Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders #2020

Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders By Robert Thornhill Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders Ox and Judy are off to Alaska on a honeymoon cruise and invite Walt and Maggie to tag along Their vacation plans are soon shipwrecked by the murder of two fellow passengers The murders appear to be li
  • Title: Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders
  • Author: Robert Thornhill
  • ISBN: 9781480130555
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders By Robert Thornhill Ox and Judy are off to Alaska on a honeymoon cruise and invite Walt and Maggie to tag along Their vacation plans are soon shipwrecked by the murder of two fellow passengers The murders appear to be linked to a century old legend involving a cache of gold stolen from a prospector and buried by two thieves Their seven day cruise is spent hunting for the gold and eluding tOx and Judy are off to Alaska on a honeymoon cruise and invite Walt and Maggie to tag along Their vacation plans are soon shipwrecked by the murder of two fellow passengers The murders appear to be linked to a century old legend involving a cache of gold stolen from a prospector and buried by two thieves Their seven day cruise is spent hunting for the gold and eluding the modern day thieves intent on possessing it at any cost Another nail biting mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat one minute and laughing out loud the next.
    Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders By Robert Thornhill Themis, Dike, Justitia and Lady Justice ThoughtCo Mar , Lady Justice is a blend of Themis and Iustitia The blindfold with which Justice is now associated probably started in the th century In some of the Washington D.C statues, Justice holds scales, blindfolds, and swords In one representation she is Operation Lady Justice The Presidential Task Force on The Presidential Task Force on Missing and Murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives, also known as Operation Lady Justice, announces the upcoming Everything You Need to Know About Operation Lady Justice In , Operation Lady Justice, an initiative to create a task force to determine the cause of, and determine solutions to, high levels of extreme violence against Native American women, was signed into law by way of an executive order signed by President Trump. Lady Justice and the Living Trust by Robert Thornhill Lady Justice and the Living Trust Lady Justice, by Robert Thornhill A former bookkeeper for the Kansas City Mafia leaves Walt in charge of his Living Trust Walt, a bit surprised but does carry out the request Soon he finds the deceased grandchildren are not too happy and things are about to turn bad. Symbolism of Lady Justice The Classroom Dec , Lady Justice is a common sight on courthouses and legal institutions There is regional variation on her precise depiction, with certain depictions featuring different styles of clothing, head coverings, and a variety of facial expressions, but certain fundamentals are constant to the statues and other images She carries a sword, scales for weighing, and usually though not always wears a What does Lady Justice s blindfold, balance, sword Sep , Lady Justice is a visual representation of the philosophy of law, jurisprudence The combination of objects she commands when taken together represent the conceptual ideal and goal of justice She reminds us of its purpose When taken in fully, Lady Justice is achieving a
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      Award winning author, Robert Thornhill, began writing at the age of sixty six and in eight short years has penned twenty nine novels in the Lady Justice mystery comedy series, the seven volume Rainbow Road series of chapter books for children, a cookbook and a mini autobiography.Lady Justice and the Sting, Lady Justice and Dr Death, Lady Justice and the Vigilante, Lady Justice and the Candidate, Lady Justice and the Book Club Murders, Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders, Lady Justice and the Vet and Lady Justice and the Pharaoh s Curse won the Pinnacle Award for the best new mystery novels of Fall 2011, Winter 2012, Summer 2012, Fall 2012, Spring of 2013, Summer of 2013, Spring of 2014 and Fall of 2014 from the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs Fourteen volumes in the series reached 1 on in the past twelve months Many of Walt s adventures in the Lady Justice series are anecdotal and based on Robert s real life Although Robert holds a master s in psychology, he has never taken a course in writing and has never learned to type All 39of his published books were typed with one finger and a thumb His wit and insight come from his varied occupations, including thirty three years as a real estate broker He lives with his wife, Peg, in Independence, Missouri.Visit him on the Web at BooksByBob

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    1. Out of the blue, Mark Stewart received a letter in the mail from Skagway, Alaska A Prospector claimed to know about gold that had been stolen from his great great grandfather in 1898.At the same time the Stewarts were preparing for their voyage, Ox and Judy De Marce, invited my wife, Maggie, and I on an Alaskan Cruise for their honeymoon We d only been married a year ourselves and had never been on a cruise Sounded great.Amy Stewart had kept the letter from A Prospector and did some research His [...]

