O Obelisco #2020

O Obelisco By Howard Gordon O Obelisco No Sultanato de Mohan no Mar da China uma tem vel organiza o terrorista encabe ada por Abu Nasir tem gerado o caos para impor o seu poder no territ rio Gideon Davis homem de confian a do presidente
  • Title: O Obelisco
  • Author: Howard Gordon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • O Obelisco By Howard Gordon No Sultanato de Mohan, no Mar da China, uma tem vel organiza o terrorista encabe ada por Abu Nasir tem gerado o caos para impor o seu poder no territ rio.Gideon Davis, homem de confian a do presidente norte americano, respons vel pela resolu o de v rios conflitos diplom ticos um pouco por todo o mundo, enviado para a regi o para fazer aquilo que melhor sabe resolver oNo Sultanato de Mohan, no Mar da China, uma tem vel organiza o terrorista encabe ada por Abu Nasir tem gerado o caos para impor o seu poder no territ rio.Gideon Davis, homem de confian a do presidente norte americano, respons vel pela resolu o de v rios conflitos diplom ticos um pouco por todo o mundo, enviado para a regi o para fazer aquilo que melhor sabe resolver o conflito sem recorrer s armas.Era apenas mais uma miss o at que Abu Nasir toma de assalto o Obelisco uma importante plataforma petrol fera , amea ando implodir a estrutura no espa o de 24 horas caso as suas pretens es n o sejam atendidas.Desta vez, para manter a paz, Gideon tem de criar uma guerra.
    O Obelisco By Howard Gordon
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    1. Howard Gordon

      Howard Gordon was the Showrunner and Executive Producer of the hit television series, 24 A twenty five year industry veteran, Mr Gordon first gained national attention for his award winning work on the groundbreaking series The X Files, for which he won multiple Golden Globes.His other credits include Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Beauty and the Beast, Sisters and Spenser For Hire He created the innovative 1999 drama Strange World and the series The Inside His current projects include Homeland, which he co created, and Awake, for which he ll serve as Showrunner and Executive Producer Gordon s first novel, Gideon s War, was published in 2011 with a sequel, Hard Target, to be released in January 2012 Howard graduated from Princeton University, and now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children He is an active member of the Pacific Counsel on International Relations, and a current board member and former president of the Stroke Association of Southern California Follow him on Twitter at twitter HowardMGordon or via his website at howardmgordon

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    1. As with all of my reviews, I m going to give you my opinion if you wanted to know what the book was about you would read the synopsis Never quite understood why people write a review that they have copied from the book jacket AnywayWhat a good read Not for the rookie reader but the true journeyman reader will love it After reading a few clunkers lately this book was a breath of fresh air I do hope this is turned into a series and both brothers work together in the next one.If you like the Vince [...]

    2. Um bom livro de ac o, com todos os pr s e contras do g nero ritmo alucinante, mas demasiados momentos pouco cred veis Apesar de tudo, parece me uma boa base para um filme de ac o E nota se em muitos momentos a rela o do autor com a s rie 24.

    3. I am a sucker for new authors who have been writers producers associated with successful TV shows such as Sidney Sheldon and Stephen Cannell Such was the case with Mr Gordon and the immensely popular show 24 That success didn t transfer here This story had action scenarios that were not to be believed happening one after another and our hero managed them all safely, rescued his allegedly dead brother and got the girl Oh Brother.

    4. Disappointing 2 StarsAs a fan ofJack Bauer and 24 I saw this blurb and immediately downloaded GIDEON S WAR and began reading Howard Gordon the longtime executive producer of the hit TV series 24 makes his fiction debut with a tale of political intrigue and international terrorism Gideon Davis has just 48 hours to bring his rogue agent brother in before a twisted global conspiracy turns deadly Gideon Davis is definitely not Jack Bauer Davis is the polar opposite he is a Pacifist whom believes tha [...]

    5. The book Gideon s War by Howard Gordon is about a man sworn to non violence is sent by the Mohan the president to capture a terrorist who was a U.S operative, planning to seize a high tech oil rig on the Southeast China sea border Trying to destroy the ticking time bomb, that could wipe out half of Southeast Asia Potentially result in war, the risks Gideon takes to find out that the person of interest is his brother Tillman Davis Taking a man Earl hostage, Gideon forcing to use his dark side in [...]

    6. Howard Gordon is a former executive producer and writer for the TV series 24 This is his first novel, but it bears many similarities in structure and pace to that programme, including such hallmarks as the brother gone rogue, the trusted family friend who s not what he seems and the red herring plot which stretches out the wait for the main action.Gideon Davis is a Special Presidential Envoy who negotiates peace agreements on behalf of the US Government He is called upon to bring in a rogue agen [...]

