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Post Captain By Patrick O'Brian Post Captain We ve beat them before and we ll beat them again In Napoleon smashes the Peace of Amiens and Captain Jack Aubrey R N taking refuge in France from his creditors is interned He escapes from Fran
  • Title: Post Captain
  • Author: Patrick O'Brian
  • ISBN: 9780393037029
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Post Captain By Patrick O'Brian We ve beat them before and we ll beat them again In 1803 Napoleon smashes the Peace of Amiens, and Captain Jack Aubrey, R N taking refuge in France from his creditors, is interned He escapes from France, from debtor s Prison, from a possible mutiny, and pursues his quarry straight into the mouth of a French held harbor.
    Post Captain By Patrick O'Brian Post Captain Aubrey Maturin by Patrick O Brian Post Captain is the first one The first book was originally intended to be stand alone As you move through the series they become much serial As you move through the series they become much serial. Post Captain Definition of Post Captain by Merriam Webster Post captain definition is a naval officer holding a captain s commission as distinguished from one bearing the courtesy title of captain. Post captain Military Wiki Fandom Post captain is an obsolete alternative form of the rank of captain in the Royal Navy Once an officer had been promoted to post captain, his further promotion was strictly by seniority if he could avoid death or disgrace, he would eventually become an admiral even if only a yellow admiral. What does post captain mean definitions Post captain noun a captain of a war vessel whose name appeared, or was posted, in the seniority list of the British navy, as distinguished from a commander whose name was not so posted The term was also used in the United States navy but no such commission as post captain was ever recognized in either service, and the term has fallen into disuse Post Captain Aubrey Maturin O Brian, Patrick Post Captain Aubrey Maturin Paperback Illustrated, August , by Patrick O Brian Author Visit s Patrick O Brian Page Find all the books, read about the author, and See search results for this author Are you an author Learn about Author Central Patrick post captain Example sentences A junior post captain would usually command a frigate or a comparable ship, while senior post captains would command larger ships. Post Captain novel Post Captain Proven Content PostCaptain uses an intelligent algorithm to find the most engaging news and content to post, producing the highest engagement from your audience. Post Captain Vol Book Aubrey Maturin Novels Post Captain Vol Book Aubrey Maturin Novels Kindle edition by O Brian, Patrick Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Post Captain Vol Book Aubrey Maturin Novels.
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      Patrick O Brian s acclaimed Aubrey Maturin series of historical novels has been described as a masterpiece David Mamet, New York Times , addictively readable Patrick T Reardon, Chicago Tribune , and the best historical novels ever written Richard Snow, New York Times Book Review , which should have been on those lists of the greatest novels of the 20th century George Will.Set in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars, O Brian s twenty volume series centers on the enduring friendship between naval officer Jack Aubrey and physician and spy Stephen Maturin The Far Side of the World, the tenth book in the series, was adapted into a 2003 film directed by Peter Weir and starring Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany The film was nominated for ten Oscars, including Best Picture The books are now available in hardcover, paperback, and e book format.In addition to the Aubrey Maturin novels, Patrick O Brian wrote several books including the novels Testimonies, The Golden Ocean, and The Unknown Shore, as well as biographies of Joseph Banks and Picasso He translated many works from French into English, among them the novels and memoirs of Simone de Beauvoir, the first volume of Jean Lacouture s biography of Charles de Gaulle, and famed fugitive Henri Cherriere s memoir Papillon O Brian died in January 2000.The Aubrey Maturin Series on

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    1. Post Captain makes me wonder if Patrick O Brian originally intended Master and Commander as a one off and if you know the answer please don t tell me I like not knowing.Master and Commander is a great book, and our introduction to Captain Jack Aubrey and Doctor Stephen Maturin is a great hook, but it can stand alone as a simple Naval adventure without any need for additional information about the men and women confined by its pages This could, of course, simply be a result of its place as the fi [...]

    2. Dancing bears and loons that fancy themselves teapots No, number two in the series is not a typical Aubrey Maturin adventure, yet it is perhaps better than the first While book one, Master Commander, was about war and friendship, the second book, Post Captain enters the love arena, and friendship is put to the test Of course war is not forgotten, this is a historical fiction series set during the Napoleonic Wars after all The career of our hero Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy intertwines w [...]

    3. Patrick O Brian, you have exposed yourself.Exposed yourself as a Jane Austen wannabe, that is One who is a bit sniffily about the fact that Jane quite unfairly, I m sure did not give us the thoughts of the male half of the regency romance equation.The first 200 pages of this novel do really read like a historical romance Albeit one with a very masculine touch there s just as much swearing and angst and tinkering with the natural world in odd ways as ever there was before, but now its all in the [...]

