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Blind Obsession By Ella Frank Blind Obsession Obsession defined as the domination of one s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea image or desire Chantel Rosenberg s passion for music and life had never shone brighter than the time she spent
  • Title: Blind Obsession
  • Author: Ella Frank
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  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Blind Obsession By Ella Frank Obsession, defined as the domination of one s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image or desire.Chantel Rosenberg s passion for music and life had never shone brighter than the time she spent in Bordeaux France It s a time when feelings arose and desires ran deep, a time that fundamentally changed her life.A man living in seclusion, Phillipe Tibideau is haunteObsession, defined as the domination of one s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image or desire.Chantel Rosenberg s passion for music and life had never shone brighter than the time she spent in Bordeaux France It s a time when feelings arose and desires ran deep, a time that fundamentally changed her life.A man living in seclusion, Phillipe Tibideau is haunted and plagued by memories he cannot disregard Choosing to live a quiet life in his Chateau surrounded by the vineyards of France, he s left his passion for art behind However, the time has arrived to tell his side of a tale A tale that has depicted him as a beautiful monster and he s finally allowing someone close.Close enough to ask questions Questions he s not sure he wants to answer Questions about her.For up and coming journalist Gemma Harris, the pursuit of truth is what drives her and when a job of a lifetime presents itself there is nothing in the world that will stop her from taking it Even if it does mean leaving her home for several months to stay at Chateau Tibideau, with him.This is a story of what happens when three passionate lovers collide and the desire for truth, art and music merge.Chateau Tibideau is a place full of unanswered questions, dark sinful desire and a beauty so hauntingly sad it will have you wondering how you will ever leave the same.
    Blind Obsession By Ella Frank
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    1. 5 obsessive stars Review completed March 28, 2013 Les vrais paradis sont les paradis qu on a perdus Reporter Gemma Harris arrives at Ch teau Tibideau in Bordeaux, France, to meet the world renowned artist, Phillipe Tibideau He was once one of the most public and famous faces in the world, however, since a couple of months the critically acclaimed artist lives in seclusion and shies away from media and visitors Besides, he s stopped producing wine and didn t want to paint any Now Gemma is here to [...]

    2. Les vrais paradis sont les paradis qu on a perdu It means True paradises are paradises we have lost Hauntingly beautifulThose are the two words I would use to best describe Blind Obsession From the moment I started reading this story it managed to captivate my entire attention It was an intense, powerful and enthralling story and I enjoyed reading every second of it.Blind Obsession is a story about love, passion, trust, beauty, art and music bound together in an enticing and irresistible mixture [...]

    3. Before you embark on this one, you should know that this is very different from Ella Franks contemporary romances This is her first foray into erotica and it s not strictly a love story There is love to be found here but it won t make you happy, beautiful as it is in fact, I think it will break your heart.This is possibly THE most atmospheric piece of erotica that I think I have ever read It s sublimely sensual, devastatingly emotional and so stunningly erotic that it s entirely possibly to lose [...]

    4. FIVE STARS, without a doubt I had been putting off reading this book for ages I love my Romance books but this one was coming across as a little bit darker and I was not sure where the ending was going WOW I loved it I hated it It is a beautifully written piece of art Yes, it is a piece of art I won t say too much about it as I think you are better off just going straight in and reading it without knowing too much about it I will sum it up in three words, Heartbreakingly, Hauntingly, Beautiful Y [...]

    5. Five turturous, heart wrenching stars Ella Frank, you have destroyed me with this book Les vrais paradis sont les paradis qu on a perdus The true paradises are paradises we have lost Chateau TibideauLet me start by saying, this book WILL TOP the best of the best for me for years to come and I have never once said that before I knew very early on that I was reading something unlike ANY other book I ve ever read The writing is exquisite, the character development superb, the emotions evokeda menag [...]

    6. FIVE EXQUISITE, OBSESSIVE, CRAZY PASSIONATE STARS How can I review this amazing book I don t know if I will be able to but I will try my best.Let me say I loved Ella Frank on her Exquisite series but this book This book is so much than that, this is one of the best erotic novels I have ever read, period.I cannot spoil anything for you because I know my Pip, Candace, will spank me and as much as I would love her to do that I just want you all to experience this book without knowing anything abou [...]

    7. 5 Obsessed Stars How do you review a book like this I am at a loss for words It s been days since I ve read this, and I ve been putting off reviewing it I don t know what to say or where to start, but I ll give it a go This is a story of obsession The domination of one s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image or desire Phillipe Tibideau had an obsession And her name was Chantel Rosenberg She was his inspiration in all things Love, life, art, beauty Phillipe was never happier than when [...]

