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A Town of Empty Rooms By Karen E. Bender A Town of Empty Rooms Karen E Bender burst on to the literary scene a decade ago with her luminous first novel Like Normal People which garnered remarkable acclaim A Town of Empty Rooms presents the story of Serena and D
  • Title: A Town of Empty Rooms
  • Author: Karen E. Bender
  • ISBN: 9781619020696
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Town of Empty Rooms By Karen E. Bender Karen E Bender burst on to the literary scene a decade ago with her luminous first novel, Like Normal People, which garnered remarkable acclaim.A Town of Empty Rooms presents the story of Serena and Dan Shine, estranged from one another as they separately grieve over the recent loss of Serena s father and Dan s older brother Serena s actions cause the couple and their twKaren E Bender burst on to the literary scene a decade ago with her luminous first novel, Like Normal People, which garnered remarkable acclaim.A Town of Empty Rooms presents the story of Serena and Dan Shine, estranged from one another as they separately grieve over the recent loss of Serena s father and Dan s older brother Serena s actions cause the couple and their two small children to be banished from New York City, and they settle in the only town that will offer Dan employment Waring, North Carolina There, in the Bible belt of America, Serena becomes enmeshed with the small Jewish congregation in town led by an esoteric rabbi, whose increasingly erratic behavior threatens the future of his flock Dan and their young son are drawn into the Boy Scouts by their mysterious and vigilant neighbor, who may not have their best intentions at heart Tensions accrue when matters of faith, identity, community, and family all fall into the crosshairs of contemporary, small town America A Town of Empty Rooms presents a fascinating insight into the lengths we will go to discover just where we belong.
    A Town of Empty Rooms By Karen E. Bender
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      Karen E. Bender Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Town of Empty Rooms book, this is one of the most wanted Karen E. Bender author readers around the world.

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    1. I spotted this book on Firstreads list I did not win a copy but it looked interesting so I bought a copy for my Kindle The story and characters were very engaging The book opens with the main character, Serena Hirsch, a speech writer for a Pepsi executive, performing a compulsive act of larceny As a result of her actions, she loses her job and she and her husband flee in shame to small town North Carolina, where her husband has found a new job In North Carolina, Serena becomes active in the comm [...]

    2. I jumped at the chance to read a complimentary advance copy of Karen E Bender s second novel, A Town of Empty Rooms Although I have yet to read Bender s acclaimed first novel, Like Normal People 2000 , one of her short stories, Candidate, stayed with me long after I read it And certain details about the new novel, which features a Jewish protagonist in North Carolina, resonated with my experience interests.In essence, the book traces three major connected conflicts First, there s the marital dis [...]

    3. This would be a great novel for a book group.It is both an insightful, literary novel and a suspenseful page turner if you find real people, real marriage, real psychological drama to be suspenseful The characters are so well painted, you feel as though they are your friends and you are terribly concerned for what will become of them Serena is a corporate writer who has had something of a nervous breakdown after the death of her father The way she acts out in her depression leads to her losing h [...]

    4. Great book Serena and Dan have moved to a small NC town from NY due to Serena getting herself in some trouble She becomes obsessed with the Temple and the Rabbi, who has his own issues Her husband gets hung up on the Boy scouts as they pretty much ignore each other Some of the other characters are very interesting, even obnoxious Scary look at a small town and its values, or lack of.

    5. A very deep novel written with great insight It took a little while to start developing and much of he dialogue occurred within the primary s mind As you get into the book you begin to realize she is thinking of times and events that we all experience and never say a word about out loud I have not read any of he author s writings before but will do so in the future.

    6. This is a novel about the walls we put up, around ourselves, and around our trusted cliques of like minded people to keep out those who aren t like us It s lonely, and some of the story lines are awkwardly shoehorned in or trail off without satisfaction, but it s a decent read.

    7. A Jewish family is forced to move from New York City to North Carolina after the wife is discovered stealing from the company she works for The reader is privvy to Serena s motivations for stealing but they are a mystery to her husband, Dan in this not very uplifting but heartfelt novel Now as the sole breadwinner he must seek work elsewhere to provide for Serena and thir two young children Initially, it was hard to accept the reason for her stealing but it became clearer and understandable as [...]

    8. I d give this book 3.5 stars.Serena and Dan Shine are both struggling Serena suffers a breakdown of sorts following the death of her beloved, larger than life father, while Dan is struggling with the death of his older brother When Serena s actions force them to leave New York and head to Waring, North Carolina, the only place where Dan can find a job, their marriage is challenged as both of them face similar yet different emotions.Deep in the heart of the Bible Belt, Serena tries to find ways t [...]

    9. At times the writing is poetic however, I could never fully connect with any of the characters In the end, I was unfulfilled.

    10. I enjoyed this book for the characters the major ones were well developed and solid I got a sense of how they were and whether I liked them or not.Most scenes and situations in the plot were well set up and stimulating but I felt they were like highlights popping up in between long, boring patches of no action.The final part of the book was like an explanation of all that went before The raison d etre While I appreciated that, I think a tightly written, polished story wouldn t need this It would [...]

    11. A Town of Empty Rooms was on a recent list of recommended novels by American Jewish female writers Set in a small town in North Carolina, the overriding theme is one of loneliness and isolation I was very uncomfortable with the stereotypical characters in the novel Not one of my favorites.

    12. 3.5 stars Bender writes Everyone lived in the empty rooms of their own longing, wrangling with their own versions of love and grief sometimes, if they were lucky, they stepped out of their rooms to meet another person, to try, for a moment, to live in the precious room of another This novel is about a couple who are reeling from grief of their own personal loss Serena lost her father and Dan lost his brother It begins with Serena having a nervous breakdown which causes her to lose her job in Man [...]

