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Creating Room to Read By John Wood Creating Room to Read The inspirational story of a former Microsoft executive s quest to build libraries around the world and share the love of books What s happened since John Wood left Microsoft to change the world Just
  • Title: Creating Room to Read
  • Author: John Wood
  • ISBN: 9780670025985
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Creating Room to Read By John Wood The inspirational story of a former Microsoft executive s quest to build libraries around the world and share the love of books What s happened since John Wood left Microsoft to change the world Just ask six million kids in the poorest regions of Asia and Africa In 1999, at the age of thirty five, Wood quit a lucrative career to found the nonprofit Room to Read DescribeThe inspirational story of a former Microsoft executive s quest to build libraries around the world and share the love of books What s happened since John Wood left Microsoft to change the world Just ask six million kids in the poorest regions of Asia and Africa In 1999, at the age of thirty five, Wood quit a lucrative career to found the nonprofit Room to Read Described by the San Francisco Chronicle as the Andrew Carnegie of the developing world, he strived to bring the lessons of the corporate world to the nonprofit sector and succeeded spectacularly In his acclaimed first book, Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, Wood explained his vision and the story of his start up Now, he tackles the organization s next steps and its latest challenges from managing expansion to raising money in a collapsing economy to publishing books for children who literally have no books in their native language At its heart, Creating Room to Read shares moving stories of the people Room to Read works to help impoverished children whose schools and villages have been swept away by war or natural disaster and girls whose educations would otherwise be ignored People at the highest levels of finance, government, and philanthropy will embrace the opportunity to learn Wood s inspiring business model and blueprint for doing good And general readers will love Creating Room to Read for its spellbinding story of one man s mission to put books within every child s reach.
    Creating Room to Read By John Wood
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    1. John Wood

      John J Wood is the founder and executive chairman of Room to Read, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating world poverty through the power of education He is the author of Leaving Microsoft to Change the World and Creating Room to Read.

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    1. Alhamdulillah, selesai membaca buku ini yang akan dihadam lagi berkali kali Sebelum membaca buku ini, saya melihat juga reviu oleh pembaca yang mengatakan penulis buku ini, John Wood banyak mengulangi kisah di dalam buku Leaving Microsoft to Change The World Oleh kerana itu, saya memulakan pembacaan dengan rasa hati yang sedikit sceptic.Namun apabila membaca dari halaman ke halaman, saya tidak begitu bersetuju dengan pendapat mereka Benar pada peringkat awal, ada kisah yang diulang oleh penulis, [...]

    2. Read my full review bit VVZHnyMy opinion I normally try to keep my blog for reviewing fictional work Periodically, Non fiction books will pop up that I want to read review for personal reasons Creating Room to Read is one of those books I first became familiar with Room to Read and its spectacular mission in the PBS series Half the Sky Being an strong advocate not only for the mission of literacy and libraries, but for the empowerment and enrichment of young women as a way to improve their stand [...]

    3. take one retired Microsoft probable millionaire and set him loose to trek around in Nepal Finding a school with no books and no library, he returns half a year later with thousands of books for the school s library His mission evolved into an NGO, Room to Read, and he became the CEO of one of the most successful international literacy organizations Kudos to a man with a grand and bold vision and the drive to make his dream come true.

    4. Bukunya bagus sekali Kisah John Wood mengembangkan organisasi nirlaba bernama Room to Read ini sangat menarik Membaca runtutan kisahnya membuat saya belajar beberapa hal 1 Antusiasme dan determinasi sangat penting dalam segala sesuatu yang kita kerjakan Saya melihat salah satu kesuksesan organisasi ini karena John Wood memiliki kedua karakter tersebut 2 Tim yang terbaik sangat penting Pada masa awal berdirinya Room to Read, John Wood membagi orang orang terbaik yang dia bisa dapatkan Mereka haru [...]