    7. Gideon Davis, a skilled negotiator, for the United States has just been honored for his efforts in peacefully negotiating a resolution to a very dangerous situation He is well known in the world as a man who can use his skills to settle disputes without the use of armed force.Gideon s brother, Tillman Davis, is just the opposite He is known for his use of force to settle all conflicts A very skilled mercenary that has seen than his share of murder and bloodshed.Both Gideon and Tillman lost thei [...]

    8. as a huge fan of tv show 24 I was expecting big things from the debut novel by its producer, Howard gordon but, sadly, gideons war or the obelisk, as it s also named didn t really deliver I can t really put my finger on why could be gordon s writing style but i struggled my way through most of it I guess I was expecting a rip roaring thriller as kiefer sutherland promises on the cover, something akin to the Matthew reilly books I enjoy reading, but the pacing and the action just weren t as good [...]

    9. When the author is billed as the executive producer of 24, I don t know what one should reasonably expect besides some cheap thrills Gordon s debut effort provides that and so much Sexism is there As the water cascaded over her naked body, Kate realized that this was the first time she had been naked near a man in two years Islamophobia too insurgents are consistently referred to as jihadis and not the appropriate title of insurgents Not to mention a very predictable plot that came to a yawn i [...]

    10. Eh was okay Lots of action, but most of it was completely implausible If I am stopping in the middle of an action scene to think about how over the top it is, then it s just too much Suspending disbelief just happens in great storytelling I had to remind myself to do it with this book.

    11. An exceptionally good, heart racing and unputdownable fast paced thriller Wouldn t have expected anything else from the master of thrillers himself All hail Gordon

    12. It was what I expected, the 24 TV series that I had grown to love and enjoy All that inside a book with the vivid imaginations that comes with reading vs watching.

    13. Happy Valentine s Day to all We have a big week of posts, guests on the blogtalk radio, The GZONE, and some pretty neat news and info to impart that we are a part of Today on the blogtalk show at 1pmEST we have Bob Hamer as our guest and tomorrow we have Irene Hannon Later on today we are dropping in another post that is a first for us and we are happy to participate in this inaugural event details to come in our blog Tomorrow we have not one but two surprises I am pumped to make both announcem [...]

    14. Howard Gordon, executive producer of the TV show, 24, makes his fictional debut with the thriller, Gideon s War, in the tradition of 24 s fast pace, deadly encounters and desperate deadlines The protagonist, Gideon Davis, works behind the scenes in some of the world s tensest places to bring peace But his current assignment comes with drama, danger and death than he s seen in his whole lifetime The U.S president needs Gideon to bring in a rogue agent who has been terrorizing the oil rich countr [...]

    15. Gideon s War By Howard GordonHoward Gordon is the longtime executive producer of the hit TV series 24 He has out done himself in this fast paced volatile thriller Believe nothing the characters say in this highly imaginative narration of political intrigue and international terrorism With this debut, Howard Gordon deservedly, has to be placed on the list of thriller all stars He is the 21st century s Ludlum and Michael Crichton He captures the fast pace of the 21st century, not with elaborate hi [...]

    16. Gideon Davis is an international diplomat and negotiator for peace at the tables of the world s leaders Juxtaposed to this is the intriguing fact that the brother he has not seen for many years is a notorious and wanted terrorist.When his brother hijacks a state of the art oil rig in the South China Sea, the US President calls on Gideon to negotiate with and help capture his terrorist brother The scene is set for a monumental Cain vs Abel type showdown, complicated by a traitor within the ranks [...]

    17. I am a fan of the television series 24 Sadly it has come to an end But writer and producer Howard Gordon has donned yet another hat and written his first novel Gideon s War.Gideon Davis is a skilled political negotiator He believes in peace without violence His skills are recognized and appreciated by the current White House administration Family friend Earl Parker also deputy national security advisor calls on Gideon to put those talents to use A rogue agent has agreed to surrender, but only to [...]

    18. There is a rogue agent in Mohan the President wants brought in and Gideon Davis is the only man who can accomplish that feat Gideon is a negotiator, known for his amazing skills and honesty The rogue agent is none other than his brother, Tillman The men were brought up the same way and given the same skill set, but chose vastly different ways to utilize them Where Gideon is a negotiator, Tillman is army, special ops.Gideon has only forty eight hours to bring his brother in before chaos erupts Up [...]

