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Ghosts I Have Been By Richard Peck Ghosts I Have Been Many s the ignorant person who claims that spirits and haunts have forsaken the modern age in this new twentieth century But what they do not know would fill a book And this is the book Blossom Culp
  • Title: Ghosts I Have Been
  • Author: Richard Peck
  • ISBN: 9780440928393
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Ghosts I Have Been By Richard Peck Many s the ignorant person who claims that spirits and haunts have forsaken the modern age in this new twentieth century But what they do not know would fill a book And this is the book.Blossom Culp, spunky, devious, a bit of a female chauvinist soon to be the most famous girl in two countries is the outspoken outcast of Bluff City, Mid America But she begins a climb toMany s the ignorant person who claims that spirits and haunts have forsaken the modern age in this new twentieth century But what they do not know would fill a book And this is the book.Blossom Culp, spunky, devious, a bit of a female chauvinist soon to be the most famous girl in two countries is the outspoken outcast of Bluff City, Mid America But she begins a climb to fame one Halloween night when she deliberately puts the blame on Letty Shambaugh for squelching Alexander Armsworth s conspiracy to overturn Old Man Leverette s outhouse.Always resourceful, Blossom manages to foil Letty s plan for revenge by suddenly developing a spurious gift for second sight which unexpectedly misfires It turns out that Blossom indeed has the Gift for Seeing the Unseen.Nothing daunted, Blossom goes on to put herself and her town on the map She tames the ghost of a suicidal servant and caps her career with a lunatic odyssey to London.In the midst of her adventures, however, Blossom comes to understand the serious side of her flickering Second Sight In ghostly form she witnesses the terrible last minutes of the sinking of the Titanic and learns the sad truth that whether one glimpses the future or travels into the past, one is powerless to alter history.Low comedy and high tragedy are beautifully blended by a master comfortably at home in the perhaps innocent era already happily familiar to readers of The Ghost Belonged to Me.
    Ghosts I Have Been By Richard Peck
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      Richard Peck is an American novelist known for his prolific contributions to modern young adult literature He was awarded the Newbery Medal in 2001 for his novel A Year Down Yonder.Richard Peck was born in 1934 in Decatur, Illinois, a town he describes as quiet and safe His mother, Virginia, was a dietitian and his father, Wayne, was a merchant who often rode his Harley Davidson to work.Richard was crazy about cars when he was young and took pride in the fact that he could instantly identify the make and model of each on coming car He went to college in Exeter, England and then served a stint in the army He then became a junior high school teacher He taught in Illinois and in New York City Then his real steps into the writing profession began While still teaching, he wrote a column on the architecture of historic neighborhoods for the New York Times and contributed articles to the Saturday Review of Literature and the Chicago Tribune as well as other magazines and newspapers In 1971 he left teaching to become a full time writer His first novel was Don t Look and It Won t Hurt Henry Holt, 1999 ISBN 0805063161 Order InfoFor many years Richard Peck signed on as a temporary lecturer for around the world cruises These trips enabled him to travel, to teach and to meet people who sometimes appear in his books He advises young people who want to become writers to get to know people who don t conform to the group This is a common theme in many of his novels.

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    1. An oldie from my childhood which I just finished re reading this October great timing, because it begins on Halloween Excellent, and now I remember why I hung onto this so long I was ghost crazy as a kid, and adored witches, and this book certainly filled the bill Blossom Culp, social outcast and a girl with powers tells her early 20th century story in the first person voice Growing up in a small town like Blossom, I loved the echoes this had in my own life.I was very worried that the book would [...]

    2. I m reminiscing than reviewing here, this has been a favourite book of mine for as long as I can remember A teacher let me keep it in grade 6 because I had read it about 8 times that year Or maybe I stole it because I couldn t part with it That s probably likely Either way, that same ragged, taped up copy has sat on my bookshelf for 17 years, with it s little St John s School Property stamp inside.For me, it s one of those stories that when you think about it, you can still remember the images [...]

    3. This review is originally posted to my blog FallingOffTheShelfTitle Ghosts I Have BeenAuthor Richard PeckPublisher Puffin BooksGenre Young AdultISBN 978 0141310961Series Yes, 2Rating 5From Paperbackswap Blossom Culp is the outspoken outcast of Bluff City, always getting into trouble No one wants to cross her, especially now that she s revealed that she can see the Unseen Then Blossom herself is stunned, because her lie turns out to be truth She actually does have second sight d she is on board t [...]

    4. Overall, I liked this book, and I m interested to read by Richard Peck I loved the humor, but it also had substance The descriptions were vivid, but not longwinded, and the book read like a movie I m not sure how Peck wove all the elements together that he did There was a very magical flavor with the fact that the main character, Blossom, has the gift of second sight she can see ghosts and things that are currently happening, and things that have happened long since and her mother can tell fort [...]

    5. For Harry Potter fans looking for a magical adventure that isn t a rip off, this is a must read Like Harry Potter, it mixes magic, drama, humor, and romance, and throws in some historical fiction to boot Ghosts I Have Been is actually the second in a series of four, but it s the most action packed and therefore the best I read it first and then went backward It did not damage the experience at all.The series is set in a small Midwestern town in 1914 The two main characters are Blossom Culp and A [...]

    6. This is a book that I first read when I was in 6th or 7th grade I have recalled the book over the years, but could never remember the name Thanks to the internet I found it and recently purchased it so I could read it again and share it with others Re reading the story again, now as an adult, I still found it really written well and very enjoyable.I would recommend this for any younger readers and for adults for a quick easy and enjoyable read Now that I know that there are others stories that i [...]

