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Lydia Bailey By Kenneth Roberts Lydia Bailey A fascinating thoroughly researched historical novel of Haiti and Africa and the early United States outlining Haitians battle for freedom seen through the eyes of one man This outing features
  • Title: Lydia Bailey
  • Author: Kenneth Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780385042710
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lydia Bailey By Kenneth Roberts A fascinating, thoroughly researched historical novel of Haiti and Africa, and the early United States, outlining Haitians battle for freedom seen through the eyes of one man This 1947 outing features Albion Hamlin, who comes to Boston in 1800 to defend a man accused of violating the Alien and Sedition Act In a whirlwind of action, Hamlin is jailed, then escapes to HaitiA fascinating, thoroughly researched historical novel of Haiti and Africa, and the early United States, outlining Haitians battle for freedom seen through the eyes of one man This 1947 outing features Albion Hamlin, who comes to Boston in 1800 to defend a man accused of violating the Alien and Sedition Act In a whirlwind of action, Hamlin is jailed, then escapes to Haiti in search of his client s daughter, Lydia Bailey, with whom he has fallen in love simply by gazing at her portrait Roberts is known for his historical accuracy, so this should please fans of the genre.
    Lydia Bailey By Kenneth Roberts Lydia Bailey Lydia Bailey Jun , A young Boston lawyer, Albron Hamlin, goes to Haiti in to find Lydia Bailey, whose estate he must settle The island is war torn in the strife between Toussaing L Overture, the black president, and the French who are trying to retake possession of the country. Lydia Bailey by Kenneth Roberts Two or three said Lydia Bailey because it was their first clue that America hadn t always done things honorably Either I already knew that or just didn t find it surprising The novel overs the alien and sedition act and our less than honorable actions in Haiti and Tripoli. Lydia Bailey novel Lydia Bailey, th Century Printer Presbyterian Lydia Bailey registered a formidable eighty two years of age when she retired in , following the death of her son The business she closed was by then an anachronism amidst a city full of printers who had modernized their shops, adopting new technologies, and turning from the apprenticeship system to that of a standard wage model. Lydia Bailey Overview TCM May , lydia bailey Grace L FrankHerman A student of Toussaint L Ouverture and the th century Haitian revolution s impact on the United States I read about LYDIA BAILEY in one of
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    1. Kenneth Roberts

      Kenneth Lewis Roberts December 8, 1885 July 21, 1957 was an American author of historical novels Roberts worked first as a journalist, becoming nationally known for his work with the Saturday Evening Post from 1919 to 1928, and then as a popular novelist Born in Kennebunk, Maine, Roberts specialized in Regionalist historical fiction He often wrote about his native state and its terrain, also depicting other upper New England states and scenes For example, the main characters of Arundel and Rabble in Arms are from Kennebunk then called Arundel , the main character of Northwest Passage is depicted as being from Kittery, Maine with friends in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and the main character in Oliver Wiswell is from Milton, Massachusetts via

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    1. This story takes you on quite a ride There is a romance within its pages but make no mistake this is an adventure story Lots of action and travel The imagery is well crafted, and the characters are highly defined At just over 600 pages, it s long but I had no problem staying with the story Great ride

    2. Slow to start, but a good read of Haiti and the Barbary Coast A bias, understandably, against pissant politicians that stop good people from doing the right things I like the way the Roberts develops his characters.

    3. This historical novel is set in Haiti during the mid 19th century when it was a French colony fighting for independence The novel was well written but brutally descriptive with very violent scenes Very compelling characters with a little romance thrown in made it an entertaining read Thanks to my Grandmother, I have a copy of this 1947 publication on my bookshelf.

    4. I was prepared, early on, to give this a lower rating for some of the racial and gender stereotypes A deeper consideration of this book gives me exactly the opposite view In fact there was a bit of role reversal going on here It was ultimately the portrayal of the character of King Dick, a Sudanese man, that stood out King Dick was portrayed as an indefatigable and strong leader who, through his various connections, his ingenuity, and his worldly intelligence, repeatedly saved the day, as it wer [...]

    5. I discovered Kenneth Roberts many years ago He was a master storyteller who had a gift for turning research into fascinating stories.

    6. I realized pretty quickly that I might have to bail on this one due to racism, and yupde it a little over a hundred pages I was remembering how black characters were treated in Oliver Wistwell, and when it became clear that the main character of this one was headed to Haiti, I kind of knew where we were headed I might have soldiered on regardless, but the first few chapters weren t that great anyway This book has a bad case of as we all know so well disease Right from chapter one, there are char [...]

    7. I saw a news story a few months ago about a man who had checked out this book about 60 years ago from his school library and found it He did the right thing, and returned the book to the library A cute piece for the evening news but when asked about the book, the man remembered it and said it was a good book so I decided to find it and read it myself It is a good book Based on real events of the United States in Haiti and other parts of the world, the protagonist, Albion Hamlin, falls in love wi [...]