    19. Gideon s War is the first novel by Howard Gordon, a former producer of 24, one of my favorite shows so I was interested to read it Gordon also wrote and produced for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and The X Files Gideon Davis is a negotiator, brokering peace in conflicts around the globe and a believer that nonviolence not war is the only thing that will bring lasting peace Called to a special assignment by the president and the deputy Nat l security advisor who is an old family friend and ment [...]

    20. Gideon Davis ist ein sogenannter Peacemaker , ein Vermittler in Konflikten rund um den Globus Seine Auftr ge erh lt er direkt vom amerikanischen Pr sidenten, und seine neueste Mission besteht darin, einen gegnerischen Agenten, der sich stellen will, nach D.C zu holen Doch der feindliche Agent ist Gideon kein Unbekannter Es handelt sich um seinen Bruder Peacemaker setzt vor allem auf Spannung und viele Actionszenen und macht das, wie ich finde, eigentlich recht gut Gelegentlich wird es etwas absu [...]

    21. The Obelisk or Gideon s War in some markets is the debt novel from Howard Gordon, a producer of the action packed show 24 starring Keifer Sutherland as Jack Bauer What at first seems like a simple straight forward mission for the main character quickly becomes a mess of intermingled loyalties and deception Unlike a lot of modern thrillers which are reliant upon tech gizmos, computers and other crap to advance the plot and provide action The Obelisk stays with the basics and keeps it interesting. [...]

    22. Howard Gordon was producer of the TV series 24, one of my all time favorite shows The plot twists, pacing and character interaction are all reminiscent of that show Unfortunately, the book didn t deliver an edge of the seat experience Gideon Davis is a UN negotiator who s sent to an oil rich nation by the President to retrieve Tillman Davis, Gideon s estranged brother There s constant action and violence, from wild boat and mountain chases, to an oil rig endangered by a hurricane and human treac [...]

    23. I am a huge huge fan of 24 and the moment I seen this book by Howard Gordon in a charity shop I grabbed it with both hands I was expecting suspense, twists, drama, and an action thriller plot Sadly this is not what I got With 24 I could not wait to watch the next episode but with this book it felt like a chore You might think I am being unfair to keep comparing it to 24 but Howard Gordon has used 24 to promote this book just look at the cover So therefore I have to compare the two and this doesn [...]

    24. Gideon Davis is a UN peacekeeper who has spent his career denouncing violence in any form When he is told he has 24 hours to bring in his rouge spy brother before his brother is killed he still thinks he will be able to negotiate his safety and justice will prevail Being chased through jungles of SE Asia by various militant groups and trying to prevent terrorists from blowing up a deep water oil rig soon dispel those beliefs Thrill a minute action that one would expect from an executive producer [...]

    25. Howard Gordon may be better known for his TV credits rather than his novels, but the man knows how to write a pacy and unpredictable thriller Having been a fan of 24 and recently homeland, I expected good action sequences and some political intruige too, with shady characters of unclear motives aplenty Gordon doesn t disappoint Recommended if you have enjoyed Lee Child or James Patterson in the past and are looking for something new.Look out for the follow up, The Chamber out on 19 January 2012 [...]

    26. I really wanted to love this book based on my affinity for 24 and the rave reviews from a few favorite authors The first half I was thinking the book should have been called Gideon s Luck after way too many strokes of fortune for the main character The last half started to redeem itself but spoiled the effort during the last couple of pages that are worthy for the end of a Roger Moore 007 movie Still, a fun yarn to get through if you don t care about the cheese Don t expect Jack Bauer here.

    27. While this book was fast paced, it wasn t my cup of tea Too predictable, with the James Bond like action, the love interest, the ending Also not a big fan of the constant reference the bad guys as jihadis and Muslim terrorists government labels that fearful people have gravitated toward using rather than insurgents or just plain bad guys, like all the other good action novels out there.I was looking for something to take me away from some of the drier reading I ve been doing lately, but it didn [...]

    28. Generally I like action adventure I could listen to Clive Cussler s Dirk Pitt novels all day long Gideon s war on CD, not so much First off, the guy reading it was so laconic I nearly fell asleep For an action adventure book, you would think he s reading to stock futures I take that back Listening to Dale Minyo on Ohio Ag Journal read the futures prices is a LOT entertaining I gave it 3 stars for plot Honestly, I wouldn t recommend it to anyone but die hard fans of 24.

    29. Received this book as an ARC I understand that its now called Gideons War Seems interesting so starting it todayInteresting premise that is totally believable considering the state of the nations across the globe Some of the situations seem a little fantastical, however, having never been in any of the dangerous situations that these characters find themselves in, they could be quite plausible Recommend this for anyone who likes political intrique.

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