Don Juan in Hankey, PA #2020

Don Juan in Hankey, PA By Gale Martin Don Juan in Hankey PA Peek beneath the surface of an extraordinary small town opera company and get to know a fabulous cast of characters determined flirts a lusty singing gaucho ingenious manipulators a bipolar ketchu
  • Title: Don Juan in Hankey, PA
  • Author: Gale Martin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • Don Juan in Hankey, PA By Gale Martin Peek beneath the surface of an extraordinary small town opera company, and get to know a fabulous cast of characters determined flirts, a lusty singing gaucho, ingenious manipulators, a bipolar ketchup heiress, devious lovers, and some very determined ghosts Delve into high society in Hankey, PA a world of simmering seductions, convoluted mysteries and entertaining intriPeek beneath the surface of an extraordinary small town opera company, and get to know a fabulous cast of characters determined flirts, a lusty singing gaucho, ingenious manipulators, a bipolar ketchup heiress, devious lovers, and some very determined ghosts Delve into high society in Hankey, PA a world of simmering seductions, convoluted mysteries and entertaining intrigues You may laugh out loud You may cheer for the gang of misfi ts trying to save their opera house from foreclosure by improbably staging a world class production of Mozart s masterpiece You may feel a tug at your heartstrings as lonely lovers look for new romance Gale Martin s new novel, Don Juan in Hankey, PA, will delight readers everywhere.
    Don Juan in Hankey, PA By Gale Martin
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    1. Gale Martin

      Gale Martin is an award winning writer of contemporary fiction who plied her childhood penchant for lying into a legitimate literary pursuit during midlife She began writing her first novel at age eleven, finally finishing one three decades later.She d commit a misdemeanor to score some Babybel cheese and goes weak kneed for hummingbirds She is a wife and mother of one and a communications director by profession who owes her signature joie de vivre to regular Curves workouts.She blogs about opera the art form, not the platform, and is an opera reviewer news personality at operatoonity, an online site featuring live performance reviews She can name any aria in three notes Okay, five notes, perfectly sung, with full orchestration DON JUAN IN HANKEY, PA, is a humorous homage to Don Giovanni, Mozart s famous tragicomic opera about the last two days of Don Juan s life GRACE UNEXPECTED is wryly witty women s fiction that features a protagonist who can hear her ovaries ticking, who has a heart of pure gold, wrapped in lead But a string of crummy boyfriends would do that to any lovable woman while waiting for Mr Right.She has a master of arts in creative writing from Wilkes University She lives in Eastern Pennsylvania because she has to.

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    1. Don Juan in Hankey, PA, delivers everything the Book cover advertises Seduction, Ghosts, Humor, Romance, Madness, Music I don t know a thing about opera and as a reader you don t have to and thoroughly enjoyed this page turner With a great opening, Martin immerses the reader quickly in to the scenes You will be captivated from beginning to end.I love all the characters, Carter Knowblauch alias Knobby as my favorite Her absolutely brilliant metaphors and easy writing style will make you laugh out [...]

    2. My daughter gave me a copy of DON JUAN IN HANKEY PA for my birthday My first reaction was Opera You gotta be kidding But since it was a gift, I determined to read it, or at least try I was pleasantly surprised from the first page Instead of the screeching divas I imagined, this story is about ordinary people in a unique situation The main characters are four members of the Hankey Opera Guild It is the task of the guild to stage an opera each year and woo potential patrons The guild chairwoman is [...]

    3. This is an enjoyable, light hearted, romp through the world of small town opera Hankey is a small town in Philadelphia with an ailing opera company When planning their annual opera, the volunteers who form the opera guild know they must pull off a successful event or close the company They are planning to stage Don Giovanni but events keep working against them After the tenor recruited for the star role meets with a sticky end they recruit an up and coming tenor with loads of swoon appeal, a rea [...]

