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Kill the Competition By Stephanie Bond Kill the Competition Escaping to Atlanta to forget her short lived and disastrous marriage Belinda Hennessey is rebuilding her life with a new job and new friends until her life is transformed forever by a traffic misha
  • Title: Kill the Competition
  • Author: Stephanie Bond
  • ISBN: 9780060539832
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kill the Competition By Stephanie Bond Escaping to Atlanta to forget her short lived and disastrous marriage, Belinda Hennessey is rebuilding her life with a new job and new friends, until her life is transformed forever by a traffic mishap with a gorgeous cop and the murder of a co worker.
    Kill the Competition By Stephanie Bond
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      266 Stephanie Bond
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      USA TODAY bestselling author Stephanie Bond was seven years deep into a systems engineering career and pursuing an MBA at night when an instructor remarked that she had a flair for writing and suggested that she submit to academic journals But Stephanie, a voracious reader, was only interested in writing fiction specifically, romantic fiction.Upon completing her master s degree and with no formal training in writing her undergraduate degree is in computer programming , she started writing a romance novel in her spare time Two years later in 1995 she sold her first manuscript, a romantic comedy, to Harlequin Books.In 1997, with ten sales under her belt to two publishers, Stephanie left her corporate job to write women s romantic fiction full time In 2011, Stephanie launched a self publishing business Since that time, she has sold than 1 million copies of her own books To date, Stephanie has published over 70 novels and has over 6 million copies of her work in worldwide distribution in numerous languages and formats.

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    1. Very funny Skimmped majorly on sex scenes I mean really this and that Loved Wade.Belinda Vince was a douche Get over it.Ending was a bit ubrupt in my opinion.Overall I liked it D

    2. DNF on pg 50 This book is really not my thing I m gonna ditch it.

    3. While this book felt very predictable at times, I still enjoyed it Kill the Competition was a light read that kept me entertained Belinda was a character I could connect to She was so ordinary and normal that it was easy to identify with her Her coworkers added the requisite quirkiness to the book, and the mystery surrounding the death of Margo was pretty well done I was also glad to see the extra bit at the end where Bond explained what was in the letter from Vince I understood why Belinda didn [...]

    4. My biggest beef with this story The overuse of yilk and she wet her lips and tasted Aquanet The first time I read those lines, they delivered a bit of a funny punch but they kept being used And used Other than that, I thought this was a pretty breezy, enjoyable read Even if I thought it was mostly unbelievable just happening to run into the same two male characters over over again in a huge city like Atlanta Really , it still had a good story with a bunch of subplots.

    5. This like a 3.5 stars for me I like a good mystery and this didn t really do it for me The real action didn t happen until over half way through the book I was looking for of a Murder, She Wrote mystery and this wasn t that kind of book The writing was great though I might check out the Body Movers series if they come up on Kindle Unlimited.

    6. Despite its title and blood red cover art, this tart, down to earth tale from Bond I Think I Love You, etc focuses on the nature of female friendships than on the murder mystery that throws the heroine s life into a tailspin As several other reviewers noted there are a few typos, but as far as repetitive words etc, this is the authors style This is why she may be getting so many 5 star votes, votes that are from long time fans and feel comfortable with this style This is an author that once you [...]

    7. This author has written a lot of books but this was the first I have read I think this one was great I really enjoyed it It s about a bunch of four different women carpooling who all work in a furniture store in Atlanta.She does use a word that annoyed me quite a lot yilkI ve not heard of that before but it jarred on me each time I saw it There were also a few crashing spelling errors which I was shocked to see as surely an editor has been employed Hook for book budding for building minors for m [...]

    8. What took me so long to get back to Stephanie Bond This book was SO much fun to listen to I enjoyed getting to know Belinda, the main character She moves from Cincinatti after an embarrassment that the reader doesn t get all the details of until Belinda is under suspicion for murder much later in the book We find out when her coworkers and friends do The reader is definitely along for the ride and it s a fab one I don t always dig the description of romantic anything, but I made an exception for [...]

    9. This book was a bit boring It started out chatty but soon the chatter wouldn t end and there were so many unimportant little daily things that the author included it became impossible to turn the next page I made it to page 93 before giving up in frustration when I tried to read it the first time around I later found an audiobook version and finished it It was only okay both as a mystery and a romance but it s certainly not one of the most memorable books I ll ever read.

    10. Belinda moves to Atlanta to get away from her 6 hour marriage and her ex husband She begins carpooling with 3 women from her office and keeps running into the same 2 men while at work There has been an accident in her building that not everyone thinks is an accident.

    11. EnjoyableI really enjoyed the warm characters and that their frailties are also shown The story showed the way the friendships developed and grew The mystery was good.

    12. Back to romance and this was a perfect start So, when I was much younger, I read all the romantic novels that I could get my hands on I decided after all these years it was time to go back to my beginning This book was a great start Humor, mixed with lots of romance, plus a great mystery, meant it was a book I read very quickly I loved, loved it And now, I can read books by this fantastic writer who makes her characters so real, I wish they were my friends The only problem is that I don t know [...]

    13. So how good is too good Belinda Hennessy may have to find out the answer to that question the hard way After moving to Atlanta to get away from a mysteriously failed marriage, Belinda has tried to start her life over in the finance department of Archer Furniture In the short time she s been there, she has joined a carpool with three other Archer employees and quickly learns that her boss, Margo, is thought of as lower than the Wicked Witch of any direction While trying to impress this tough boss [...]

