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Wilderness By Lance Weller Wilderness Thirty years after the Civil War s Battle of the Wilderness left him maimed Abel Truman has found his way to the edge of the continent the rugged majestic coast of Washington State where he lives
  • Title: Wilderness
  • Author: Lance Weller
  • ISBN: 9781620400616
  • Page: 184
  • Format: ebook
  • Wilderness By Lance Weller Thirty years after the Civil War s Battle of the Wilderness left him maimed, Abel Truman has found his way to the edge of the continent, the rugged, majestic coast of Washington State, where he lives alone in a driftwood shack with his beloved dog Wilderness is the story of Abel, now an old and ailing man, and his heroic final journey over the snowbound Olympic MountainThirty years after the Civil War s Battle of the Wilderness left him maimed, Abel Truman has found his way to the edge of the continent, the rugged, majestic coast of Washington State, where he lives alone in a driftwood shack with his beloved dog Wilderness is the story of Abel, now an old and ailing man, and his heroic final journey over the snowbound Olympic Mountains It s a quest he has little hope of completing but still must undertake to settle matters of the heart that predate even the horrors of the war.As Abel makes his way into the foothills, the violence he endures at the hands of two thugs who are after his dog is crosscut with his memories of the horrors of the war, the friends he lost, and the savagery he took part in and witnessed And yet, darkness is cut by light, especially in the people who have touched his life from Jane Dao Ming Poole, the daughter of murdered Chinese immigrants, to Hypatia, an escaped slave who nursed him back to life, and finally to the unbearable memory of the wife and child he lost as a young man Haunted by tragedy, loss, and unspeakable brutality, Abel has somehow managed to hold on to his humanity, finding way stations of kindness along his tortured and ultimately redemptive path.In its contrasts of light and dark, wild and tame, brutal and tender, and its attempts to reconcile a horrific war with the great evil it ended, Wilderness tells not only the moving tale of an unforgettable character, but a story about who we are as human beings, a people, and a nation Lance Weller s immensely impressive debut immediately places him among our most talented writers.
    Wilderness By Lance Weller
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      Lance Weller Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Wilderness book, this is one of the most wanted Lance Weller author readers around the world.

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    1. The shack creaked softly with the wind while the tide hissed all along the dark and rocky shore The moon glowed full from amidst the rain clouds, casting a hard light that slid like grease atop the water The old man watched ivory curlers far to sea rise and subside noiselessly Within the bounds of his little cove stood sea stacks weirdly canted from the wind and the waves Tide gnawed remnants of antediluvian islands and eroded coastal headlands, the tall stones stood monolithic and forbidding, h [...]

    2. In 1899 an old man leaves his shack and heads to the mountains on his final journey, taking his beloved dog as well as his old Winchester, a walking stick, a blanket roll and his haversack What is it that compels him to leave his his few comforts to travel into the wilderness This is how it came about I was out front of my shack where I lived, said Abel, choosing words carefully I like to sit and watch the ocean of an evening The way the tide comes in and the different colors the sun puts on the [...]

    3. Ever since reading Cold Mountain I have been trying to find a book like it, not especially the romance part of that book but the adventure that the main character had when he walked home from the Civil War I finally found it in this one Weller s writing is reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy s, but a McCarthy with emotions I can read McCarthy and not feel much for what the characters are going through, whereas, Weller s writing makes me feel the pain and the sorrow of all involved This has to be my f [...]

    4. In a word Wow Hard as it is to believe, Lance Weller s WILDERNESS, polished and accomplished, is listed as a debut novel If you love literary fiction, enjoy reading a writer s writer, and have an affinity for Civil War literature, you can t do better than this.This is the story of Abel Truman, a veteran of the Civil War, an odd sort of Everyman who hails from New York yet fights for the South because he is in North Carolina during the outbreak of hostilities The chapters alternate between 1864 a [...]

    5. This book gets 5 stars because I just finished reading it and I am still in awe of Lance Weller s talent Wow His first novel, Wow His masterful descriptions of both nature and battle scenes, Wow His characters, maimed and wounded both physically and emotionally, but still able function in the world and maintain their own goodness, drove me to tears than once And his decriptions of Gettysburg and the battle of the Wilderness drove home the reality and sadness of the Civil War like nothing else I [...]

    6. A wonderful and sad story of an old soldier and his dog companion going on a quest We get flashbacks to his soldiering days in the Civil War the battle of the Wilderness 1864 The images from the front lines are very much alive The story itself is very well written I didn t have a lot of time lately to read for long hours at a time so I had to put this book away too many times before finishing it Yet every time I opened the book to read another few pages I was immediately drawn in I was right the [...]