    4. First off the bat I d like to give a couple of provisos to this review I was using a review copy so I m not sure what changes if any there have been to the final proof Also I m not sure this is my normal genre of choice which has mainly currently been Young Adult dystopian or fantasy That said I really enjoyed Gale Martin s debut novel and here are the reasons why Gale is an excellent graduate of the show not tell school of writing She uses a switching point of view masterfully without making th [...]

    5. A socialite, a retired dermatologist, a hometown opera singer, a balloon entrepreneur who talks to dead people, and a bipolar ketchup heiress had lofty dreams of turning their local opera house into Lincoln Center on the Schuylkill River.But the reality is that the Hankey Opera Company stands on the brink of financial ruin They think mounting an ambitious production of Mozart s Don Giovanni, a popular opera about history s most legendary womanizer, will solve their problems It turns out to be th [...]

    6. Gale Martin s debut novel, Don Juan in Hankey, PA, is a witty, and at times a laugh out loud comedy I never read anything like it before Readers are treated to a rare peek behind the scenes of the nearly dysfunctional Hankey Opera Guild Martin incorporated a stage screenplay technique by starting each chapter with a short italicized paragraph setting the scene The Opera Guild characters include determined flirts, a lonely widower, ingenious manipulators, devious lovers, a lusty gaucho opera star [...]

    7. The Hankey Opera Guild offers us a back stage view of the challenges of putting together an Opera.This does not mean that you have to be an avid opera enthusiast to enjoy this book, quite the contrary.This story branches off in many directions as it provides a view into the lives of the members of the Guild as well as the struggles encountered to put on a great production and work together as a cohesive unit.All the major characters in this story are unique in their own way as we follow them in [...]

    8. This is a very enjoyable book It reads like a soap opera or the plot to a comedic opera There are quite a few characters, but the author does a great job of giving each a unique personality There are a few things that were bothersome There are a few spacing and punctuation issues Also, there is a Caspar like plot line that I didn t really enjoy, but I can see how it fits in with the story There are times in later chapters where the action jumps between characters in different scenes, but there i [...]

    9. A dying theater in a declining town mounts an opera production to stay afloat Don Juan in Hankey, PA is a colorful backstage adventure with a hilarious cast of characters Something calamitous happens when the leading man Don Juan Don Giovanni pulls out of his contract With many complications, the opera guild recovers and mounts their production.The book cover promises much and the book delivers It is a wonderful mosaic of lust, jealousy, laughs, hifalutin egos, outrageous events and wounded hear [...]

    10. This book focuses on the opera guild of Hankey, Pa who is putting on a production of Don Giovanni in the spring The guild is quite a cast of characters and their adventures are priceless The cast of the opera adds to this light hearted romp and there are many surprises The story is very much like real life where everyone does things for strangely self important reasons which befuddled and screwed up friends and family Some parts of this book were simply hilarious in a comically, blundering kind [...]

    11. Experience opera as you ve never have before.Romp through Don Giovanni as you never have before Meet characters you never dreamed of meeting in an opera house Party as you never imagined Ms Martin s lineup will dazzle and even shake your sensibilities Hankey s idea of opera is anything but elitist A dashing Don too good to be true arrives potted to the gills All the women swoon to bed him down Martin s skillful creation of colorful characters pulls you into the story from the get go, and sweeps [...]

    12. The characters are fun, the plot eventful, and happy endings abound The best part of this novel, though, is that someone completely unfamiliar with opera like me walks away having learned quite a bit While there s no one main character in the story it follows a group of people, the Hankey Opera Board of Directors you might say that opera is the main character It is skillfully woven into the plot until it becomes a character itself References are made throughout the story to various operas, compo [...]

    13. As an opera fan, I am always on the lookout for novels about my favorite art form, and DON JUAN IN HANKEY, PA is a book I thoroughly enjoyed The characters are well drawn, the backstage drama rings true, and I loved author Gale Martin s light touch as she moved from the topsy turvy world of performers to the politics of a small town opera guild trying to salvage its production of Don Giovanni I recommend this book, which should appeal to all readers who enjoy laugh out loud humor You don t need [...]