    4. I ve been reading the Aubrey Maturin series for a few years now, and even though I m not as loyal to these books as I am to other series, it s always nice to dip back into Patrick O Brian s well researched, well written, and consistently delightful historical adventures Post Captain, the second in the series, is almost split evenly between scenes on land and scenes on various ships, and even though a lot of people prefer the ratio to skew towards sea based scenes, I liked the frequent changes o [...]

    5. Second books in a long epic series are usually a lot harder to write and to get right than debut ones To use an analogy from music, a rock band usually writes a great debut album they ve been playing the material for years in garages and or small pubs before being noticed, they have their enthusiasm stil running high and the ambition to get noticed Second showings are often either trying to cash in on original success and are rushed with outtakes and rejects from the first album or are self indu [...]

    6. Patrick O Brian s worldbuilding conveys the impression that there are not only detailed landscape and dwellings to be glimpsed through the smallest window, but the roads lead somewhere just as detailed, whether the story leads us there or not.O Brian is a perfect example of what I call the bricolage method of worldbuilding, bricolage being I think a strong element of appeal for many genre readers.O Brian s mastery of history is evident in the slight references that evoke, to the reader who knows [...]

    7. This is perhaps the final detachment and this is perhaps the only way to live free, surprisingly light and well, no diminution of interest but no commitment a liberty I have hardly ever known Patrick O Brian, Post Captain The second book in O Brian s Aubrey Maturin series 20 books It might be early to say this, but this might rank at or near the top of the best historical novels ever taken as a whole I m not sure if he can maintain this level of literary mastery, but if the first two books are a [...]

    8. 4 StarsInitially while reading this book and thinking about what I might say in my review, I didn t think I would find anything positive to say Now, having completed the journey , although there is far too much going on in this novel, and from what I can see here on GR, the longest volume of the series, it is quite a good book.The first four chapters made me really uneasy The land based captain Jack Aubrey was not as strong and so sure of himself as the Master and Commander we came to know from [...]

    9. I almost gave this 3 stars, but I have too many reservations I almost abandoned the book early on I don t care for O Brian s style it s too Victorian Sure, that s a plus for some, but I hate it the story was very uneven The first third of the book with threads running all the way through concentrated on ridiculous love interests land problems Very true to life, but Aubrey doesn t shine It does make quite a statement about the economics of the war the idiocy of societies, though.On the plus side, [...]

    10. I started with this book, rather than Master and Commander, on a friend s recommendation, and I had fun than I ve had with a book in a long while O Brian has a strong, witty technique and his command of omniscient point of view makes it feel as natural as breathing This is a book about a single, particular friendship, and on that ground it succeeds enormously.

    11. The second installment of the Aubrey Maturin chronicles is long, and has the unpredictable, organic rhythm one comes to expect of the books the small and large concerns chasing each other, defeat crowding upon victory, action on small, daily joys.This volume brings us deeper into the landed life of the two protagonists, and explores new highs and lows in their friendship It also brings us new ships to love and hate, blazing action, and the difference between the wizened heads of male and female [...]

    12. This is a lot of fun, literary historical fiction with a dose of action I read the first book a few years back and enjoyed it, though I struggled with the morass of seafaring terms Either this book reduces them or I d just gotten used to not understanding every word This book broadens the world of the series, giving the heroes some time onshore to get into trouble and romantic entanglements these sections are surprisingly reminiscent of Jane Austen, who was writing around the time these novels a [...]

    13. Among John Fowles many goals in The French Lieutenant s Woman 1969 was his intention to pay homage to Jane Austen s Persuasion But Post Captain, published just three years after Fowles s book, is a far happier tribute to Jane, enriching my enjoyment of Austen, while succeeding on many other accounts as well While Fowles rambles all over Lyme and Bath trying both to epitomize and to outdo the entire body of Victorian literature, O Brian, as always, entertains and educates with matchless grace and [...]

    14. I would give it ten stars if I could I can t even get my mind around how much story was in this book, but it was wonderful There is so much going on from one section to the next Something always happening There are no dull moments Always new things to learn about So much humor in the dialogue much of it tongue in cheek Laugh out loud funny at times Then there are scenes where things are so sad There is a love story for one and the opposite for another Jack having to evade creditors because his m [...]

    15. A very enjoyable entry in the series, as we get to see Jack and Stephen fall in love, struggle with money, go on an adventure or two, and the real use of a dancing bear Lots of little nautical details and don t let the esoteric terms through you off it s worth the effort Five stars overall and very much recommended For the longer review please go here epinions review Post_C

    16. I think this is it, then this is the point where I can safely consider myself a fan of this series, and where I can see myself probably buying and reading all the books that follow this one I read this in three or four days, mostly while on holiday in Nice a setting largely irrelevant to that of this story, but it was one in which I found I could completely lose myself in the writing here In years to come I hope I ll recall sitting on the balcony of that apartment for hours, drinking cold white [...]

