Sword of the King #2020

Sword of the King By Megan Derr Sword of the King Dragons are amongst the most feared creatures in the paranormal world nigh unbeatable and barely controllable Every year countless men and women who bear dragon potential are stolen away and turned
  • Title: Sword of the King
  • Author: Megan Derr
  • ISBN: 9781620041079
  • Page: 163
  • Format: ebook
  • Sword of the King By Megan Derr Dragons are amongst the most feared creatures in the paranormal world, nigh unbeatable and barely controllable Every year, countless men and women who bear dragon potential are stolen away and turned into beasts, their former lives lost forever They are drugged to compliance and trained to fight in the notorious D Pits for the profit of the crime lords who breed them.BlaDragons are amongst the most feared creatures in the paranormal world, nigh unbeatable and barely controllable Every year, countless men and women who bear dragon potential are stolen away and turned into beasts, their former lives lost forever They are drugged to compliance and trained to fight in the notorious D Pits for the profit of the crime lords who breed them.Blaze has been a pit fighter all his life, and it is a life he hates The only thing that keeps him going is that if he stops, he risks losing the only thing that matters to him his dragon, Erie Though pit rules say it s a bad idea to get too close to the dragons, Blaze has never been able to help it He ll do anything to protect Erie.Ken and his dragon Nevada were once victims of the pits, stolen from their normal lives and made to fight Now, they work to bring down the pits they despise, though the battle seems futile Everyone who has ever tried has wound up dead Stopping the pit fights once and for all would take a miracle or a legend.
    Sword of the King By Megan Derr
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    1. 2.5 starsOf Ms Derr s books that I ve read, this is the least favorite one view spoiler The world building is there, but it s a bit confusing Supposedly it s a reinterpretation of King Arthur legend, but it feels a bit forced Unlike smooth reinterpretations in the previous books in the series Dragons are not pet, since they can take human form and f ck with their master Yet, they speak with 3 yr old speech Blaze hungry Ken stay They get possessive about their owners, yet don t mind if the owners [...]

    2. FIRST RE READ 25 September 2016I m a little disappointed that my favorite book the first time around is the first one that didn t live up to my expectations on re reading Although, I loved this one so much the first time that being a little let down may have been inevitable.Everything I enjoyed about it the first time through was still delightful This time I found myself annoyed that there were two relationships being developed in the one book I hadn t remembered that Ken and Amr were such a big [...]

    3. Just less than 4 starsThis book started really strong for me and then it kind of went somewhere else Not necessarily in a bad way, just in an unexpected way Blaze is a pit fighter and he fights with his dragon Erie Eros He is working towards a life where he and Erie no longer have to fight and put Erie in danger Erie is a very powerful flame dragon and Blaze is a natural master Together they make a formidable team I expected this story to be about pit fighters, but there was really only one pit [...]

    4. Did I just read fluffy puppy play and menage in a syndicate war with dragon shifters and Knights of the Table Ronde Yep It seems I just did.Ms Derr is a kinky fairyOdd and entertaining.

    5. 4 StarsReview I received an ecopy of this book from the publisher This has not influenced my review I was hesitant about this book because it sounded good, but I never read series out of order Each book is, I think, about a different story with different characters though except this one and the next, which do share a couple characters , and the general consensus was that you could easily read this one without having read the previous books Now that I ve read it, I can say that there might ve be [...]

    6. I was in the mood for Dragons, and this one gave me plenty I adored all the dragons, they were both cute and adorable but strong and aggressive too.The story line was interesting and at times quite violent.The pairings worked well for me, although Amr and Ken was the most obvious.Overall I really enjoyed this one, and I really enjoyed the way the big showdown went view spoiler Finally some good guys that don t talk things to death but just shoot the bastards lol hide spoiler I did sometimes feel [...]

    7. Soooo Very Magical 4 Stars for this Magical Sweetness The Book I must say the Dragons are most definitely uniquely written,and my first thought was WTF and, wow but, it so magical in the end, I find myself back at WTF The persona of the Dragons, speaking few words, and the relationship to their master s, well it does add softness to the plot.BUT, the love making part, menage with the dragon sUmm I don t think that part I like much, it was a little overwhelming and after pondering it longer I m t [...]