    14. OK, so this is Chick Lit No redeeming mystery elements at all The group of car pooling friends retire to a bar at one point to try to figure out the case, ala Women s Murder Club, but aside from having a little too much to drink and a bit of a bonding session, they don t make any progress on the case.Belinda has fled Cincy for the traffic jams of Atlanta, GA to start over after a disastrous 6 hour marriage sent her packing She joins a car pool, only to find herself replacing another co worker wh [...]

    15. Whew I listened to this one yesterday while working and it was great in large part to the excellent characters voiced by the reader Belinda is the main character, the recent victim of a 6 hour marriage who has moved to Atlanta from Cincinnati for a new beginning Unfortunately for her, she winds up with a psycho boss who is interested in belittling an scheming her employees than anything else With her band of carpool ladies and their wacky personal lives and her inability to stay out of the way [...]

    16. I will begin with I love all the books I have read by Stephanie Bond so far and to say that she is one of my favorite authors Now on to this particular book I picked it up because it is one I hadn t seen before so of course I was going to give it a shot, once I started reading this book I couldn t stop It was amazing I liked Belinda although she was a little naive and really needed to move on from the ex he s gone let it go I loved Wade hello sexy cop with a big heart and true southern boy charm [...]

    17. What a delightful and funny read After a failed relationship, Belinda Hennessey relocates from the midwest to Hot lanta Working in finance and giving up on love, it was fun to read about her adjustment to the south, the traffic and the carpool girls I had in my head this wasn t going to be on of Stephanie Bond s best books and had put off reading it for a while, but I was wrong It s funny, entertaining and ties up a nice little mystery with some romance The office politics felt right, the employ [...]

    18. This funny little mystery has depth than one might imagine It involves the exploits of the young female main character, Belinda Hennessy, who moves from Cincinnati, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia to start over when her romance comes apart at the altar She believes she ll be moving up in her position at Archer Furniture, based on the recommendations of her super mean boss That is, she did think so until her boss is found very dead in the trunk of Belinda s car Of course, she gets the blame and tries t [...]

    19. I got this one free from Pixel of Ink, and really loved it, although I m not just sure of why I guess it doesn t matter, but it wasn t that it was all THAT well written, or all THAT engrossing I just fell under its spell Lieutenant Wade Alexander may have had something to do with that What a hunk I liked the interaction between the car pool ladies, and how Belinda came to see that you really do need friends and people you can lean on I ve been stuck in rush hour traffic in Atlanta too, and my gu [...]

    20. This book is pure and simple fluff but I admit I had a ball with it Chick Lit with capital letters, this is not my typical type of read I was attracted to the southern setting, Atlanta Georgia, and the fact that it was labelled romantic mystery The mystery isn t much but it does keep you guessing and surprise you because everybody has secrets that don t get told until the very end Mostly, though this is a character book Typical southern fiction with the quirky characters The book revolves around [...]

    21. Great story, kept me guessing until the endFirst off, I want to say how much I enjoyed reading this book It was engaging, made me feel like I knew the characters, made me laugh and I sympathize with everyone especially the main character I was surprised at how much people hide secrets, even from people who are supposed to be good friends And what people are willing to do get ahead and keep those secrets.I was so happy Belinda found someone after her break up with Vince, she deserved it And I m s [...]

    22. Yilk Okay, maybe this is something people say in Cincy but it started to get on my nerves It was also how I mostly felt about this book It had great potential to be romantic and funny the mystery was secondary for me I knew that wouldn t be super intricate But the characters were flat and annoying and typical Wade had so much potential and was just sitting around for most of the book I know it centered around a carpool, but enough about the traffic already Had a few okay moments and was good for [...]

    23. Usually enjoy Stephanie Bond but I could not connect to Belinda in this book I did not like her very much I hated how far she went with Julian while pushing Wade away if he was supposedly the H in this book The word Yilk WTH Lots of spelling errors This book could have been better if 50 pages of traffic descriptions were eliminated If I wanted a traffic report, I d listen to the radio I liked Wade but did not get enough info about him The best thing about the book was probably the funny things t [...]

    24. huh, KtC was has 100% from the heroine s pov, pretty fast paced, Not very original, pretty predictable, though I was surprised by who the bad guy turned out to be a number of chick lit sex in the city like moments, less then a handful of sex scenes, a lot of filler, a somewhat frustrating heroine she wouldn t do what I wanted her to do , both a mr Darcy and a Wickham character, and was for the most part pretty well written.All of that would have led me to give this 3.5 stars, but the ending irri [...]

    25. This was a quick and fluffy read about a woman relocating to Atlanta to start over after a failed 6 hour marriage She joins the work carpool and makes friends with several coworkers, but at the same time finds herself in league with her unpopular boss There are a couple of possible love interests, one of whom is a police officer which turns out to be handy when the boss turns up dead in her trunk There ares some nice twists in the plot Like other reviewers I was not a fan of the yilk exclamation [...]

    26. This is really chick lit,but I don t have a shelf because I don t do chick lit The title should have been Sisterhood of the Carpool We spend time with the all female carpoolers than we do with the guy I can t even call him a hero Not much of a romance, but the suspense is pretty good, that s why I rated it at 3 stars I didn t guess the killer Is it a spoiler if I tell that After all Margo doesn t get wacked until page 200.I think I m done with Stephanie Bond I read two Body Movers books and now [...]

    27. Not her best, but still good I love it when books interlink with each other in no specific order, just so you recognize people and or places read Mary Wesley to understand what I mean Having said that, I read I think I love you first, and it seems to me that I may not have stuck with this one if it hadn t been for the other one which was definitely classes above this one but which made you want to find out about the background story told in this particular book.

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