    8. Kenneth Roberts is a memorable author he goes through enough detail and adds enough human story that the history and story stay with you But Roberts has that writing magic to make it feel real, as if i was living it, so it stays with me.We should understand the fate of the colonial based colonies and how each struggled for independence and the perils I don t ask myself questions about why Haiti has NO trees on it any, or why the poverty is seemingly unshakeable Roberts helps you live the entire [...]

    9. I have read some of the criticism of this book and it is wholly unjustified The Haitian Revolution was fairly brutal in comparison with other revolutions.The book is a fine effort from a brilliant author When one reads a Kenneth Roberts novel the best friend of the lead character is frequently interesting than the lead As for the book itself King Dick is the real star of the book When the book was written in 1953 the notion of the Black Hero as seen in films much later was not even a concept.Th [...]

    10. descrip The fledgling settlement at the mouth of the Cape Fear is menaced by pirates in this novel set in the early 1700s Blackbeard, working out of his base on Ocracoke Island, hinders the overseas trade that Huguenot refugee Robert Fontaine hopes will bring prosperity to Carolina coast Fontaine s daughter s courtship and marriage to the enterprising David Moray add a romantic element to the novel The action moves back and forth between Europe and points in the New World This is the third nove [...]

    11. This is historical fiction that takes place in New England, Haiti, Spain, and Arabia There is romance, but mostly it s about war.Maybe it s not one of this author s best, but it s very good This was very gruesome and violent, but he was trying to stay historically correct It was because of this revolution in Haiti that Napoleon was unable to attack the U.S as he planned, leading to the Louisiana Purchase

    12. This is historical fiction that takes place in New England, Haiti, Spain, and Arabia There is romance, but mostly it s about war.Maybe it s not one of this author s best I loved his books, Northwest Passage, and The Lively Lady This was far too gruesome and violent for my taste, but I suppose he was trying to stay historically correct The book did make me run to my computer a number of times to Google characters Some I found, some I didn t.

    13. Written in the late 1940s Historical novel set during the revolution in Haiti in the mid 1800s and the Barbary Coast Pirates and rebels and a hero and heroine Seemed to be well researched.Critics say it was too pat and romanticised, but that s why I like writers of that era They tend to take the tough topics without flinching, because they were used to war then makes them end nice Picked it up at the library on a whim simply because of the publication date.

    14. I read this book for the first time when I was in high school How refreshing to go back now and read it with a sophisticated knowledge of time and place I loved it in high school, and with a deeper understanding, I still love it It is a carefully researched historical fiction novel set in the early days of the United States with Haiti and the Barbary Coast as its major settingsa love story, yes, but really an adventure novel Oh my goo ness me my

    15. What a great book On the recommendation of my mother, I decided to read this book and I thought it was fantastic It is very much about the revolution in Haiti but it is also a love story kind of set in that atmosphere Great memorable characters both good and bad come and go and the plot is interesting, moves quickly, and is completely unpredictable I enjoyed it so much, I am seeking out other books by Kenneth Roberts Highly recommended.

    16. I guess I have read this book about 20 times in my life I love it This is one of the big influences on my life This book or maybe I should say, All the works of Kenneth Roberts, define what reading can be.It is good, exciting reading Amazingly researched, no matter where the characters go Honest Non biased.Just read it.

    17. Historical novel of Haiti and Tripoli on the African coast Heavy reading, but history that took me right down into the trenches Some disturbing characters, the Americans were not always the good guys.

    18. I really liked this book It did not end the way I expected it to Surprise Roberts is an excellent writer All of his books are well researched and his descriptions are exceptional I highly recommend this book

    19. I read this book when it first came out and I really enjoyed it In fact I enjoyed it so much I read it twice I had not known in such detail about the pirates of the Barbary coast I learned by this book to enjoy Kenneth Roberts writing so much that I looked for books written by him after that.

    20. Kenneth Roberts is an author known for his historical accuracy I loved the insight into Haitian independence, and the Barbary War on the shores of north Africa in a story of romance and war I m glad to have a copy of this book on my bookshelves.

    21. An excellent historical fiction Haiti, Tripoli and American involvement in both A compelling narrative of the times which was as apropos in 1947 publish date as it is today.

    22. I could not get into this book and abandoned it The copy I had was old and musty Might have played a role in my dislike.

    23. A good, and necessary, reminder that no country is infallible, not even America Also, that people suck Seriously, a great book.

    24. Between the commentary on politics that s still relevant today, the completely relateable characters, and the swashbuckling adventure, this book is amazing.

    25. I LOVED this book rich with history and epic in scope I was carried away and around the world with this one

    26. Have another cover for this, and will upload soon D I m supposedly related to this historical figure I ll have to dig into genealogy to figure all that out.

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