    7. I ve thinking lately about the term literary fiction It s a kind of an elusive term but generally it is used to denote a certain quality to the way the book is written, to the care given to the sentences, as when they make you pause or suddenly see something new or something old in a new way There s a presence you detect in literary fiction the unhurried presence of an author who has taken as much time as he needs and given the book a chunk of his flesh This book is literary fiction at its best [...]

    8. My recent interview with Lance Weller can be read 2read review interview with lance weller This novel was storytelling rich in setting and characters amidst days of the civil war.The author writes with some wonderful prose and eloquently words in the right places reminiscent of the writings of Hemingway and Cormac McCarthy in style of writing at times You will read sentences that really describe well the setting, the terrible and the beauty of the world contained within these pages There was pos [...]

    9. I ll start with this Wilderness is THE book I ve been waiting for this year In fact, if I could give it than five stars, I would Without a doubt, it is among my all time favorite reads, so rich is it in sensory detail and drinkable prose The title of the book, alone, spoke to my natural sensitivities Wilderness You learn early on that the title has double meaning and a symbolic significance that influences the story of Abel Truman an old man alone, reclusive, with no one in the world but his ag [...]

    10. First I loved the prose so lyrical Then I grew a little tired of that Then I grew tired of the relentless sorrow and suffering and I love The Road so that tells you something and violence that Abel encounters in his long life from being a husband father Civil War soldier and veteran At every turn, he is abused by one or another of nasty characters or fate I actually stopped reading half way through, then read through reviews and picked it up again and was able to finish it The Civil War battle [...]

    11. Prepare yourself for a raving review This is the best book I ve read this year This may be the best book I ve read since Cormac Mccarthy s The Road It may even, gasp be even better than The Road For me, literary fiction has been an acquired taste Perhaps this is so because I had to work through the perceived trauma of being forced as a student to read beautiful works before I had eyes for them I had to acclimate myself to the author s style during the first 100 pages and was not initially as exc [...]

    12. This is an extravagant, thoughtful, graphic, and hugely entertaining book The author describes it as a literary novel Oh, lord, yet another genre fiction is getting to be as bad a music and I take it literary means language rich, as in prosody, or poetic, or musical, or ruling itself alone My coinage Well, Wilderness is all those things, and as Lance Weller is suffering and maybe reveling in comparisons with Cormac McCarthy, and Wm Faulkner, I suppose the book is literary Or as Cormac might say, [...]

    13. If you enjoy authors like Charles Frazier, Lin Enger, Jeffrey Lent, and Peter Geye, I think you will find WILDERNESS to be a rewarding read A wonderfully atmospheric book of long ago mixed with the natural environment of Washington state, this period piece transports the reader effortlessly Weller s prose evokes a poignant and well told story.

    14. There s just too much in this book to do an easy or glib reaction In review, I have to admit that at the end I finally remembered to exhale It s that epic, dire, pivotal, core mired Not only in the Civil War brutalities but in the roughest physical tooth and claw natural realities of those 1864 and 1899 time periods And it flowed well, but at times it was a difficult read for whole piece context.The Wilderness battle portions were some of the goriest and most horrific copy I ve read in many year [...]

    15. In between the two covers of this rather innocent looking book are some of the most evocative and emotional prose I have ever read Be warned this book is a journey that you certainly won t forget in a hurry.Wilderness packs a punch to the senses in ways than one It opens with a blind elderly lady, but this lady is not our main character She s thinking about Abel, a soldier she met many years during a horrific winter We then move back in time to Abel, as an old man making one last journey We the [...]

    16. Wilderness opens like a poem, demanding your attention, requesting your ear The lyrical prose makes one slow to its cadence and learn to read all over again Yet, the story itself, what I consider central to a novel, loses me in the end If you are a fan of literary fiction it is well worth the read the prose is polished and wondrous, and there were many moments when the turn of phrase took my breath away Yet, the characters themselves I found wanting and one dimensional Abel, as the central chara [...]

    17. I am looking forward to reading this book I must say that I am concerned that nothing happens to the dogat will make difficult reading for me.

    18. Quando ho visto questo libro in libreria, sono stata attratta subito Era l , in mezzo ad altri libri e non so perch io abbia preso in mano proprio questo Sicuramente la copertina bellissima sia alla vista che al tatto Ho cercato di leggere un po la trama, ma siccome che so cecata ho chiesto al libraio no, non ero alla Mondadori n alla Feltrinelli, per fortuna che mi ha assicurata sulla bellezza del libro Nonostante io ormai legga solo ebook proprio per problemi di vista, l ho comprato Le prime f [...]