    13. In the first pages of this novel, Serena Shine charges eight thousand dollars of jewelry on her employer s credit card, gets caught, is fired, and, after their savings are used up in legal fees, moves with her husband to a small town in North Carolina I kept reading to the end of the book, trying to understand why she did it Meanwhile, this Jewish family from New York City, tries to fit into life in a Christian dominant southern community Serena takes a job at the local synagogue and finds herse [...]

    14. I found that the secret to enjoying this book was to read it backwards I started it, read the first 30 some pages, and got stuck Left it alone for a while, tried again, still stuck So I peeked at the end to see if it ever got better, saw that a few pages wouldn t tell me how things turned out, and read the entire final section It was good Then I backed up one scene, read that, and was greatly intrigued How, I wondered, had they arrived at this point, given how the situation began And, scene by [...]

    15. This novel centers around introspective characters learning to cope with familial and financial losses Knowing their individual motivations that are unknown to other characters, made this novel successful in creating sympathy for them as they learn to adjust to their new circumstances As the characters work through the losses they have suffered, Bender cleverly incorporates a beautiful metaphor of empty rooms This is so wonderfully poetic in its imagery that it gives greater meaning to what it m [...]

    16. Found this on the new releases shelf at the library and it sounded curious Having finished it, now, I think weird is a better word The plot seems to be incidental to the soul searching the main characters all engage in I can t say I liked it, but neither can I say I didn t like it.It is sort of like putting dialogue and psychological motivations into an ordinary day in the life of oneself and those immediately around a person Like having our thoughts and emotions suspended in a dialogue bubble o [...]

    17. It was a quick read and the characters were somewhat compelling The main reason I liked this, though, is because I identified somewhat with the author I enjoyed reading about a mildly observant New York Jew moving to North Carolina who became active in the town s Temple There were a couple things I didn t like, including the fact that at least twice the author wrote there were a couple things that when I believe she should have written a couple OF things Some other grammatical errors distracted [...]

    18. I received this book as a Giveaway.I did not care for this book It was just too wordy and seemed to meander I admit that I only skimmed parts because I found it so boring I didn t really like any of the characters The only strength that emerged was at the end, but I didn t even find these to be such great revelations or epiphany moments for me I am also not familiar with Jewish culture, their celebrations, doctrine or their services in the synagogue It would have been helpful to me if I was.

    19. This book is about a family that had to moved from NYC to Waring, NC The wife used a company credit card to make illegal purchases and could not paid for them She was left go from Pepsi and they had to moved They lived in Waring and since they were Jewish had to adjust to life in a town thayt had a small Jewish community They meet with prejudice They had to adjust to the temple there ad meet with a lot of problems The book was interesting and in some parts very depressing It was a good read.

    20. A Jewish family moves from New York to a small southern town and in this new land of Disney esque churches and gun toting, zealous neighbors must start over.Within this new start, the book capture the tension of a marriage unlike any I ve read They handled each other with the hardness and delicacy of couples who have injured each other What a line A Town of Empty Rooms is an incredible glimpse into the struggle to fit in and be heard in our communities but even within our own families.

    21. I won this book in a First Reads giveaway.I am glad I read this book I would recommend this book to anyone that knows some stuff about the Jewish faith, because it talks a lot about that religion.I enjoyed this book, but it wasn t one of my favorite ones to read I m sorry that I m not going to write a huge review on this book, but I just don t feel like writing one I m not much of a book reviewer myself I hope you enjoy this book and my very short review of A Town of Empty Rooms by Karen Bender

    22. I felt this book was okay The main character gets herself into trouble with a white collar crime causing the family to move out of state and begin again The family has to make new friends, experience some anti Semitism, and learn to be a unified family again I didn t relate or connect with any of the people in this book None of them were likeable or well developed.

    23. While there is hope in this book, the theme is about isolation in the human experience and I found it depressing It spells out the realities in life that are better buried in one s consciousness so that one can focus on the joys in life However, the author suggests that being aware of life s disturbing realities could help one to fully appreciate life s joys A thought provoking book.

    24. This book caused me anxiety as I ve felt so many of the emotions of these characters One in particular resonates in that they all were concerned with how they are perceived by others I do this too Learning something about the Jewish faith was interesting also For me though, these characters were flawed, knew it but I think tried to be better because if it The writing was very good too.

    25. I enjoyed this a lot It explores in a unique way so many different topics mourning a loved one, being an outsider, middle age ennui, Judaism, neighborliness, exclusionary Christianity in the South I liked the main character very much and I understood why she did what she did A profound book about ordinary modern life.

    26. Much to discuss in this book I read for my synagogue reading circle We are a small congregation in a small remote town, much like the setting of the Town of Empty Rooms, though not in the south The book is really a story of people and of teshuva atonement Atonement of the main character and of issues of atonement in others,

    27. As a religious professional, I found the description of the temple conflict over the Rabbi facinating Some of the descriptions the isolation in marriage were tender I wonder how the author manages to stay in NC herself, the depiction of local bigotry is so unsubtle.

    28. Beautiful book There is hope that lies beneath her contemporary tale of loss and loneliness We can all re invent ourselves and learn from observing others We re connected in our mutual and similar fears And we all just want to fit in somewhere Love this author.

    29. Beautifully written and thought provoking loss, grief, trying to fit into a new community, being an outsider but golly, this book is so packed with broken, angsty people I wanted to just give the book a good shake Pull yourselves together people, for crying out loud

    30. Just read this author s essay in today s NY Times Book Review entitled the Accidental Writer Looking forward to reading this book nytimes 2013 01 27 boo

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