    17. The Aubrey Maturin series is a marvel Every five years or so I work my way through it again Right now I m listening to Simon Vance s fine audiobook versions Post Captain is the one book I always have trouble rereading because of the rift between Jack and Stephen Silly I know but there it is.Carac

    18. This was better than the first book for me Jack and Stephen were not the annoying characters I found them in the first book and the story could be quite humourous in places.I enjoyed the love story element but was very happy to have them back at sea by the end of the book.

    19. This is part 2 of 22 in the Aubrey Maturin series and Patrick O Brian, despite his eloquent, colorful timepiece language, could do so much for the series if he wrote lengthy passages about naval maneuvers and fighting action in Post Captain Instead he spent well over 450 pages maturing the relationship between our two protagonists Hands down, though, the best part is the language Ahoy, lubber, sheet the mains ls and run out the 24 pounders O Brian gives us only two teasing passages about nauti [...]

    20. Well, it s strange how my interests sometimes converge In My Name Escapes Me Alec Guinness spoke very highly of Patrick O Brian s books, and as it s not every day one gets a reading recommendation from a celebrated actor, I picked this book up on my next trip to the library.Here s the strange part Lately I have been absolutely living and breathing everything related to the Spanish American wars of independence of the early 19th century And it just so happens that O Brian s hero Jack Aubrey is ba [...]

    21. There she is, sir, just under the sprits l yard Tops ls maybe mizen t garns ls Close hauled, I take it Nope, me neither But you know what This book is such ruddy good fun that it really doesn t matter I spent most of my reading time with a huge grin on my face when I wasn t laughing Life s been a bit rocky lately, and this did a fantastic job of cheering me up and keeping my mind occupied, which was just what I needed.Spending the first third of the book on land, the Jane Austen for blokes tag h [...]

    22. So you were in a great battle, Captain Aubrey, said the chaplain eagerly Pray, can you tell me what it was like Why sir, I doubt that I could, really, any than I could give you much impression of let us say a symphony or a splendid dinner There is a great deal of noise, noise than you would believe possible and time does not seem to have the same meaning, if you follow me and you get very tired And afterwards you have to clear up the mess I love this passage O Brian fills these books with the [...]

    23. I first came across these books about ten years ago when a friend gave me Master and Commander the first book in the Aubrey Maturin series as a gift I was largely discouraged by the naval language and the style of writing Older and wiser, I gave it another try last year and found a new affection for the characters.Post Captain the second book in the series has confirmed me as a devotee and I m looking forward to reading of these The story picks up where Master and Commander left off Royal Navy [...]

    24. In the second installment of the Aubrey Maturin series we see O Brian really flesh out his characters giving them great depth and believability In Post Captain we see the social sides of Jack and Stephen as they peruse their future wives We see the main characters outside the setting of Ships and gun smoke during the Peace of Amiens We learn that Stephen Maturin is than he seems as he is a Naval Surgeon and a British Intelligence agent The book is really well paced and juxtaposed between cruis [...]

    25. This is the second in the twenty completed volumes of the Aubrey Maturin canon, and one of the best too While first book, Master and Commander, kicked off the series with terrific writing and action, this volume really develops the characters in a most Austenesque fashion and has its fair share of action and adventure too In Post Captain we truly come to know and care for Jack Aubrey, Stephen Maturin, Sophie Williams, Barret Bonden, and Preserved Killick, and a whole raft of other great characte [...]

    26. The second in the Aubrey Maturin series In this 400 page tome, so much happens it s impossible to encapsulate a plot Aubrey is promoted to the titular rank but is hounded by debtors, the two men escape while Aubrey is disguised as a bear , Stephen works as a spy for the Admiralty, the two men both dote on the same two girls whose mother is an obvious homage to Mrs Bennet in Pride And Prejudice , they nearly fight a duel, and of course there is tremendous naval action I now look back with surpris [...]

    27. If you liked Master Commander, as I did, you will definitely love this book also The descriptions by Mr O Brian are so amazinly detailed and thorough, that the reader definitely has the feeling of being a fly on the wall in seeing all that is happening Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin are people that we actually get to know and I keep wondering how Mr O Brian became so well versed in not only the history of the time but in the small details of life such as the use of was by educated people such a [...]

    28. My friend, Jose, regularly re read the whole Aubrey Maturin series He found it so rich that diving back into it was a constant pleasure This is not my first time through, and O Brian s work holds my attention as firmly as it did initially.In Post Captain, we find Aubrey in dire financial straits nautical analogy works well and we learn a lot of Maturin s secrets and secret life O Brian s writing is witty, precisely attuned to the issues at hand and their correct terminology and so historically [...]

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