Darkness Fades #2020

Darkness Fades By Jessica Sorensen Darkness Fades Kayla knows she has to save the world from the vampire virus but what she didn t realize was just how complicated it could be As the secrets to the cure start to unfold Kayla realizes that not only
  • Title: Darkness Fades
  • Author: Jessica Sorensen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Darkness Fades By Jessica Sorensen Kayla knows she has to save the world from the vampire virus, but what she didn t realize was just how complicated it could be As the secrets to the cure start to unfold, Kayla realizes that not only will her strength be tested, but her willpower as well Tough choices will have to be made In the end, she must decide just how much she s willing to sacrifice to get to a cKayla knows she has to save the world from the vampire virus, but what she didn t realize was just how complicated it could be As the secrets to the cure start to unfold, Kayla realizes that not only will her strength be tested, but her willpower as well Tough choices will have to be made In the end, she must decide just how much she s willing to sacrifice to get to a cure.
    Darkness Fades By Jessica Sorensen
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      153 Jessica Sorensen
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      Jessica Sorensen is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from the snowy mountains of Wyoming When she s not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her familyssicasorensenfacebook pages Jessica

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    1. I struggle to describe how bad this is, but in all honesty, it reads like really amateurish fanfiction for a couple of reasons.I ve read the first book about a year ago and it was bad but I m one of those people who have to finish a series.First I spent about 15 minutes reading summaries and reviews, even my own, of the first two books because I couldn t even remember most of what had happened they re that memorable.Also Get a fucking EDITOR, woman, or learn your goddamn grammar the sheer amount [...]

    2. 10 14 13 It has FINALLY been released Yay Happy dance Saw on her blog that Darkness Falls will be released September 30, 2013Edit 10 7 13Update My editor is working on Darkness Fades right now so it should be ready in a week and a half give or take a few days Sorry, it s behind schedule From her blog

    3. I was so excited to read the third and final book of this series However, I was a little disappointed with the way it was written It seemed rushed and there were some inconsistencies and numerous spelling errors as well I just wish the author put as much detail into this book as she did in her previous books.

    4. At first I loved this series and expected the final book to really deliver on the details however, there were a major loose end that was never completed explained.The Highers language, this seemed to be a big deal in the previous book, especially when a non higher was found to know or understand their language, yet no explanation was even given has to where this language even came from The whole language thing hinted at the Highers being an alien race or from some unknown unheard of region, but [...]

    5. This book felt like it was a rush write to me I really enjoyed the first two books in the series, then this one I read in 3 hours I don t think everything was finished either I think I left the series with questions than answers.

    6. What a great ending to this series I love this series the different types vampires, apocalyptic world, love triangle, suspense I waited so long for this book and it didn t disappoint Jessica has a way to build suspense and keep it last Battle and fighting scenes can be visualized perfectly, where in other books I m wondering, Wait, how did that man go from ripping whats his faces head off on the bottom of the stairs to suddenly being on the top of the stairs, falling over When did he climb up th [...]

    7. Pretty consistent writing and editorial misses in the final book of the series The too ing and fro ing of the various viruses and antidotes remains fairly vague, as does the transition from all out assault to victory in the final pages, nevertheless I was invested enough in the characters to let that go A satisfactory close to the trilogy, and an entertaining weekend read, though a high level of violence makes it a questionable YA despite the age of the protagonists.

    8. Nice idea for a story but I couldn t get past the major errors in grammar If children are reading this it will reinforce their current issues with there their they re and than then seriously how can two completely different words be confused which the author seems incapable of using in the correct places These errors amongst others really detract from the story.

    9. Meh I can honestly say that only emotion that I muster after finishing this book is let down There was simply nothing that felt worthwhile and it seemed like all of the character development went out the window.

    10. I truly enjoyed the story But this final episode me left me a little wanting plot and less romance is that to much to ask The first installment created an expectation of story than I found in this episode.

    11. This book was just not a page turner for me like the other two were The story was somewhat lacking and I found myself skipping pages Overall, I feel pretty disappointed in the execution of this final chapter in the series.

    12. 3 starsWell, its finished Read it one day.And quite satisfying as well.It was fast and bloody and dirty.But not as much as I wanted it to be.I liked how not everything got resolved at the end, I mean the end here, is like another starting block for the characters, to eventually go out and continue their duty.Due to the shortness of the book, I think some things happened to fast, and again to easily Particularly the rescue mission at the beginning And characters changed personalities and motives [...]

    13. I dreaded the end to this series because I had a feeling that no matter what happened I was going to be disappointed Unfortunately I was right The book was both too short and too long The important things if there hope of finding the cure, if both the brothers be saved, was Kayla still being led astray, who was truly good and who was evil felt rushed, love story was almost non existent and yet the book.dragged.ond.on The characters transformed from the complicated, confused and damaged people we [...]

    14. I ve been looking forward to finishing this series for awhile It s nothing phenomenal, but it was fun and I like Kayla While I enjoyed reading this, I didn t love it The ending wasn t very satisfying to me I felt like it was kind of cop out and everything wrapped up to nicely Sorenson is a creative writer, but she stays on the surface in this book I would have loved to see her go deeper with the characters and their relationships Kayla finds herself trapped with the Highers and then Aiden shows [...]