    8. Sword of the King by Megan Derr, the fifth book in the Dance with the Devil series, is an amazingly well crafted, in depth creation of an alternate world that quite frankly I would love to visit However, this novel was jammed full of characters and introductory material so I am going to structure this review a little differently from my others.First, please don t be put off by the enormity and expansive nature of the book it is SO worth the read Let s begin as one might when reading a play with [...]

    9. Somehow I accidentally skipped the fourth and went to the fifth this one was much different than the first three but fun and over the top in a colorful way I loved We have four unique people coming together to fight their own demons and for their dragons seeing them mesh in friendship and bonding was a joy Ken with his sense of feeling lonely, Amr with his rejected status and uptight manner, Blaze with his tough guy attitude trying to escape the pits, and coffee maker Raf who has to wiggle out o [...]

    10. I really should just start a new shelf for Megan Derr.Anyway I loved Ms Derr s whole new take on dragons, and this wonderful addition to the world of Sable Brennus I probably shouldn t call it that since it isn t really, but damn if I m not biased towards him.As usual her writing is exceptional and a pleasure to read It just makes me want to float around and dance really, with how nicely it flows Anyway as for the book itself, I only have one thing to say.Dragons Sex KittensNot complaining.Howev [...]

    11. I ll probably finish this eventually, as Megan Derr is one of my favorite authors, but it ll be hard The book isn t bad, it just isn t quite to my taste A quick rundown view spoiler Plot Nothing spectacular It s a bit of UST mixed in with a lot of ACTION MOVIE.Characters It would seem like every main character has a, Oh woe, I am in love with X but why would he love someone as wretched as me moment which is especially interesting considering the defining characteristic of all of them is supposed [...]

    12. As with the rest of this series, I seem to love each installment than the lastd I really love this one If there were than five stars to give, I would I have a thing for dragons be it shifters or dragons in their natural form And this book is going in my top ten favorite dragon stories I m no longer surprised by how much I adore each character that Megan Derr creates They are strong and beautifully written In this book, Blaze, Erie, Ken, Nev, Rafael, Conway, Amr, and Cam each have such signific [...]

    13. I really liked the book I ve always been a fan of dragons ever since Megan s first versions, and I was really happy to see all the characters come back into one story, and she managed to incorporate them them well with a fitting plot There were a few things that let it down though it was predictable and there was too much focus on the inter human relationships rather than the owner dragon relationships, I felt they came third after the human damn, I want to fuck him , and friendships.The other i [...]

    14. This book is just as well written and fun to read as the rest of the books in the series, but it lacks a fullness to it that the others have Much of that is caused because there is a lot of missing back story that would have given the main characters a bit history and depth The story reads like a spare moment out of the character s lives, instead of as a full story, because the reader is missing so much information My review will probably changed whenever Megan Derr writes the prequel to this s [...]

    15. I love Megan Derr s books I was little hesitant about this one since there were a few mixed reviews from some of her regular fans, so I wasn t sure what was in store But I loved it there are some great dynamics between the characters and a solid storyline fantasy based of course that moves smoothly and at a good pace A couple of the characters were a bit self pitying, but with their background and circumstance, it completely fit the mood And the dragons are delightful

    16. As much as I enjoyed the previous four books set in this universe, this one was hard going for me I just couldn t keep anyone s identity straight, I kept forgetting who was who and who belonged with whom There were just too many couples and combinations So confusing And also, it creeped me out that the guys had sex with their dragons The dragons are portrayed as very basically sentient pets, so you can see why that would be discomforting.

    17. This is a WONDERFUL and sexy adventure about knights and dragons and mages living in modren day America I fell in love with all eight protagonists as they fell in love with each other I hope something casts a spell on Megan Derr, so she can never stop writing stories set in this magical world HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 4.75 stars

    18. 3.5 starsPretty amazing plot line but unfortunately this story involves Megan s common multiple couples trick, that I am not so fond of One romantic pairing per story is all I can handle.