    2. In the interests of full disclosure and while I don t know if it was part of a first reads giveaway, I did receive my copy of Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders from the author himself Thank you again Now that, that bit of business is out of the wayIf this book the eleventh is any indication, the Lady Justice series would do well on television If cast correctly it could easily join the ranks of such stalwarts as Murder She Wrote, Matlock, and Murder 101 While I don t envision myself acquir [...]

    3. There s something about a murder mystery aboard a ship at seae culprit can t escape easily but neither can the intended victim Writers like Agatha Christie and Ian Fleming have used this vehicle to set up plots and sub plots to make the reader roll with the waves as they sort through events and clues Robert Thornhill skillfully brings this setting into the world of Walt Williams as he presents us with mystery comedy 11, LADY JUSTICE AND THE CRUISE SHIP MURDERS.The story unfolds as Walt Williams, [...]

    4. This is the first time I ve read a book by this author, Robert Thornhill, and I must say I will probably be reading of his writing This was a fun cozy mystery about four friends Ox and Judy are off to Alaska on a honeymoon cruise and invite Walt and Maggie to tag along Their vacation is anything but relaxing and all fun and games First thing that happens they meet another couple on vacation, Amy and Mark Steward From that point on their vacation plans are soon shipwrecked by the murder of two f [...]

    5. I just can t figure out if Walt has good luck or bad Is he in the right place at the wrong time or visa versa Why should Ox Judy have a less exciting honeymoon than Walt and Maggie had This story was good and had the added benefit of pictures I enjoyed the pictures and thought that they added that something special.The side story with John, Mary, Willie Jerry was funny.

    6. Anyone who has ever gone on a cruise, especially to Alaska, or is contemplating going on one, should read this book booksbybob lady justice an

    7. Warning do not eat or drink while reading a Robert Thornhill book you will spew A funny, comedy mystery involving Walt Williams, one of Kansas City s finest, and his partner Ox, aboard a Holland Cruise ship.

    8. This is the first Lady Justice book I have read and I was a bit disappointed It really didn t hold my attention but I finished it anyway Perhaps it was because I was listening to the audio book and didn t care for the narrator.

    9. This book was reviewed by Lee Ashford for Reader s Favorite Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders by Robert Thornhill is Episode 11 of the Lady Justice series, an ongoing collection of comedy mystery stories spawned in the creative mind of the author In this story Walt, a Kansas City Police Department creator and member of Citizens Retired Action Patrol C.R.A.P , and his wife, Maggie, join Walt s patrol partner, Ox, and his new bride, Judy, both of whom are also police officers, on an Alaskan [...]

    10. I think this was the best Walt Whitman book yet Lots of twists and turns and an amazing read I couldn t wait to see what was going to happen next Walt and Maggie go on an Alaskan cruise with Ox and Judy who are finally taking their honeymoon They meet another couple who are going to Alaska to try and find the gold that was left from an ancestor who had buried it before he got caught Looks like trouble follows Walt wherever he goes They were on quite the adventure this time I also loved all the p [...]

    11. Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders Robert Thornhill Robert Thornhill hits the mark again in Lady Justice And The Cruise Ship Murders Walt and Maggie accompany Ox Judy on their honeymoon cruise it to Alaska Once on board two people end up dead, and it looks like a case of mistaken identity Another couples life is in danger if Walt and gang can t catch the murderer first Fantastic read, with a bit of Alaskan history and great photos A must read for mystery lovers.I highly recommend all in th [...]

    12. This book was just simple, entertaining and enjoyable to read No dragging out the 1 sentence to 1 page Just let s get down to the story telling Very enjoyable book Plus you get a real idea what cruising to Alaska is like Though going there is so much better Now I have to go out and buy his other books.

    13. Cute, still trying to justify an 80 year old beat cop with poor aim working on the force in MO It s a cute series for those who enjoy madcap, seventies era humor Fun is fun This was the first LJ I read, and I never did figure out what Lady Justice was about Elderly newlyweds celebrate friends honeymoon with a cruise and accidentally get in the middle of a family mystery of another couple involving Alaska s anti hero, Soapy Smith, and stolen gold Go on a virtual cruise to Alaska with Walt, Ox, an [...]

    14. A mixture of fun, history and mysteryThis is the first book in the series I ve read I wish I d met Robert Thornhill much sooner, since this is the eleventh book in the series I really enjoyed the camaraderie of the four main characters, with or without their foibles.How often do we get those scam emails, some sounding realistic than others Is the email they ve just received real Is there really a gold cache With 3 members of the police among the two couples involved, I m sure they will be check [...]

