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Perfect Alibis By Jane Wenham-Jones Perfect Alibis Stephanie bored housewife and downtrodden mother wants a job Madeleine s recruitment company appears to be the ideal place to go Except that PAs isn t quite what it seems
  • Title: Perfect Alibis
  • Author: Jane Wenham-Jones
  • ISBN: 9781905170852
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Perfect Alibis By Jane Wenham-Jones Stephanie, bored housewife and downtrodden mother, wants a job Madeleine s recruitment company appears to be the ideal place to go Except that PAs isn t quite what it seems.
    Perfect Alibis By Jane Wenham-Jones Perfect Alibi Sep , The hospital set for PERFECT ALIBI was left up after production and used for the pilot of the TV series ER It was kept intact for the duration of the long running television series See The Perfect Alibi A Jessie Hunt Psychological THE PERFECT ALIBI is book in a new psychological suspense series by bestselling author Blake Pierce, which begins with The Perfect Wife, a bestseller and free download with nearly five Perfect Alibis Kindle edition by Jane Wenham Jones Jul , Perfect Alibis Kindle edition by Jane Wenham Jones Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Perfect Alibis. Perfect Alibis by Jane Wenham Jones May , If you love chick lit then you will love Perfect Alibis It s a tongue in cheek read about having a fling and always having a back up plan, but not always with perfect consequences I won t
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      264 Jane Wenham-Jones
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    1. Jane Wenham-Jones

      Jane Wenham Jones is the author of four novels and three non fiction books Wannabe a Writer is a humorous look at the trials and tribulations of becoming a scribe and Wannabe a Writer We ve Heard Of is a how to on PR and self promotion Her most recent work is 100 Ways to Fight the Flab and still have wine and chocolate She has also contributed to several short story anthologies and two cookery books, the latter being a particular achievement since she barely knows where the kitchen is As a freelance journalist, she has had numerous short stories and articles published in women s magazines and the national press and is the agony aunt for Writing Magazine Jane has appeared on a variety of TV shows from Ready, Steady, Cook to The Politics Show and many radio programmes and is regularly booked as an after dinner speaker.

    645 thoughts on “Perfect Alibis”

    1. A really good read Read most of it in the car journey to our holiday destination, and finished the rest off this evening Easy to pick up the story where you left off Good fun characters and a different story line to usual.

    2. Right so down to the nitty gritty I really loved the plot of this book it s nothing I ve thought about before let alone read before An agency that helps women cheat on their partners basically It s pretty hilarious the situations these ladies get themselves into from being heard on the phone, to cheeky photos on the kitchen table Although not always completely authentic the stories were brilliant Equally brilliant was the way in which Madeleine and her team get the women out of the tricky situat [...]

    3. I had no idea what I was getting into when I downloaded this book I admit I saw the cover and thought, let s give this a go I have never read a book by this author, and I did not read the blurb, so had no idea what the story was about The title gave me a little clue, but it was not what I would have expected A business where they provided alibis for their cheating spouses, and with Stephanie the MC, fed up with coming second to the dog Her children are driving her around the bend, what does she [...]

    4. Not surprisingly, another excellent offering from an author who combines really insightful humour with the reality checks of day to day situations that we ve all been in at one time and another Not only does this novel poke fun at certain off line activity NOT an exclusive prerogative of the male species by the way but it underscores how easily distractions get in the way of actually just getting on with living The characters are all p eople we ve met, in the office, down the pub, and probably [...]

    5. This book has been on my shelf ever since I recieved it in a goodie bag at a bookcrossing convention in July 2006 My husband had already read it when on holiday and having run out of suitable books and said it was ok I also thought it was ok nothing special, nice enough characters but they all seemed to think it was ok to run around and s g anything that moves while married which I don t so I suppose I was predisposed to not like th book from the start Just your standard chick lit really.

    6. This sounded a great idea for a business being run in this book and thought it was going to be intriguing However, I was up to 37% of the way in and there really hadn t been much mentioned about the business agency itself yet it started with tremendous promise It was just so dragged out that I lost interest and packed it in.Not sure what went wrong in formatting but whole paragraphs were suddenly in bold print.

    7. I thought this book was OK The idea was a good one and I liked all of the characters although like with most chick lit books the end was predictable.The thing that annoyed me was the fact that within the chapters it changed from one scene to another and I found that hard to follow Why not separate out the scenes storylines with a new chapter Maybe it was because I was reading on my kindle that it was hard to distinguish where it changed Overall I quick easy read though.

    8. This book took me ages to read I couldn t get into it The concept of the story sounded interesting but I didn t feek lost in the story or feek like I warmed to the characters The epilogue at the beginning was gripping so I was hoping it was a good story but when the characters were introduced the story didnt seem to flow It took a while to get into the book but it wasn t for me.

    9. Probably give it 2.75 stars A chick lit book where the lead characters are mainly married women in their late 30s and the main topic is infidelity It s a quick read, probably good for summer holidays and long distance travel Not so sure about the topic and started to get a bit repetitive towards the end Fine as far as chick lit goes.

    10. It was an ok read I didn t struggle with it but neither was it one of those books that I couldn t put down It took far longer to read than a book that size normally takes me I guess I just didn t get involved in the characters or care what happened to them next The actual concept was comical but believable Not really one i d recommend.

    11. Hidden in this book is a pretty normal type of love story but it is jumbled in amongst the tales of a group of man eating feminists who run a sort of club to cover their extra marital sexual encounters I m sure most of it was meant to be funny but instead it rambled on and at times just bored.

    12. If you love chick lit then you will love Perfect Alibis It s a tongue in cheek read about having a fling and always having a back up plan, but not always with perfect consequences I won t say any for fear of spoiling the story.

    13. not that great may have to give it up.s not gripping me and taking ages to read which usually means its a bit boring.will give it till next chapter to pick up then im movin on im afraid

    14. I found this book quite interesting, I usually find it hard to keep wanting to read but with this I just couldn t put my kindle app down I would 100% recommend this book.

    15. its not at all what I expected but was really good read could not put it dpwn needed to know what would happen

    16. Not my kind of story, I am afraid I thought the characters were not very likable and the kids even less so I skipped several chapters and got even irritated by the predictable ending.

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