    19. Okay, yeah I gave in and read this and will probably read Twilight as well I blame Pandora Journey s Mixes, the Epic music puts me in the mood for Magic, Dragons, Knights, Demons reading.I have to say that reading Shield of the Dragon first and then this one, alot of gaps were filled but maybe also took away some of its luster.I still though can t understand, given how many chances Rafael must have had, why he didn t put a bullet to his brother himself Yeah he wanted to protect the dragons, but [...]

    20. This could have been so much better For me the world building was sloppily done and I kept questioning where we were in the scheme of things i.e was this back in the day, was this in the future It becomes clearer when one of the MCs puts on jeans and architecture is described but not completely I also felt that way about the MCs There are four of them two men and two dragons and a host of secondary characters Again, as a reader I needed back story.

    21. Review for Reviews by JesseWave 4.5 starsOh I do love me some dragons With Sword of the King you get some really cool and unique dragons all wrapped up in a neat little package.I ll admit that this book won t be for everyone This story has multiple protagonists I m aware not everyone likes this, but if done well, it doesn t bother me and I thought it was well done in this instance.Sword of the King features the Syndicates and pit fighting in the world of the Dance with the Devil series While non [...]

    22. I had put off reading this for quite sometime due to the length and how some reviews mention the confusion of poly couples I sort of powered through the first issue and found that the later issue didn t actually happen The scene occurred late in the book and it was just one scene Note I read the second edition which listed this one as afterbut chronologically, this book came before that one I would recommend that you should readafter this one.It was an interesting way to open the book Since Ms D [...]

    23. Sorry in advance, when I started this review, I did not thought that I would write so muchWow Megan Derr just rocked launched her style up to EPIC There was a lot of HOT scenes on this book that were never present on any of the other books from Derr that I have read Let me tell you, it was a good step up I loved the story, however, I did miss the change in time lines Also the present timeline seem to have a few problems, since the dates of what happened where sometimes varied I loved the dragons [...]

    24. First Read Nov 15, 2015So this just might be my favorite book in this series so far I just plain love dragons, and the dragon shifters in this are just kick ass I really enjoyed this take on dragons as even in their human forms they still have the draconian nature I adored how the idea of dragons hoarding treasure was incorporated into this tale There is such a Chinese triad yakuza feel to the syndicates here and that made for a really interesting vibe as well I really loved all the characters i [...]

    25. With every book I like this series The storyline sucked me right in and I couldn t put the book down After the last book I hoped that there would be a book about dragons because they really intrigued me.It was a little difficult for me to see them as wheapons instead of people or pets because they acted like them It was really sweet when they begged for their special treat There are so many different characters that I won t go into detail because you have to read and get to know them for yourse [...]

    26. Blaze is a dragon trainer whose dragon Erie fights in the pit He doesn t have any choice as his boss Rust will kill him and or Erie if he disobeys in any way He greatest wish is that he could get away from the pit fighting One day he is approached by Ken and his dragon Nev Ken senses that Blaze is a little closer to his dragon than the other trainers who send their dragons into the fights And Ken would be right Blaze has been having sex with Erie and Erie has marked him Ken has a similar relatio [...]

    27. I do love Megan Derr s Dance with the Devil universe So diverse and interesting There is pretty much endless supply of different paranormal and mystical creatures and she creates very vivid stories and interesting histories for them.This one is about dragons and according the history of this world dragons relate to Arthurian legends which is pretty interesting take They are mainly used in the pits for fighting matches and our main pairing is a pit dragon Ero and his master Blaze They want to get [...]

    28. 3.5 stars Another enjoyable read from Megan Derr That said though, I found I didn t connect to the main characters as much as I usually do, and I suspect this is largely due to the number of main characters within the story meaning that there is not a lot of available page time to be spent on each of them.The story starts with Blaze and his dragon Erie, then we meet Ken and his dragon Nev Further along the way we meet Rafael and his dragon Conway, and finally the dragon Cam, and the trainer Amr [...]

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