    5. I feel like I have to explain giving this book such a low rating, because how could a future teacher dislike a book about global education First of all, I need to make the distinction that this rating is for the actual book itself, not for its subject material Room to Read seems like an amazing organization and I m very awed and inspired by the vision of John Wood and Co and what they have accomplished However, I feel like I could have gotten just as much out of visiting the Room to Read website [...]

    6. A very good book Reading it made me feel like anything is achievable if I just put my mind to it His story and the stories he tells of the students and the volunteers touched by his organization, Room to Read, are truly inspiring.

    7. TheBookFairies RoomToReadThis book just easily became one of my top 3 favorite books I want to read his first book Leaving Microsoft to Change the World I could quote so much of this book The list of people praising the book on the back cover and the level of people involved on the board speaks volumes I agree with so much of this book, the focus is on the developing world but my focus is right here locally and through The Book Fairies I am helping make sure every kid has access to books This bo [...]

    8. Two of my favorite books are by John Wood Leaving Microsoft to Change the World and Creating Room to Read.jw1The first, published in 2006, tells his story of how he left his high paying job to start providing educational opportunities in developing countries What I liked about this than Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson was I got a behind the scenes look of starting a non profit in his case, Room to Read Some concepts from Leaving Microsoft to Change the World that stuck with me were Help pe [...]

    9. I give this book 5 stars even though I agree with the comments from others regarding the disorganized style of writing and the unnecessary length of the book The story and the achievements of the organization Room to Read are powerful enough for me to look past stylistic shortcomings I starting reading this book because it is about getting books to kids and I love to read However, the book is about much than filling libraries For me, the greatest value of this book is the message about personal [...]

    10. I have not read Mr Wood s first book but very much enjoyed this follow up There is no doubt that he has created an efficient and effective organization, and I applaud his bringing reading and libraries to the world I also like some of his learnings get the local people involved, no Range Rovers, etc I only wish that he would spend less time self congratulating, and well, less time over all I think the book could have been half the size and basically a Learnings from Room To Read which would help [...]

    11. After working on library development in Lesotho, everything I ve read in both of John Wood s books make me want to open my checkbook and donate to Room to Read And then figure out how to get them to work in Lesotho A must read, if you are interested in international development

    12. Out from your comfort ZoneBenar benar meng INSPIRASITidak selamanya banyak harta membuat kita bahagia,kadang bahagia itu bisa digapai dengan kesederhanaan

    13. This is my first rave for the year It s a book that I would not normally have picked up, but I had a chance to read an advance copy and I was blown away I have been talking about this book everywhere I go, encouraging anyone with even a tiny interest in children, education or reading to put it on their reading lists The book shown to the left is called Creating a Room To Read by John Wood, and it s due for release on February 28th.Nelson Mandela said, Education is the most powerful weapon you ca [...]

    14. This is a book that speaks directly to my passions for worldwide education as a way to lift up those around the world It s a very positive, motivating book, both to understand the obstacles that have been overcome throughout the organization s history, but almost as a personal challenge to me for and what are you doing about it It s well written, going through history, but sharing a host of individual stories and impacts along the way.

    15. This book made me realise how much we take for granted It is inspiring how Room to Read brings so much happiness to thousands of children and we should all appreciate how much hard work all of the team put in to make that happen I would have prefered it if the book focused on the lives of the children rather than fundraising however.

    16. Woof finally after almost one year Lol, dont know why it took so long for me to finish this book I bought it on 2014 fyi Amazing John Wood and his RTR I just wonder if they can invest too in Indonesia I see hopes.

    17. Such an inspirational organization that truly tries to help permanently around the world instead of the aptly named band aid aid some organizations utilize.

    18. Right book in the right time.Segalanya adalah masalah saat Buku ini mencerahkan mungkin bukan secara tulisan Bahkan ketika buku ini disampaikan dengan cara yang biasa biasa saja, kontennya akan tetap menarik bagi yang membutuhkan nya Semuanya dilandaskan pada pengalaman sang penulis yang memang luar biasa Artinya, ketika ditanya apakah saya suka gaya tulisan John Wood Kepala saya akan mengangguk ringan, tak berlebihan Namun ketika saya ditanya bagaimana pengalaman hidup seorang John Wood Saya ak [...]

