rate this book on a scale of one to ten it would definitely be a ten, it is simply amazing.The content of his book was different than normal biographies because instead of being a timeline of the events in Walt s life each chapter was about something different For example,chapter seven in the book is about what kind of food Walt enjoyed eating while chapter [...]

    13. I try in vain to find the real person under those that have been swallowed by their celebrity Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and, yes, Walt Disney Some might argue that while he was alive Walt didn t hit the astronomical level of fame that befell Michael and Britney and, of course, it was a much different time period In fact, I ve always thought of Walt as very human This book was a step backwards, then, as I feel Jim Korkis buried Walt further in the vault instead of unmasking some of his hid [...]

    14. When one of the blurbs to your book mentions words like uncensored and unauthorized , you re implying that the work in question will contains things in it that the subject Walt Disney and the Disney Corporation would rather you not know However, when one of the surviving daughters of your subject reads and makes suggestions to your articles, you kinda have to figure that maybe a little bit of censoring has occurred If only so as to not offend Mrs Miller and insure your book does get published.Th [...]

    15. Reviewed by Isabella BonifasiI gave this book three stars because even though it was a very informative and quirky book, it got repetitive and boring at times There is a lot to learn and a lot of information coming to you at once, so it can definitely be overwhelming Even though I learned a lot about one of my greatest passions in life, Disney, I don t think this book relates to my hero s journey I recommend this book to all the hardcore Disney fans out there If you want to know anything and eve [...]

    16. The book that I enjoyed reading so far has an assortment of fascinating short stories that have never been told before Some of those sections focus on Walt Disney himself, the theme parks and the films including Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, and The AristoCats While reading this, I also noticed a bunch of surprising facts that left me wanting to learn , especially the parts where Walt met Chuck Jones, Nikita Khrushchev, and Salvador Dali, all of whom are considered as big celebrities back the [...]

    17. Although this book took me a little while to complete based on its content not quite suiting my tastes, this book had its good points and bad points I especially liked the tale about Walt Disney and the photographer when Walt was at Disneyland, or even the time Kruschcev visited America and all he wanted to do was visit Disneyland this last one was rather funnily written, and I m actually now looking forward to reading the sequel book in the series

    18. 3.5 stars Shouldn t have taken me this long to finish but the first half was a little dry Definitely the last 1 3 was really interesting from the park stories, song of the south questions, and the two little known women s influence on Walt Overall a fun read but I think I m ready to go back to fiction for a while.

    19. This book was packed with all kinds of stories and facts about Walt Disney, his life, films, parks Did you know he was a collaborator and personal friend of Dali I found this to be a little difficult to read I think because of the writing style, 3.5 stars but bumped it up to 4 because there is so much content.

    20. It was okay for Disney fans but unfortunately I found it to be a bit boring I m personally not interested in things like Walt s religion or that he liked to play polo I wish it would have included information about the movies and theme parks.

    21. Is you are a serious Disney fan, this book is fantastic If not, you will probably find it really boring I personally loved it and intend to read all of them.

    22. SolidI don t know an awful lot about Disney the man or the parks, but Mr Korkis does and he shares these tales wonderfully I look forward to his other books about Disney, his films and his world.

    23. Interesting information on Disney Very easy and fun to read book I consider myself knowledgeable about Disneyania, but I sure know a lot after reading this book I m definitely going to read volumes 2 3

    24. Wish It Was LongerLoved the book Easy read left me wanting Thank you for your honest approach Wonderful for short reading times.

    25. This was a very interesting book for a Disney fan My only complaint is that the author repeats himself a good bit I loved all the trivia and the portrayal of Walt Disney.

    26. Entertaining stories about Disney As an entrepreneur and a fan of animation, I found it entertaining to read about the anecdotes and struggles.

    27. Loved Jim s original collection of stories from Disney history, and I enjoyed the new stories Jim shares here No matter what part of Disney interests you as a fan, it s worth a read.

    28. A whitewashed look at some hokey anecdotes about Disney Not only is it largely boring, but it s sloppily done with poor editing, proofreading and typos Avoid.

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