    15. 50 50 chancesI absolutely love Walt and his misfit gang of geriatric heroes This one wasn t in their KC hometown, but it changed the scenery a little I can t recommend these books enough

    16. Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship MurderThis is written about at least one senior citizen and his friends on a cruise ship to Alaska Since I am a senior also a lifelong Alaskan I was ready to find all these glaring errors and laugh my way through the book instead I enjoyed the story and the errors were few and of no consequence to the story or the places visited I think any adult would enjoy the book you don t have to be a senior to enjoy it

    17. Walt, Maggie, Ox and Judy are heading to Alaska for a relaxing cruise and belated honeymoon for Ox and Judy Sadly Lady Justice doesn t go on vacation As the four friends are leaving Kansas City they start talking to the couple, the Stewarts, sitting next to them in the waiting area of the airport and discover they are going on the same cruise and are even staying in a cabin right down the hall from them It turns out their fellow passengers aren t just on a vacation They are out to solve a centur [...]

    18. i LOVE these cozy mysteries by Robert Thornhill.They are such a fun read the characters are just wonderful.As soon as I finish one,I m ready for the next one Great reading

    19. this was so good the couple was lucky to run into these police officers A gold plot in this day and time was so awesome.

    20. Lady JusticeFirst book by this Author, I enjoyed this book and could not wait to finish it Loved the characters so very much, very fast reading, as you can t put it down, kept me at the edge of my seat A lot of twists and turns, and the humor was awesome Just got five of his books

    21. I thoroughly enjoyed Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders by Robert Thornhill as I did all the other books in the series In this story, Willie, Oz and their wives go on a honeymoon cruise to Alaska hoping to relax and enjoy the week They befriend a young couple and unknowingly get tasked with protecting them against a pair of on board killers who want to take over their identities Meanwhile, Willie s dad calls from home to inform him that the brother of a mobster that they killed earlier was [...]

    22. Some vacation this turned out to be After some initial snafus, cops Walt, his partner Ox, and their wives go on an Alaskan cruise and learn many interesting things about cruises Then there is a double homicide which turns out to be a mistake on the part of the conspirators, and a serious problem back at home No spoilers here, just go ahead and enjoy George Kuch continues to deadpan both the fun and mayhem very delightfully.

    23. Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders Robert ThornhillRobert Thornhill has done it again In this installment Ox and Judy take a honeymoon cruise and Walt and Maggie tag along A conspiracy to steal old gold leads to murder Lots of action with great descriptions of Alaskan sites I love that the author incorporates real life experiences into his fictitious tales The rest of the old familiar gang back home phone in so we know they are still around I anxiously await the next installment The narrat [...]

    24. Lady Justice books are for adults as the humor is a bit rough I find the crime in the story and the mysteries fun You know who the killers are but the fun in which they are caught is unusual In this book the 65 policeman his younger partner and their wives take a cruise to Alaska Their vacation becomes less then relaxing as they stumble onto a murder and the knowledge that the killers are out to kill someone else It is fun to watch them as these couples stumble as most normal people do with comi [...]

    25. This was a fun murder mystery with a treasure hunt thrown in, set an Alaskan cruise and the ports they visited The book contained some interesting Alaskan history concerning the gold rush and had some reasonably likeable characters, although I haven t read any of the other books in the series Overall I enjoyed it and would recommend it for a lighthearted cruise read.

    26. interesting premise with older characters sort of a hijinks and caper book get to the gold before the bad guys

    27. Format Audiobook Friends in high places When Walt s partner, Ox and new wife Judy, invite the Williams to join them on a late honeymoon cruise to Alaska, the two couples are looking forward to some peace and relaxation Not going to happen With his comedic style, and excellent characterisation, Robert Thornhill again provides an entertaining and informative story to brighten even the coldest day A comedy of errors.Once again narrated by the excellent George Kuch, with his intimate style of speaki [...]

    28. I have been a fan of Robert Thornhill since the first book I read from his Lady Justice series, it is so refreshing to have main characters that are older and still active, what do you know life does not end at 50 I got this book as a free download and as with all his other books it was full of action, mystery, comedy and even some romance The only thing I did miss is the rest of the motley crew, since they usually get into all sorts of trouble, but it was fun to go along for the ride on a Cruis [...]

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