    7. This is such a great kids book Its one of those books that is fun to reread as an adult which I have done several times The best thing about this book is that I lent it to my mom and she and her husband liked it and went on to read of Richard Peck s books I always love giving someone a book they like to read.

    8. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing no rithmatic , movies, TV Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here Graphic and children s reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book s interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don t really do stars To me a book is either worth reading or it isn t I can t rate it three fifths worth [...]

    9. from By Tamela Mccann taminator1 Fourteen year old Blossom Culp lives in a small town in 1913 with her eccentric mother and a penchant for getting into troubles and adventures When she discovers that she has a sixth sense, Blossom uses her gift to help a few local citizens and things proceed merrily until she has a crushing vision of the sinking of the Titanic a year earlier Fame and fortune brought on by the revelation of this vision bring many changes to Blossom s life, not the least of which [...]

    10. This YA book had me laughing right out loud It is the second in the Blossom Culp series I recently read The Ghost Belonged To Me and a friend recommended that I follow up with this one.Superficially it appears that there is nothing in depth re Richard Peck s books, but in reality, his keen wit and ability of portraying hypocritical high society in 1913 contrasted with down to earth plain folk eking out a living is excellently handled.Blossom Culp is born on the wrong side of the tracks Her mothe [...]

    11. Latest re read 7 24 17This book has no right to be this good when I m this old But it is God, it really is And Peck, who was in his forties when he wrote this book, has no right to be so good at capturing Blossom s voice devastatingly self aware, funny and wry, out for everything she can Plus she sounds every inch a preteen girl who has experienced than a few uppercuts to the chin by the ringside opponent known as Life Blossom s circumstances were exotic and adventurous when I was a kid, but th [...]

    12. s juvie fiction with psychic pre teens, trans continent boat travel, capers and heists and all sorts of shenanigans What s not to like

    13. I forgot the name of this book and couldn t find it for years so I started putting crazy prompts into google to see if anything would catch and finally after putting in YA story where girl goes back in time to the Titanic, here I am lol Anyways, this was a great story I read when I was younger and I m glad I found it so that I can read it again.

    14. This is a favorite of mine from my childhood Probably the first book I ever read that mentioned the Titanic in one scene, the main character flashes back to the scene of the disaster as a ghost on the ship , so thank you, Mr Peck, for triggering a lifelong obsession.I recently reread it after finding a copy at Goodwill The story isn t quite what I remember it being, but I enjoyed it nonetheless Set in 1913, it tells the story of Blossom, a young girl on the cusp of becoming a teenager who lives [...]

    15. How do I sum up my feelings about this book Quite a few other reviewers have described it as a classic I read this with great expectations, but was struggling to keep my eyes open throughout A classic children or young adult book would be in my opinion, a book that can be read and enjoyed by all ages, such as the Narnia books by C.S Lewis I won t go into details about the storyline, as those who have read and reviewed it already will have done that What I will say about the blurb is that it is v [...]

    16. I m concerned about people s heavy home sticking to young adult novels But there are timeless gems I like, even if I was 4 when this came out I didn t recall anything except the title and unusual synopsis I found it again and urge today s youth not to miss out The year is 1914 but other than adults threatening corporal punishment, characters don t feel outdated We re drawn into a multi layered story where Blossom and her fortune telling mother are dirt poor She is quick witted, stands up to bull [...]

    17. Ghosts I have Been by Richard Peck tells the story of Blossom Culp a fourteen year old girl whose rambunctious behavior often gets her into trouble Blossom s eccentric mother has the gift of second sight which Blossom has inherited It finally begins to manifest itself and Blossom quickly learns to control her gift She soon starts using it to her benefit to gain fame and fortune Blossom s second sight and her high spirited actions lead to comical adventures that eventually take her as far away as [...]

    18. Blossom is an early 1900s girl whose mother has the second sight When she brags about having it too so she can intimidate people who are harassing her, she actually turns out to be telling the truth, and a weird mixture of fear and respect settle around her She goes about her everyday life, a little resentful but mostly comfortable with her odd connection with the other world, but then she connects with a terrifying vision death aboard the Titanic What is the ghost trying to tell her and how wil [...]

    19. This was one of my favorite books in middle school, and one in a series The book follows Blossom Culp, a young girl living firmly on the wrong side of the tracks in 1913 This book had me laughing out loud during many parts, such as when Blossom hides in Old Man Leverette s privy on Halloween night, or when she gets herself mixed up with the Sunny Thoughts and Busy Fingers rich girls club The book takes a serious tone when Blossom tries to fake being psychic in order to impress the girls, and en [...]

    20. Having somehow missed reading this in my youth and knowing nothing about the book I didn t realize it was book 2 in a series Blossom Culp, a spunky little girl with a habit for getting in trouble and sometimes seeing dead people is reunited with Alexander Armsworth who she evidently had a past with in the first book The Ghost Belonged to Me.Other than a few mentions of their adventures in book 1 it was fine as a stand alone read Young readers who enjoy history working it s way into fiction, a sl [...]

    21. Ghosts I Have Been stands the test of time I read it several times as a kid Over the years, scenes, quotes, and characters would come back to me but I could never remember the name of the book or the main character Fortunately, I found it again in my parents basement, and it s just as good as I remembered I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought to myself, than once, as I read, I wish they would write books for adults this good The only difference between my reading experience as a child and as an a [...]

    22. Wow I hadn t read this book in years I believe it had been sitting on my parents shelf since I was in middle school, then I got a bunch of their books when they downsized I picked it up the other day when the baby pulled it off the shelf and left it on the floor.Blossom Culp was one of my favorite characters growing up She s spunky and smart mouthed and fearless Plus, I always liked a little spooky thrown in, so this was perfect for me.I d recommend this for kids in the 4th to 7th grade age, tho [...]

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