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Tides By Betsy Cornwell Tides When high school senior Noah Gallagher and his adopted teenage sister Lo go to live with their grandmother in her island cottage for the summer they don t expect much in the way of adventure Noah h
  • Title: Tides
  • Author: Betsy Cornwell
  • ISBN: 9780547927725
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tides By Betsy Cornwell When high school senior Noah Gallagher and his adopted teenage sister, Lo, go to live with their grandmother in her island cottage for the summer, they don t expect much in the way of adventure Noah has landed a marine biology internship, and Lo wants to draw and paint, perhaps even to vanquish her struggles with bulimia But then things take a dramatic turn for them bothWhen high school senior Noah Gallagher and his adopted teenage sister, Lo, go to live with their grandmother in her island cottage for the summer, they don t expect much in the way of adventure Noah has landed a marine biology internship, and Lo wants to draw and paint, perhaps even to vanquish her struggles with bulimia But then things take a dramatic turn for them both when Noah mistakenly tries to save a mysterious girl from drowning This dreamlike, suspenseful story deftly told from multiple points of view dives deeply into selkie folklore while examining the fluid nature of love and family.
    Tides By Betsy Cornwell
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      185 Betsy Cornwell
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      Betsy Cornwell is a New York Times bestselling author living in west Ireland She is the story editor and a contributing writer at Parabola, and her short form writing includes fiction, nonfiction, and literary translation and has appeared in Fairy Tale Review, Zahir Tales, The Violence Prevention Initiative Journal, and elsewhere She holds an M.F.A in creative writing from the University of Notre Dame and a B.A from Smith College.Mechanica was published in 2015 and has featured on several best of the year lists, including s Best Young Adult Books and USA Today s Must Read Romances In a starred review, Kirkus called this retelling of Cinderella a smart, refreshing alternative to stale genre tropes Mechanica is a YALSA Teens Top Ten nominee for 2016.Betsy s debut novel, Tides, was published in 2013 to critical acclaim including a starred review from Publisher s Weekly, a place in the Bank Street Best Children s Books of the Year, and a Bisexual Book Awards nomination.Betsy has two novels forthcoming from Clarion Books, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, in 2017 and 2018.

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    1. Upon finishing Tides, my breath was taken away I am still having trouble coming up with sentences that will actually do this novel justice Cornwell beautifully captures the salt water waves of the ocean, the magical, fantasy beings called selkies, the ties that bind a family, and love Tides is a book that feels as real as it feels dreamy.One of the many noteable qualities of the contents of Tides is the perfect melding of everyday life and fantasy Cornwell takes time with the problems of the cha [...]

    2. I have a secret fondness for selkies They aren t deadly, like some mythological creatures, and they re most well known for being kidnapped and stuck with horrible men, which is not a great fate But there s something about the folklore that resonates with me.The two young people at the center of TIDES are Noah and Mara Noah is working as an intern at the Marine Science Research his last summer before college and living with his grandmother the lighthouse keeper and younger sister who needed to ge [...]

    3. This YA novel feels a bit at odds with itself The age of the main characters with Noah nearly in college, and his sister, Lo, in high school seems like this is targeted toward the older end of the YA market, but the simple writing style and cover art makes this feel appropriate for the younger end of the market And it s a story about selkies changeling seals who can trade their seal shapes for human ones but at a risk , which is initially what caught my attention In second grade I think , I rea [...]

    4. See of my reviews on The YA Kitten My copy was an ARC I got from the publisher thanks to winning a giveaway.Diversity Rating 3 Closer to RealityRacial Ethnic 2 Lo is Chinese QUILTBAG 4 Lo and Noah s grandmother is gay and in a relationship with one of the selkies Disability 3 Lo is recovering from bulimia Intersectionality 2 See Lo Winning a giveaway feels ridiculously good, doesn t it I think the only way you lose that exhilarated feeling of winning is to enter and win giveaways all the time A [...]

    5. 4.5 5 stars Selkies They re quickly becoming the new mermaids of the YA paranormal world, and I m happy to see that happen Two books alone this month Ashes on the Waves being the second, along with this one are being pubbed with selkies as major characters, and I couldn t be happier Tides is a gorgeous story filled with not only magical realism, but also tough stuff issues that aren t couched in their usual terrible filling of bullying, suicide, or other such destructive behaviors, but treated w [...]

