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Indelible By Karin Slaughter Indelible Sometimes a past comes back to kill Two armed men enter the police station in tiny Heartsdale Georgia and open fire When the shooting stops an officer is dead Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver is ser
  • Title: Indelible
  • Author: Karin Slaughter
  • ISBN: 9780099553083
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • Indelible By Karin Slaughter Sometimes a past comes back to kill .Two armed men enter the police station in tiny Heartsdale, Georgia, and open fire When the shooting stops, an officer is dead, Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver is seriously wounded, and the survivors including a class of grade school children and medical examiner Sara Linton are held hostage In a tense standoff that could erupt atSometimes a past comes back to kill .Two armed men enter the police station in tiny Heartsdale, Georgia, and open fire When the shooting stops, an officer is dead, Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver is seriously wounded, and the survivors including a class of grade school children and medical examiner Sara Linton are held hostage In a tense standoff that could erupt at any moment into bloodletting with her ex husband on the threshold of death Sara must search for answers and an escape in the memories of a time at the start of their relationship when another brutal, shocking crime shattered their small town world Because the sins of the past have caught up with Sara and Jeffrey with a vengeance.
    Indelible By Karin Slaughter Indelible Definition of Indelible by Merriam Webster Examples of indelible in a Sentence But the most indelible evening of the rebellion for me was the night I had first got beaten Amiri Baraka, The Autobiography of Leroi Jones, All wars change society and hence leave an indelible Indelible Definition of Indelible at Dictionary Indelible definition, making marks that cannot be erased, removed, or the like indelible ink See . Indelible definition of indelible by The Free Dictionary adj Impossible to remove, erase, or wash away permanent indelible ink . INDELIBLE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary Indelible memories or actions are impossible to forget, or have a permanent influence or effect I have an indelible memory of that meeting with Anastasia In his years working for the company, Joe Pearson made an indelible indelible Dictionary Definition Vocabulary The adjective indelible describes something that can t be erased or removed, like marks made by an indelible marker, or an indelible moment you will never forget, like your first day of kindergarten or the first time you visit a new, exotic place It comes from the Latin word indelebilis Indelible dictionary definition indelible defined adjective The definition of indelible is something that cannot be erased or eliminated An example of indelible is ink that cannot be washed out of a shirt An example of indelible is the first impression made by the person who later becomes your spouse.
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      Karin Slaughter is the New York Times and 1 internationally bestselling author of seventeen thrillers, including the Grant County and Will Trent series, COP TOWN, PRETTY GIRLS, THE GOOD DAUGHTER and the e original short stories Snatched Busted Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes and Last Breath Slaughter was born in a small southern Georgia community, and now resides in Atlanta She is widely credited with first coining the term investigoogling in 2006E GOOD DAUGHTER, is available now Facebook Facebook AuthorKarinSlaughter Website karinslaughter

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    1. Sara Linton visits Jeffrey at the police station and becomes embroiled in a deadly shootout and hostage situation The story alternates between this tense showdown and that of Sara and Jeffrey s early relationship I thought the alternating stories were done brilliantly At first, I was impatient, wanting to get on with what was happening at the station But soon I was just as hooked by the revelations of Jeffrey s past It wasn t immediately clear how the two would relate but I trusted that it would [...]

    2. Author s note Sticklers for order who ask where do I start reading the Grant County series have two choices You can go with Blindsighted, which is technically the first book, or you can start with Indelible, which is the origin story for Sara and Jeffrey I always write my books so that anyone can pick up any book and know what s going on and who is who, but I am the type who has to read in order, so I know this is an important question Do I agree Mmmmm not sure I am a stickler for reading a seri [...]

    3. Sticklers for order who ask where do I start reading the Grant County series have two choices You can go with Blindsighted, which is technically the first book, or you can start with Indelible, which is the origin story for Sara and Jeffrey I always write my books so that anyone can pick up any book and know what s going on and who is who, but I am the type who has to read in order, so I know this is an important question.What I like about this book is you get to see where Jeffrey grew up I thin [...]

    4. This is my absolute favourite of this series I have read Indelible several times, and now listened on audio A brilliant, exciting, tense plot whichever way you choose to read it.Highly recommended.