    14. This is a great read in the tradition of Patrick Dennis fun on every page It is as good as Auntie Mame, Genius and Joyous Season It is better than Little Me There are many zany characters, all flawed, but still loveable It was fun to have a ketchup heiress in the story with the same maiden name as my grandmother Grandma was a grist miller s heiress.Gale Martin teaches us interesting lessons about the world of opera that we never wanted and makes us quite happy that we learned them It would be an [...]

    15. This book was such a fun, light read perfect after a long day I really enjoyed the characters and tone of the novel While I am not an opera fan, that is certainly not a prerequisite for reading this novel, just part of the setting Setting the scene at the top of each chapter page was distracting while somewhat helpful at the same time It helped to read some other reviews that mentioned it beforehand so I knew what to expect, and it being in the same manner as an opera score Otherwise, it was jus [...]

    16. Don Juan in Hankey PA has mystery, humor and romance all set in the world of small town opera I knew little about opera but that didn t matter Martin showed me enough to keep me interested and not so much that I felt weighted down by details.The story focuses on the personalities dead alive of the characters that are all inter connected as small towns often are And that s where this book really shines Great characters, interesting setting and terrific dialogue Give us another, Gale

    17. Gale Martin has done it again with a fast paced send up of the world of opera A well written, and hilarious tale involving the angst of producing a glamorous opera successfully and fast enough to save a small town opera company, this novel is for lovers of classical opera.The characters are well drawn and as naughty as can be the leading tenor as lustful and over the top as all tenors are reputed.A great read, marvellous fun and full of laughs

    18. I was interested in reading Don Juan because it was written by a local author and set in small town Pennsylvania Before I started, I was worried that my lack of opera knowledge would hinder my enjoyment of the story line Happy to say that I enjoyed the characters so much that the opera was simply a setting for their activities A fun read I laughed out loud than once Looking forward to Gale s next novel

    19. Gale Martin s wit and penchant for hilariously turned phrases makes this book a delightful journey of entertainment and scandalous romance in the Hankey Opera House Opera lovers will find it especially fun to read, but you don t have to be a classical music fan to follow the musical twists and turns Gale s writing talent connects the dots for you, leaving just enough mystery to enjoy the chase I loved it Highly recommended.

    20. I really enjoyed this book It turned out to be a lot lighthearted than what I had first anticipated after reading the book s description I would say that the characters were definitely the books strongest point As in opera they were bigger than life, of a caricature The plot had a few pretty good twists too Over all, I was very pleased.

    21. Excellent read I had a hard time putting my kindle down while reading this book It had a little bit of everything that I love in a book.ery, romance, a bit of paranormal and a bit thriller I also enjoyed the layout of the chapters as in an opera, it was appropriate being that the setting was based around the production of Don Giovanni Now I want to go see an opera

    22. Not great literature by any means but it was an entertaining book to read Each chapter was proceeded by stage direction to set the scene It increased the impression that the book was really written as a play or movie It would fun to see on stage in the same vein as Lend Me A Tenor Lots of laughs.

    23. I am rather a pleb in regards to Opera and thought that might exclude me from enjoying the novel as a whole, but that couldn t be further from the truth Not only was it thoroughly funny, it also oozes passion for Opera and has made me really curious about seeing an Operatic performance myself Looking forward to reading adventures in Hankey, PA.

    24. A very creative and interesting look at an opera company A soap opera opera Some very funny moments and some zany characters kept my interest A few times I thought wow this is pretty crazy but definitely a lot of fun 3.5 stars

    25. A wonderful comedy about a small town Opera Guild Any reader will have to chuckle as they will recognize these characters in their own hometown guild Well written, quirky with well developed characters It will leave you smiling

    26. Once I got into this book I couldn t stop reading The ghosts were a great addition to the story and the characters were easy to relate to.

    27. Gale Martin artfully combines the pace and humor of a farce with the high stakes drama of an opera A fun, rollicking debut novel.

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