    6. I got to read this early It s very sweet and moving with lovely writing, and it made me cry at least three times

    7. I picked this up a while back because I needed something by a local author for a book challenge, and this was conveniently located on an office display It s a YA urban fantasy romance from back when mermaids were trying to be the new vampires The book was better than I expected because I was expecting manatee selkies and the high school student who saves the day by doing all the science ever, but I was pleasantly surprised to find competent writing and a high school student whose marine biology [...]

    8. Oh, wow This is so gorgeous I don t even know where to start Tides manages to be perfectly on the line between dreamy and beautifully realistic It s than the subject matter the incredible selkies it s the way Cornwell uses language poetic and ever so slightly magical I would have devoured this book for the writing alone But there was so much to keep me occupied.Like the characters Oh good lord, the cast I m so glad Cornwell switched between the POVs of a good handful of the cast I can think of [...]

    9. This review can also be found at fortheloveofbooksreviewss Noah and Lo head to their grandmother s house on an island for the summer Noah is excited to start his internship at a center for marine biology, and Lo continues to struggle with an eating disorder When their grandmother s friend reacts strangely to a story about selkies, Noah brushes it off And then he meets Mara, who happens to be a real life selkie.Becoming friends with Mara is unexpected, but a positive addition to his summer His gr [...]

    10. I never heard about this book before i saw it at Barnes Noble.I bought it for two reasons.1 Betsy Cornwell is a new author So I bought it to support new authors everyone should break out of their comfort zone every onece in a while and stray from the path of mainstream writers.2 I picked up this book soley on cover appeal The cover is this gorgeous shade of shiny green, and girl swimming with the seal sparked my curiosity One of the prettiest books on my shelf Thankfully, this book was really en [...]

    11. Bittersweet and Magical A Review of Tides by Betsy Cornwell Soon to be college student Noah Gallagher expects a boring summer with his sister and grandmother and working a marine biology internship Then he meets Mara, who s beautiful, mysterious and shares a chemistry like never before, only to find out she s a selkie like those in his grandmother s tales Soon, Noah embarks on a quest to save Mara s kidnapped selkie sister.TIDES isn t the most exciting or quick paced book, but it s definitely a [...]

    12. Tides is a quiet book filled with secrets, Selkie folklore, love and a hint of magic.Unfortunately for someone who is used to stories starting with a lot of drama or action this one was a bit slow to start However the secrets woven into the pages and characters kept me from putting it down Somewhere around chapter eight things started to heat up The writing took some getting used to but it wasn t a deal breaker The sentences were often long and sometimes the dialogue was a bit wordy but once I w [...]

    13. Simply put, Tides is a beautiful book But it is far, far from a simple book It is a complex and ingeniously crafted gem that blends magical realism and topical issues in a deft and fluid manner Finely drawn characters grapple with self discovery, commitment and true love They are, everyone of them, flawed and loveable, be they selkie or human Cornwell knows how to write about adoption, eating disorders, prejudice, same sex love, and abuse without heavy handedness Her ingenious description of the [...]

    14. Lemme just tell you I saw this book online on the website tumblr and loved the book cover and the concept, and added the author I was given the opportunity to read her book in exchange for an honest review and here it is This book is unlike anything I have read for many reasons This book doesn t just follow on the story for young love, but old love as well, which I am a huge intergenerational fan of this The subject of bulimia is not a pretty subject to discuss, but it presents its in this book, [...]

    15. Tides is a really quick read at least for me I read it in about two days It is a really innovative blend of traditional selkie folklore and contemporary teen life issues I didn t know anything about selkies before reading this book, but am definitely intrigued now

    16. Kind of unsure as to how to review this one It was really dark and heavy in some places, but also seemed like it was written for middle readers in others I ll have to think on this one a bit .

    17. This review was originally posted on Mermaid With A Book.3.5 stars.I first heard of the term selkies at age 11 when I read Half Human, a short story compilation by Bruce Coville Selkies have also surfaced in Karen Amanda Hooper s Sea Monster Memoirs series, which is mainly about mermaids However, I d never read a novel solely about selkies until Tides came along.Now, that isn t the only reason why Tides is such a unique novel to me It starts off quietly, softly dealing with tough issues like bul [...]

    18. I picked this book up because I love anything related to mermaids and selkies Still I didn t expect to love it as much as I did The multiple POV flowed seamlessly and the characters were well developed The family bonds were strong Not to mention to mystery and suspense that I wasn t expecting kept me on the edge of my seat You know it s a good book when you want a sequel which does not exist as of now.Trigger warnings eating disorders, self harm, kidnapping, and abuse.