    5. Leave it to me to select the audio without realizing it was part of a series In my defense, it didn t indicate that but luckily, the author herself states that those new to the Grant County series can start here at gulp book four or at the logical beginning with book one This reminded me on some level of my days when I read anything Patricia Cornwell It was entertaining enough but I didn t love it There is a good chance that is because I didn t begin at the beginning, but it is just as likely th [...]

    6. Indelible is the 4th book in the Grant County series by Karin Slaughter and my favorite so far.Sara Linton, the town s pediatrician and part time ME, is at the police station dropping off an autopsy report While there, she stops to talk to Jeffrey Tolliver, the Chief of Police as well as her ex husband and current lover While there, 2 young men enter the station and begin shooting the police officers, including Jeffrey This begins a tense hostage situation.The hostage storyline alternates with t [...]

    7. I do not have enough good things to say about this series This book in particular was one of my favorites My jaw was dropping within the first 5 pages and I continued to be surprised throughout the whole book In this Grant County novel, the story is being told from present day but also flashes back to when Sara and Jeffrey first met At first this kind of threw me off but you really get to hear the background on their story and we get to find out a lot about Jeffrey s past which I really loved He [...]

    8. After reading INDELIBLE by Karin Slaughter, I will have now read all of her novels I realized after reading that I always liked the character Jeffrey Toliver, because he seemed to be the only normal character of the bunch Well, not after reading this book It is Tolliver s turn to have his sordid, twisted past revealed The novel opens with a horrific shootout at the police station where kids are taken hostage and cops are killed.With the hostages in a standoff, the story skips back in time to whe [...]

    9. Indelible is book four in the Grant County series As the blurb states, the book starts off with a powerful opening A shooting taking place in the police station kicks off the storyline with timeframes switching between past and present Here we find out a lot of Chief Tolliver s background, where he grew up and how events come together to lead to today s shooting.I can t say I liked this book as much as the others in the series I enjoyed learning about Linton s and Tolliver s relationship and h [...]

    10. Another great read by Karin SlaughterI don t know what else to say She is a master at dark, emotional, heartbreaking suspense Couldn t put it down.

    11. This book started out incredible I loved the shock value at the beginning It was a big bangbut then it goes back in time and starts telling the story of what leads to the incident and well, it was all just a little too much for my liking There was a LOT of drama and too many problems It seemed overly done and lost me due to it Overall though, its a very good book and I m still a huge fan of the series, just feel maybe she crammed a little too much into this one book.

    12. This book starts with a shooting and hostage situation at the police station and then alternates back to the beginning of Jeffrey and Sara s relationship with him showing her the small Alabama town he grew up in The two events are tied together but it takes a bit to find out how and why I really liked the back and forth Both situations were very tense but I did find the stuff in the past the most interesting I loved how so many people were not telling the entire story about a situation which led [...]

    13. This is definitely my favorite book in the Grant County series This is the origin story of Jeffrey and Sara, combined with the most horrible of events anyone of them has ever faced.I never were a Jeffrey fan, but after Indelible I am in loveAlso seeing a younger version of Sara just made her so much real.I can t wait to see what is next in line for them.O, and LenaLena is finally growing up

    14. I think this is the best book in this series so far In the last couple of books it was going towards a soap opera drama This was a fast pace mystery with two time lines.

    15. Only 2 Stars for this one Virtually no character in the book is attractive or sympathetic Depressing scenery, confusing timelines with flashbacks every other chapter Loved the first book of hers that I read, Triptych, but the Grant County series hasn t clicked and actually I only finished this one because I wanted to see how little I could care about the characters Except for a couple of minor players, don t care about any of them.

    16. I think if this book had been written by anyone other than Karin Slaughter it would ve gotten a lower rating, but because she manages to surprise me every time I read one of her books I have to give her credit Grant County isn t as strong as the Will Trent series probably because I love Will Trent himself if I m being honest but I like the grittiness As always, Slaughter delivers a strong mystery that I truly, honestly did not see coming The only real downside came in the form of interpersonal d [...]

