Christian's a FREAK #2020

Christian's a FREAK By Nathan Squiers Christian s a FREAK Christian s been living the high life popularity star football player any guy er girl he could want and best of all Xander Stryker is DEAD Sure he might miss driving his fists into the loser s
  • Title: Christian's a FREAK
  • Author: Nathan Squiers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 384
  • Format: ebook
  • Christian's a FREAK By Nathan Squiers Christian s been living the high life popularity, star football player, any guy er, girl he could want, and, best of all, Xander Stryker is DEAD Sure, he might miss driving his fists into the loser s stomach on a daily basis, but knowing that the emo punk burned up a year ago has had him on cloud 9 ever since.Until he wakes up after a night of club hopping with a chunkChristian s been living the high life popularity, star football player, any guy er, girl he could want, and, best of all, Xander Stryker is DEAD Sure, he might miss driving his fists into the loser s stomach on a daily basis, but knowing that the emo punk burned up a year ago has had him on cloud 9 ever since.Until he wakes up after a night of club hopping with a chunk of his throat ripped out and no clear memories of howNow, with his life and his sanity circling the drain, he has to come to grips with an inevitable truth that everyone else can see Christian s a FREAK And, before long, his bright and perfect life will be marred by a Crimson Shadow
    Christian's a FREAK By Nathan Squiers Who were the Jesus freaks What was the Jesus Movement Jesus freak was a term used to describe the non traditional Christians of the Jesus Movement Freak here means enthusiast, and although the term was originally used by outsiders, believers in the movement adopted it as their own. What is a Jesus freak GotQuestions Jan , A Jesus freak is basically a person who is obsessed with Jesus While it was originally used as a pejorative, Jesus freak has become accepted and even embraced by many in the Christian community A Jesus Freak song and album by the Christian band DC Urban Dictionary Jesus freak jesus freak religion A self professed Christian who labors under the mistaken impression that Christians are persecuted in this country, and that he or she is commonly persecuted for his or her beliefs. Why Christianity is Tough for Control Freaks Apr , It s funny that atheists often claim Christians believe in God because they want to wish fulfillment, according to Freud or because it s comforting This couldn t be further from the truth for a control freak Christianity is a tough religion for those of us burdened with a need to be in total control. Why Do Christians Freak Out About Everything YouTube Jul , Get a FREE AUDIOBOOK NEW VIDEO EVERY MONDAY FRIDAY Subscribe Support Blimey Cow Get Cool Rewards
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      384 Nathan Squiers
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    1. Nathan Squiers

      Born in Massachusetts in 1986, Nathan Squiers The Literary Dark Emperor grew up in Andover, where his affinity for story telling flourished due to a love of books and movies as well as an overactive imagination At the age of 13, Nathan and his mother moved to Upstate New York to be closer to their family.After surviving public school, where he spent most of his days locked away in the AV room watching old 80s movies on Laserdisc and planning out his next video project, Nathan began a shaky college career A love of weaving tales and telling stories was motivation enough to pursue an education in English, and, as luck would have it, a series of phenomenal professors were available to get him pointed in the right direction It was in his first years of college that Nathan began to actively pursue a writing career, starting his first literary journey with a piece that would later become Noir , the first book of the Crimson Shadow series.Like any good story, a chaotic turn of events brought Nathan from the very brink of insanity and loneliness to the warm, comforting embrace of Megan, his best friend, lover, kindred spirit, and often than not personal handler It was with Megan at his side that Nathan was able to continue his writing sometimes solely motivated by the young lady s threats of dismemberment if he tried to stop With Megan s help, Nathan was able to see Death Metal, his fourth manuscript, through the publication process.Nearly ten years later, The Literary Dark Emperor continues to invent stories and put them into a literary sequence that he hopes will be somehow decipherable by other readers As a lover of all things creative, he works in both novels, novellas, short stories, as well as comic book scripts just don t ask him to draw something if you don t like stick figures and poorly executed shapes.If he s not submerged in the realm of fiction or burning out his retinas with horror movie marathons, Nathan is planning getting a new piercing tattoo or enjoying life with his lovely fianc.

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    1. Christian s a FREAK is another great story by Nathan Squiers, he just keeps them coming, oozing with talent and ideas This short story is dark and about revenge Playfully approached from the perspective of the victim s brother we see popular Christian in his transformation to Vampire.This is a great piece of story telling, I wondered where it would go, then you know and with all that we know about Xander, the Crimson Shadow, and his past, this fits perfectly into the world Squiers has created Th [...]

    2. I received a copy for review from the author for review.Christian is a freak is a very short story that takes you into the nightmare of changing from a human to a vampire.The reason I am giving this a 3 star and not higher is cause I seriously do not like my stories this dark.The thing is, if you do like really dark stories you will judge me my rating.It is expertly written and very disturbing.I would recommend this to any reader whom prefer their books too have paranormal with a bite and a real [...]

    3. I was gifted a copy of this book by the author This review contains spoilers Christian wakes up to find he has a serious wound on his neck Brushing it off he goes home to clean up where his brother finds him Christian then flees the house only to stalk a woman who accidentaly runs his over I feel there will be to this exciting tale Loved it.

    4. I received this book in exchange for a honest review WaAr This has many elements that are making the author known blood, gore, gothic, and dark The author truly has a unique perspective when her writes his books I m enjoying the dark take on popular fiction now I can t wait to see what else stirs up in the author mind This book is about Christian who is a bit freaky He is a jock who loves to beat up on Xander, but since he died he lost that privilege When he is partying at a club he wakes with a [...]

    5. Wickedly Astonishing Nathan keeps it coming in just giving enough to make me crave I love the World that Nathan Squiers has created It is brilliantly portrayed with his unique and descriptive writing style As soon as a Crimson Shadow new release comes out I buy them and read them as soon a I can In Christian s a FREAK, we find a horrific scene of a young man in a situation he can not remember happening to him As the story evolves the twists and turns left me wanting of the dark world that I h [...]

    6. I received this book from the author for an honest review.Again the Author transports us into the darker world of Crimson Shadow with the birth of a vampire, Christian But to awaken in an alley with his throat injured and no memory of what he did last night, would put anyone on edge The Author pulls us into Christian s life where we witness some of his past struggles and present torments especially the latest one, he is hungry but doesn t know what he is craving In denial that anything is wrong [...]

    7. Christian wakes up after a night of partying to found his neck has a chunk miss from it and he is bleeding He goes homes and falls a sleep in the bath where his brother finds him with blood round his neck and the cut.Christian goes out and get knocked over by a car and wakes up in the morgue the quick reads are very good as you can have a rest a quick read and than carry on with the house work

    8. 10 s I recieved an eARC copy of this short story directly from the author in return for an honest review.WOWFreaky, creapy, gross and I loved every minute of this story Its a MUST read adults only short story that will make you think twice about being a mortician Thank you, Nathan, for the oppportunity to read and review this marvelous short story

    9. I was given this book by the author in return for an honest review.A great short story, to the extent that I wanted lol Nathan is an excellent author an always draws you into his stories.Cannot wait to read from this author.

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