    15. I am reviewing the teen fiction novel Darkness Fades by Jessica Sorensen which is a very good story which I bought from kindle This book is a bit of a horror novel and might be unsuitable for younger readers The lead character is a kind of half human, half vampire entity called a day taker and has been captured Her friend who has become a day walker with the aid of a blood transfusion and now has incredible strength rescues her but she is reluctant to leave Sylas who was attacked by something wo [...]

    16. Yes All my favorite characters are back Kayla, Sylas, Tristan, Aiden, and Maci I am such a fan girl for Sylas Those of you who have read the series you know why I finished this book in one day I couldn t put it down because I soooo wanted Kayla to have her happy ending and for all of this madness to end This book continues off when Kayla and Sylas were captured in the end of the second book I don t want to give anything away, but there is alot of fighting, and blood shed There is some romance mi [...]

    17. I did like this booknd of For one thing, it felt too rushed The author should have taken her time Yes, I know people were desperate and needing this book and bothering her, but really Also, i nearly threw down the book in frustration Really, Jessica What did Aiden do to deserve that ending Making him a total idiot does NOT mean you have to kill him Now, that was just unfair A terrible ending for Aiden I did not exactly like him in the first two books, but you did not have to kill him I think it [...]

    18. I have just finished all three books in the Darkness Falls series and what I think is most important to pass on it is that you have to read all three, it is a trilogy so just reading the first is pointless as all you will be is confused.The covers all look great.No 1 Darkness FallsA very different sort of vampire story and by the end of book one you will not have the faintest idea of what is going on.No 2 Darkness BreaksBy the time you get to book two the story opens up and hints are given as wh [...]

    19. I just finished reading the final book in Jessica Sorensen s Darkness Falls trilogy The perfect ending to an amazing story This trilogy sucked me in from the very beginning I couldn t stop reading The characters are so well developed and the way she lets you see little snippets of Kayla s past was so well done The way you can connect with Kayla even though she s not human any is amazing Loved the little twists she throws in with some of the main characters They make you want to keep reading just [...]

    20. Overall, I enjoyed reading this series It had its ups and downs, but it was an interesting world to read about The ending, however, was drawn out and far too predictable view spoiler It was obvious since the beginning the cure was going to be in Kayla s blood, but she acted surprised by any clue leading her to that conclusion It was also ridiculously obvious that when Aiden was draining her he was going to change And then, of course, Monarch and Gabriel conveniently drained Aiden to prove the cu [...]

    21. I love how view spoiler Aiden and Tristen died basically leaving her with Silas hide spoiler The end was perfect It had the perfect climax and ending I was frantically flipping pages and re reading them The way Sorensen wrote this trilogy where Kayla has flashbacks is a good way to tell readers what exactly happened to Kayla when she was experimented on I think she should actually do a novella about it because that s what I m most curious about I m so glad Slais won Kayla s heart I love that arr [...]

    22. kayla and sylas have been caught in the end of the last book this one starts there with us knowing sylas is changing into an abomination while kayla is being tortured aiden comes to her rescue though but aiden isn t aiden any and kayla has a hard time deciding whether he is good or bad while kayla is intent on finding sylas, she must save the world as well as much as i have looked forward to this book coming out, i was a little disappointed that it lacked the punch that the other two had it didn [...]

    23. Words can begin to describe hoe angry i am right now, Kayla is just freaking annoying Hated her character from the very first page Gosh am so angry don t even know how to vent probably I can t rate it cos i would give it a one star and Jessica Sorensen is one of my favourite authors i just had a total disconnect, at some point the plots were a bit tricky and the loop holes just too much I just didn t connect with the heroine in the story, not one bit and then Aiden had to die, like seriuosly get [...]

    24. This book was spectacularly intense and I loved every second of it Unfortunately the spelling errors ran absolutely rampant and left me wondering if the author even read through the work before publishing it At one point the error goes as far as to call one character by the wrong name which left me gasping in shock that this character had shown up only to realize he hadn t It was very annoying, but errors aside the book was amazing.

    25. Again I thought this was another original concept, straying from the traditional sense of Vampires, which i really liked However the way this book was written was disappointing i was really looking forward to this book and they way this book was written really ruined it for me I thought the language style was a bit immature and it lacked feeling as well as visual imagery

    26. Best book sad and good endingBest book sad and good endingI loved the plot line and the characters I definitely fell in love with Salas he was my absolute favorite person in all this was a great book but the ending was really surprising but yet still predictable sort ofme of it was surprising but others were known

    27. Great ending to a really good series I was sad to see a main character die, but that is how it goes in the dystopian type like world I so think that it was for a worthy cause though, and I will not rant and rave because it was a tragedy Lots of excellence happened from it and for that it was worthy Great how it ended short and sweet, and not forced like ones that are recently published

    28. Darkness Fades was the perfect conclusion to the series I enjoyed every minute of this quick read Kayla is one of the best heroines I have read She is strong and brave and fights until the end And I was so excited to have Sylas back He is one of my favorite good bad guys I never really liked Aiden, and he definitely didn t help his case in this book Great vampire series

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