    19. Buku yang sangat inspiratif Saya juga percaya perubahan hanya boleh dibuat dengan pendidikan Peluang dapat membaca buku2 waktu kanak2 memang sesuatu yang membahagiakan Bersyukur lahir di Malaysia, perpustakaan kita dipenuhi dengan buku2 yang menarik malah sebahagian besar dalam bahasa kita juga.

    20. I read this book as an assignment for an Expository Composition class, much to my excitement Being an English and Communications major, with a strong desire to teach English, this book appealed to me sheerly based on cover Being that it is a memoir, I refrained from expecting anything spectacular in terms of actual readability, but I was excited nonetheless I was gladly surprised to find that John Wood has written one of the memoirs that is an anomaly in the genre With brilliant prose and vernac [...]

    21. This book is infectious it makes you want to get off your feet, and do something to help the close to eight hundred million people in the world who cannot read or write two thirds of whom are female John Wood s second memoir is full of passion for the mission he has left his job at Microsoft for and dedicated his life to global literacy It is a bold goal to want to put books in the hands of every child in the world, but it is a goal Wood will die trying to fulfill After all, no child should ever [...]

    22. Saya agak skeptis dengan buku buku semisal ini Dulu saya benar jatuh cinta dengan kisah Three Cups of Tea, dan Stones Into School dari Greg Mortendon, namun kisah indah yang bercampur dengan sifat melankolis saya itu segera dihadapkan pada kenyataan oleh Jack Krakauer dengan Three Cups of Deceit Tidak semua kisah indah berakhir kenyataan.Baiklah John Wood yang sangat pemurah Mudah mudahan kisah yang dituliskan pada buku ini adalah sebaik baik kenyataan Saya terpukau dengan keberanian John Wood y [...]

    23. I received a copy of Creating Room to Read through the First Reads program This is a review purely about the book and not my feelings about Room to Read as an organization that is doing amazing and wonderful things for global literacy I struggled though this book for several reasons It lacks any sort of comprehensive organization John Wood seems to jump from topic to topic and country to country as though writing a stream of consciousness piece Maybe there should be a different chapter for each [...]

    24. Can t wait to read the Open Book choice at Elizabethtown College for 2014 Creating Room to Read A Story of Hope in the Battle for Global Literacy.From Beth Ann Zambella, Director of the High Library at Etown John Wood has used his non profit, Room to Read, to build over 15,000 libraries in the developing world and to publish books for children who literally have no books in their native language Creating Room to Read shares moving stories of the people Room to Read works to help and provides a b [...]

    25. I won this through a First Reads Giveaway I really enjoyed this book and would absolutely recommend it The subject matter is very near and dear to my heart as I m sure most people could say Literacy and education throughout the world is of utmost importance and it is so amazing to see the success of this organization and how much it is inspiring others to help I especially loved that this book is filled with stories stories about how RTR started, stories about people growing up without education [...]

    26. I loved this book John Wood is so positive and determined to improve the world s literacy I got somewhat tired of so many good stories about things his organization has done, yet I couldn t put the book down John tells all the wonderful things his team is doing without the least sense of bragging or egotism I wonder if he will literally save the world Yes, that actually crossed my mind No, I don t think he s really a savior in the religious sense, but he certainly has the propensity to make a la [...]

    27. I was pleased to see this follow up to his first book that I read some years back.It s not often I read a book and immediately buy multiple copies to send to friends, yet this was one where I did Like Warmth of Other Suns another book I bought multiple copies this book was truly a winner.Wood s story is inspirational and his work with his team, to influence the lives of so many young people world wide, is uplifting.If you ever doubted that one person could make a difference read no further This [...]

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