    8. 4.5 Stars Riveting Darkly Erotic Intense Passionate Note There are only pictures under each spoiler tag until the very end Blind Obsession is Ella Frank s first venture into Erotic Fiction and she gives a stellar performance This isn t a book that you merely read instead, it s one to be EXPERIENCED in all its artistic flavor Every emotion will be engaged in this hauntingly beautiful masterpiece It all began at Chateau Tibideau, where two souls became one Here you will find the kind of love only [...]

    9. So many great reviews have been written about this great book and I don t think I have enough words to write down that would do justice to this incredible story, so I am going to give some of my feelings and thoughts about Blind Obsession.Breathtakingly Beautiful and UnforgettableOverwhelmingly Dark and IntensePainful and HauntingSensual and EroticDevastatingly EmotionalAwe inspiring and EvocativePowerful and ConsumingThis is one of those extraordinary books that consumed me and will haunt me fo [...]

    10. 5 stars The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision In the special introduction of this novel Ella Frank states My goal is to immerse you in this book by giving you the opportunity to view the images and hear the music that is discussed And At its core, this novel is about the amazing power of the senses that we, as humans, possess Sight and sound are the two I hope to bring to you OMG did she ever bring them to me I am sitting at my computer with earbuds in and listening [...]

    11. This review may or may not make sense, due to my lack of being able to do that putting together words thing So bear with me, okay When I finished this book last night, I had noideahow I was going to pull off a review for it My thoughts were scattered.My eyelashes were tangled with tears.And my heart seemed to dancing to the fastest song it knew.It s like Ella Frank only writes with the sexiest, most provocative letters of the alphabet.She writes this story with those letters, creating sensual on [...]

    12. 5 Hauntingly Beautiful Tragic Stars Spoiler Free I think for you to understand this story, you must first become a part of it This is not your ordinary Erotic novel, this was an intensely heartbreaking story I was captivated by the mystery that surrounded Chateau Tibideau from the very beginning I could not put this down Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind, and, therefore, is winged cupid painted blind Phillipe Tibideau thinks it s time for the real story to be told, the story about h [...]

    13. 5 Amazingly Beautiful and Obsessive Stars Les vrais paradis sont les paradis qu on a perdus Sometimes we all start to wonder how it feels to see with a touch, hear with a glance, entice with a smile and enthrall with a thought How to use all our senses, to heighten the passion, to open the soul and experience the magnificence that hides in each one of us To find the one thing that makes us unique, because Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder but people don t always see with their eyes And we do [...]

    14. AMAZING This story is haunting and heartbreaking but yet very erotic and I was sucked in Blind Obsession was unlike anything I have ever read It was truly one of a kind I find myself wanting to write out everything that happened, in every excruciating detail,just so I can make my point You need to experience this book and I mean that in every sense of the wordI really don t know how to start describing this book, apart from saying that you have to just read it to understand and appreciate it Gem [...]

    15. Right now, you re mine, just like she was mine I m going to pull you under and drown you in me until you can t forget 5 Blindly obsessed and deeply infatuated stars STUNNED AMAZED EXHILARATED BUT MOST OF ALL , ABSOLUTYELY SPEECHLESS How do you decide that loving something someone is too much Or like , how do you decide how much is too much I think , the answer is pretty clear Too much is when you ve reached a point of obsession , a point of no return A point where loving someone seems to be the [...]

    16. Review posted at Swept Away By Romance3.5 StarsGENRE EroticaHEAT LEVEL Very HotANGST LEVEL Extreme Reader Beware The Story Phillipe Tibideau is a man haunted by and obsessed with memories of Chantel Rosenberg A passionate and gifted musician and a world renowned artist, their connection to one another ran deep and changed both of their lives All Phillipe wants now is to be left alone, to live his life in seclusion However, journalist Gemma Harris has other plans She is seeking the truth She has [...]

    17. Ella Frank orchestrated Blind Obsession to pull a reader into a world of art, music and mystery When did it change from the story of two to the tragedy of three This book was beautiful, sexually charged, profound, gripping, haunting and so well written As a reader, we follow Gemma Harris, a journalist to France for a career rocketing interview She will uncover the truth about the relationship of the blind model violinist Chantel Rosenberg and the gorgeous and much talked about artist, Phillipe T [...]

    18. wow 4.75 STARS for this haunting and erotic tale.MusicArtLove.Obsession image error I know what you re thinking 4.75 stars come on why not 5, well I ll explain in a minute First of all, I want to say how much I loved this story No, I mean I really LOVED THIS STORY This is the first novel I have read by Ella Frank, and I am very impressed I have not read any of her contemporary romance novels, but I hear they are a bit different from this one First, and foremost, I loved the way the story was pre [...]