    19. 3.5 Stars MERMAIDS, SELKIES, FOLKLORE This was supposed to be everything I wanted in a story I have been on the search for such books, but it seems like I have yet to stumble across an amazing one Although Tides met my expectations, I felt that something was missing in the storyline However, it s still a pretty good read I m sure this is one of the first books I ve read that discusses both bulimia and bisexuality.The story of Tides revolves around the idea of selkies and their seal skins By taki [...]

    20. I had never heard of selkies until I picked up this book Whilst reading the description, I thought it was going to be either about mermaids or sirens I was pleasantly incorrect The myth of selkies was probably magical, mysterious, and heart breaking than any mermaid or siren myths I have read or come across.What I likedEverything I mean I really really really really loved this book Really This is officially going onto my favorites shelf because I honestly loved every single thing about the stor [...]

    21. Find the original review and at Jellyfish Reads This book is so enchanting and lovely and a real breath of fresh air in the realm of YA fantasy.The thing that really makes it stand out Noah s grandmother, Gemm, features quite heavily in this story, and she s good friends with a woman called Maebh and you very quickly find out that the two women are romantically involved I loved the relationship between Gemm and Maebh I mean, how often do you see an elderly same sex couple in YA Never, that s ho [...]

    22. From my review at Greg s Book Haven gregsbookhaven 20Tides by Betsy Cornwell is the story of Noah Gallagher and his sister Lo who are coming to the Isles of Shoals, off the coast of New Hampshire, to stay with their grandmother for the summer Noah has taken an internship at the local marine research center, and Lo has been struggling with bulimia and is basically coming for a change of scenery and hopefully a new start Their grandmother lives alone on the island although it quickly becomes appar [...]

    23. I need a quick easy read after struggling with a couple of books prior So this one seemed to be what I needed with a completely different concept, that being Selkie Folklore The plot was not like any book I had ever read before which was what drew me to it But sadly the book was just ok for me and also a bit predictable as well.In this book we have Noah and his adopted sister Lo, who go to visit there Grandmother in her island cottage since Noah has a marine biology internship there to keep him [...]

    24. I liked this book a lot than I expected to based on the summary and first few chapters The selkie mythology is solid and the main plot in which a man kidnaps and tortures selkie children for nefarious purposes was engaging and also creepy than I thought it would be There were awesome background lesbians in the form of the main character s grandma and her selkie partner, and their relationship gets a lot of development in my opinion, than the main couple s and screen time One of the main chara [...]

    25. Without their seal skins, selkies become trapped in their human forms, in thrall to the person who has captured their pelts In Tides a pod of selkies fears to morph into seals, and hasn t for nearly a decade, because someone inexplicably kidnapped the younglings the last time the pod met to celebrate their ability to change Noah and Lo are spending the summer on the New England coast Noah has a marine biology internship and hopes a change of scenery will be good for his bulimic sister, Lo The yo [...]

    26. Think there s no diversity in YA This book will prove you wrong Sick of vampire epics, but still want an epic love story This book is for you Enjoy a side of sobs with your YA This book is for you Don t know what a Selkie is Read this book and find out I had the pleasure of reading this book for a Children s Literature course last summer, though it technically falls under the category of YA I was very refreshed Cornwell writes with a certain je ne sais quoi, and readers immediately have the sens [...]

    27. A wonderful book full of magic and wonder It is the perfect combination of my two favorite kinds of books which are magical and realistic fiction This book captures the imagination of the reader but also represents a lot of real life obstacles such as Lo s brother going away to collage and Noah worrying about Lo s bulimia Not to mention true love I appreciated the love presented in Noah and lows grandmothers even than Noah s and mara s It was so nice read about same sex love being in someone th [...]

    28. I was fortunate enough to read one of the earlier copies of Tides before publication, but I finally bought the finished version last weekend and devoured it I loved it Betsy understands how to tell a story that will pull you in and enchant you I m a weird person who doesn t like the sea, but the descriptions of the in between and saltwater and seels and selkies were all wonderful enough that I really enjoyed the sensation of the sea that runs through the book This was one of the most entertainin [...]

    29. This book was incredible I ve experienced some burnout from YA recently, but this little book reminds me of why I like YA in general Noah and Lo are siblings, and they are spending the summer with their grandmother that they rarely get to see this might be the weakest part of the book, how quickly they form a strong relationship to what is mostly a stranger They meet her partner Maebh, and then Noah meets a mysterious girl called Mara What follows is a tangling of loves and loyalties, and the so [...]

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