    19. Wow I don t hardly know where to begin I haven t been this impressed with a book in a long time Lance Weller has created a beautiful work of art in this novel Mixing a story of a man and his dog in the Northwest wilderness of 1899 with that same man in the Wilderness campaign of the Civil War in 1864, Weller takes us on a mystical exploration of a dark time as seen through the eyes of broken but good man With tragedy worthy of Shakespeare, Weller cuts back and forth from the two time periods, sl [...]

    20. This is the 61st book I ve read, this year, the pivot point for my goal of 121 I can t think of a finer book to have placed at the heart of my reading year, and I ll be running out to buy it in hardcover now.Lance Weller takes his rightful place among a cohort of Northwest authors who are among the greatest living authors in the U.S His debut novel is the story of an old Confederate veteran, Abel Truman whose journey east through the Olympic Peninsula wilderness while being pursued by brigands i [...]

    21. I picked this up after reading a glowing review from a friend The story starts a bit slow, and it is puzzling to try to piece it all together at the start In fact, I didn t really like the book until about three quarters of the way through it, and didn t love it until the end From the start, it is plain to see, that Weller is a great wordsmith He crafts beautiful sentences that keep you reading, even if the story isn t really there yet Even his characters, while interesting, are difficult to sym [...]

    22. Wilderness is the story of Abel Truman, and the events surrounding two traumatic periods that define his life the Battle of the Wilderness in 1864, and his attempt in 1899 to leave the wilderness where he has isolated himself for 35 years and find a bit of redemption before he dies Abel s a northerner who went wandering after the tragic death of his wife and child and somehow ends up fighting for the Confederates His real loyalties are to a couple of somewhat pathetic friends, survivors of the l [...]

    23. A marvelous debut by Lance Weller Shades of Cormac McCarthy, Frazier s Cold Mountain, and McMurtry s Lonesome Dove An adventure novel at heart but with a heavy literary and literate bent Not a bad sentence in the book and it moves like a rocket Like Hawthorne on speed.

    24. So I have finished the ten page prologue And it is beautiful So beautiful.There is much to think about already in these few paragraphs Jane is living in an assisted living facility and opportunities to interrelate with others are rare Her main contact is with Michael, the nurse who makes the daily rounds on a tight schedule We come to understand that he stops in only once a day, because at breakfast time, they are discussing what she wants for dinner, peas or corn, as he rummages through her ref [...]

    25. I read an interview with Kent Haruf once he was talking about reading over the first draft of a novel he d been writing, and was disappointed to see that he had to trash the entire thing and start over He d been reading a lot of Cormac McCarthy, and it was obvious.Kind of uncharitable of me to start this review that way, but I wonder if Lance Weller had the same thought That said, his novel is great, it just echoes McCarthy and Frazier s Cold Mountain , in terms of both style and subject matter [...]

    26. Brutal, yet not without beauty, and unsentimental, yet eminently poignant, Wilderness , from debut novelist Lance Weller is simply unforgettable A war never truly ends The battlegrounds may become silent, but the inner conflicts never really cease The unthinkable tragedy of the War Between the States, in which Americans fought against each other on American soil, is brought to vivid life in the memories of Abel Truman, the protagonist of Wilderness Having suffered and survived much, Abel exists [...]

    27. Wow Just finished reading the final word of this exquisite book Instead of closing it, I turned to the first page and started reading it all over again It s that kind of book The plot line is simple it s a journey story about a Civil War veteran named Abel This man has experienced loss of every kind he s literally accumulated rivulets of scars upon scars on his body He s dying, and yet he attempts to make a final journey back over the Olympic Mountains, toward his original home The story is told [...]

    28. One wordAMAZING Historical fiction of historical proportions I can t even find words to describe just how good this book is.Abel s story is so completely engrossing from start to finish It so well written, deeply affecting and emotional Humility and humanity taught at the hand s of war The author takes the time to delve deeply into the heart this character We get to know Able better than he knows himself We get to see the good in himself that he can t We get to see what he has lost and what he h [...]

    29. This is a gritty tale with pain and suffering than seems possible for any human beings to endure But we ve all heard about the grim battlefields of the Civil War and the roughess of the western frontier and this author certainly doesn t flinch from describing the worst of both in terms of pain, longing, hunger,and sheer will to survive, even when the prospect of death seems desirable.Maybe the writing here was a little too painterly, but if you re willing to read slowly and accept the pain des [...]

    30. Lance WellerWilderness New York Bloomsbury, 2013 By Thomas E Kennedy Wilderness was reviewed in The Literary Review Loss Control Fall 2012, The ShortlisttheliteraryreviewJohn Steinbeck wrote that a country has to experience war every twenty years so that each generation can know its horrors Lance Weller s beautifully written novel Wilderness is as powerful an experience of war and battle particularly the three day 1864 Civil War Battle of the Wilderness as this old peace time soldier has ever re [...]

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