    17. When the book starts off, pediatrician and part time medical examiner Sara Linton stops by the police station in her small Georgia town She s dropping off an autopsy report, but she s also hoping to check in with police chief Jeffrey Tolliver, her ex husband and current lover While talking to Jeffrey, two young men rush into the police station and start shooting, killing several officers, wounding others, and taking everyone else hostage Sara realizes almost immediately that this is than a rand [...]

    18. This is essentialy a prequel story within a story that takes place in modern time.In the beginning of their relationship Jeffrey Tolliver took his girlfriend Sara Linton to his hometown Here they get involved in a murder case that will change the nature of their relationship When a second dead body is found Jeffrey Tolliver is faced again by his past and his friendships.In Grant county two men walk into the police station ask for the police chief Tolliver and start killing policemen Sara Linton [...]

    19. This novel in the series was a surprise Having the opportunity to learn about how Chief Tolliver and Sara Linton met and dated was nothing short of intense and was enlightening to say the least Sometimes if you look into the past and history of an individual or in this case, a character, you ll find out why certain attributes are ingrained into these characters and how they became the person they are Phobias, habits, attitudes and notions included I enjoyed this part in the series because I am [...]

    20. For me, only 2 stars This book is a must read if you want to know the details of how Jeffrey and Sara met, and mostly about Jeffrey s past his home life, friends and family I did find some of it interesting I stuck with it for the simple fact I am determined to finish up this series , in order.

    21. a look into Jeffrey and Sara s past how exciting i was always curious to learn about where he grew up and was worried i wouldn t be able to find out this was probably my favorite so far out of the series on to the next

    22. Trigger warnings mass shooting, hostage situation, rape mentions of and flashbacks to , murder, gore, violence, homophobia, PTSD, alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence, child neglect.27 11 2017I was a little hesitant to reread this one after A Faint Cold Fear was such a struggle for me But I was hooked from chapter 1 and sped through this in two days The book begins with Sara going to meet Jeffrey at the police station While she s there, a group of young men burst in and start shooting It ra [...]

    23. Whoa Definitely the best of the Grant County novels so far, perhaps because it has the smallest amount of Lena and much of Jeffrey and Sara Really Jeffrey is the main character, especially in the earlier time line set in his hometown of Sylacauga, Alabama.Slaughter really does an excellent job of mixing mystery, suspense and romance in her Grant County books and she is at the very top of her game in Indelible When the hostage situation started I was annoyed about the sudden time switch to the 1 [...]

    24. 2 1 2 3 StarsThis installment of the Grant County series left me quite disappointed.I was anxious to finally read about the early days of Jeffery Sara s relationship, but the mingled past present storylines ended up being rather dull And the inevitable resolution to both stories were than lacking I have a love hate relationship with Lena throughout this series, and while she had a much smaller role in this book than she has in the previous books, I found myself liking her character now, while [...]

    25. This was a very enjoyable read, but it did take me quite a while to get into the book with the two different stories from the different timelines However once I did get into the book it was well worth it It was good to find out about the backstory of Jeffery and the early days of the Jeffrey and Sara story.

    26. I m finding it hard to rate this one Her writing is almost always a five and this story, in particular, I should rate at least a four star Her plotting, her character development is never less than a five star read I just couldn t get into this one as much It took me forever to finish Even when I liked it the most, I found myself just reading a bit at a time I definitely foresaw the end though, minus one major plot twist And I think maybe just the hillbilly setting is what turned me off some of [...]

    27. Four and a half The thing I like about this series is it s go go go right from page one There s no this is who this person is and this is the back story on that You can learn as you go, and I love that The only complaint I have, and it s a minor one, is that this could have been two books, one of which being a prequel I was into both stories and they were both good, but the switching of gears when it flipped to the other story bothered me a bit because I wanted to know what was going on in the s [...]

    28. This is book 4 in the Grant County series I am reading this series as a read along with a few of my friends I am about one book behind though I will catch up Not enjoying this series as much as the Will Trent series, but definitely worth the read.SynopsisAn officer is shot point blank in the Grant County police station and police chief Jeffrey Tolliver is wounded, setting off a terrifying hostage situation with medical examiner Sara Linton at the center Working outside the station, Lena Adams, n [...]

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