    19. A man in love with a woman I love you That is the beginning, and that is the end That is everything A man so osbessed with her ghost.It leaves him unable to give himself to another When I was inside of her, nothing else existed, he confesses And when I m inside you, she s starting not to exist This was such a haunting story that captivated me throughout It s the most sensually erotic novel I ve read and I will never look at a paintbrush again without having a stirring deep within.I m gonna be ho [...]

    20. 4.75 5 Darkly Erotic StarsHoly mindfuck Where do I begin I really have no words for it My mind is exhausted Talk about a roller coaster ride full of emotions The Blind Obsession was a dark, twisted and slightly disturbing story leaving me with conflicting emotions.Renowned painter Phillipe Tibideau is best known for his exquisite collection of The Blind Vision Phillipe is left feeling empty over his haunted past Phillipe is intensely beyond obsessed with her all of his thoughts are consumed of h [...]

    21. The True Paradises are paradises we have Lost This story was brilliantly executed by Ella Frank I found her writing to be flawless and beautiful from start to finish The erotica in this book was some of the hottest I have ever read While I read this story I was constantly intrigued as to what was really going on I never really understood the full picture until the very end, and then it all came together beautifully I certainly would not want to go into details about the story, as I feel it is a [...]

    22. Dreams and nightmares plagued him equally It didn t matter which way the dream took him Inevitably, when he awoke, one fact remained She is gone WOW The best way to describe this book for me is,hauntingly beautiful Blind Obsession is one of a kind I have never read anything like it, ever The all encompassing love and the utter tragedy of this story is absolutely heart wrenching This is one of those books that you won t be able to forget One that when you think back on it, will send flashes of pa [...]

    23. DNF 47%You hate me, don t you Maybe my expectations were too high This book has so much hype, and I expected something really dark and mindfuck y Yes, I was confused, but I wouldn t call it a mindfuck Phillipe.Maybe he s just not my type of guy I don t usually go for the artistic type Was he super sexy hot Sure Was I turned on a lot Absolutely.I had to remind myself that this is an erotic novel, so it was much focused on the eroticism rather than the character development I found myself getting [...]

    24. Long overdue, but here it is 5 I want to climb into this book and live in it stars I don t think I have enough words in my vocabulary to write a review that will do this book justice.Usually, when I read a book, and I love it, I have a lot to say and can t wait to write the review After I finished this one, I felt a bit differently There are some books that makes you want to talk to someone, after you finish, about how great it was, and there are those that doesn t let go of you You don t want t [...]

    25. Whaaaaat What must it be like to be craved that way To return that feeling with such ferocity Wow I have no idea how to begin when reviewing this book It is intensely erotic, the most sensual book I think I have ever read Your body is begging for me to fuck it, Gemma, and I think your mind is too I can t help myself from responding I think you re already doing that What he quietly demands Fucking with my mind It is shrouded in mystery and impossible to put down Right up to the very end, there ar [...]

    26. There are really not enough stars on GR to rate this book Even if the rating was out of ten, this book would qualify for eleven and then some Have you ever read a book, seen a movie, heard a story, etc that moved you so much that you just knew it will haunt you for a very long time, if not for the rest of your life And have you ever wished that said book, movie, story, etc had a different ending to the point that every time you read it, seen it or heard it again, you closed your eyes towards the [...]

    27. There are not nearly enough words in the world that I could use to do this book justice.Blind Obsession was unlike anything I have ever read It was truly one of a kind I find myself wanting to write out everything that happened, in every excruciating detail, just so I can make my point But of course, I won t You need to experience this book and I mean that in every sense of the word.This book is what Ella has described as, interactive As you are reading along you come to descriptions of a piece [...]

    28. I felt like I was the last of my friends to read this book I read one or maybe two reviews before reading this and I m very happy I did this Reading this book without any prior knowledge or spoilers was a spellbinding experience I never anticipated enjoying this book as much as I did I was under the assumption that this was a book about a cheesy, love triangle I m hanging my head in shame because this book is nothing like that.Since music played a large, emotional part in the telling of this sto [...]

    29. I have no words And so I will borrow Warsan Shire s.Blind Obsession later that night I held an atlas in my lapran my fingers across the whole worldand whispered where does it hurt it answered everywhere.everywhere.everywhere Warsan Shire, What They Did Later That AfternoonChantelYou are a horse running aloneAnd he tries to tame youCompares you to an impossible highwayTo a burning houseSays you are blinding himThat he could never leave youForget youWant anything but youYou dizzy himYou are unbear [...]

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