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User Friendly By Spider Robinson User Friendly Spider Robinson has won every major award in the science fiction field with his Heinlein influenced stories This reader friendly chunk of Spider s universe will be heartily welcomed by his many reader
  • Title: User Friendly
  • Author: Spider Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780671878641
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • User Friendly By Spider Robinson Spider Robinson has won every major award in the science fiction field with his Heinlein influenced stories This reader friendly chunk of Spider s universe will be heartily welcomed by his many readers.
    User Friendly By Spider Robinson User friendly Definition of User friendly by Merriam Webster User friendly definition is easy to learn, use, understand, or deal with also agreeable, appealing How to use user friendly in a sentence. USER FRIENDLY meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary user friendly definition If something, especially something related to a computer, is user friendly, it is simple for Learn . User friendly Definition of User friendly at Dictionary User friendly definition, easy to use, operate, understand, etc the most user friendly personal computer now on the market See . User friendly definition and meaning Collins English Sep , If you describe something such as a machine or system as user friendly, you mean that it is well designed and easy to use It is written in simple, user friendly language American English User friendly definition of user friendly by The Free Define user friendly user friendly synonyms, user friendly pronunciation, user friendly translation, English dictionary definition of user friendly adj user friendlier , user friendliest Easy to use or learn to use The public ought to be aware of the complexity of making new tax forms User Friendly Definition Jan , User friendly describes a hardware device or software interface that is easy to use It is friendly to the user, meaning it is not difficult to learn or understand It is friendly to the user, meaning it is not difficult to learn or understand.
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      229 Spider Robinson
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    About "Spider Robinson"

    1. Spider Robinson

      Spider Robinson is an American born Canadian Hugo and Nebula award winning science fiction author He was born in the USA, but chose to live in Canada, and gained citizenship in his adopted country in 2002 Robinson s writing career began in 1972 with a sale to Analog Science Fiction magazine of a story entitled, The Guy With The Eyes His writing proved popular, and his first novel saw print in 1976, Telempath Since then he has averaged a novel or collection a year His most well known stories are the Callahan saloon series.

    811 thoughts on “User Friendly”

    1. A very mixed bag since the stories run from a few wonderful nonfiction essays descend to the depths with a couple of written rap songs After a few lines, I abandoned the last 2 The only rap I have ever managed to listen to for than a few minutes was Rapping with the Duke back in the late 1980s, a parody of John Wayne It was a funny once Both get 1 star.The nonfiction essays were the best There were 4 of them, although the last was a speech ends the book All well done, I ll give them all 4 or 5 [...]

    2. As always, genius, but this may be Robinson s grimmest and bitterest anthology I can best describe it as collection of wildly imaginative and disturbing sci fi stories you know, rape, violence, sociopathic aliens, and the occasional destruction of humanity, the usual stuff , cynical essays, and beatnik style eulogies for those who came before him Perhaps most unnerving is how timely his remarks on society seem, 20 or years later Or perhaps that s a good thing if we re still in the process of de [...]

    3. SF, short stories and essays I didn t know this was a book of short stories when I picked it up, otherwise it d still be at the library, but I d wanted to try something of Robinson s and the cover of this grabbed me a geeky knight burning an old reel to reel mainframe at the stake The first two stories and many of the others deal with rape in one way or another, and not, like, in a sensitive way I don t like it, but I can see what he was trying to do with it, the larger questions he was trying t [...]

    4. Typical Spider I liked it I must admit, I did skip one story It was written entirely in slang, and I am a lazy reader I don t want to work that hard to get to the meat of the story Write it in regular English, and I ll be happy to read it Otherwise this was classic Spider, not quite up to to Callahan standards, but close I ll read anything Spider writes, at least once I didn t realize until I put the book down after finishing it, that the knight on the cover, holding aloft a flaming torch, is ac [...]

    5. User Friendly is funny to the point of being just plain stupid Stupid jokes Stupid puns Stupid And the science fiction is virtually non existent I could barely detect any It s a book of short stories, essays, speeches, and rap Yes, rap That s stupid, in and of itself The essays were the best, I guess User Friendly is reader friendly, but that s about it Lightweight BS Not worth the 2.95 I paid for it, used I feel ripped off Not recommended.

    6. An occasionally self indulgent series of short stories, essays, and transcripts of speeches, this book is cute and cuddly in a way that only Spider seems capable of It s also angry, chiding, and sad But always hopeful I especially recommend the speech he gave on reading in America or possibly on the dumbining of America, depending on how you look at it Flawed, but lovely.Recommended.

    7. This was my least favorite Spider book It just didn t seem to flow and he was trying to be too serious here If you re addicted to the Callahan books, then this one will seem like a jarring change to you It didn t seem to be well planned out and the writing seemed rushed Possibly a contractual obligation

    8. This is the first Spider Robinson I ve ever read The essays actually stuck with me better than most of the short fiction The stories were written well and humorously, but were nothing to sink your literary teeth into I d be interested to read some of his longer work.

    9. Some of the best short stories I ve ever read, by Spider Robinson or other Sometimes of a sci fi bent, sometimes not, these stories usually gift wrap a philosophical, moral, or ethical dilemma in a very tasty plot package Light reading but stays with you long after you re done with it.

    10. Mostly very poor examples of Spider s work It s become quite self referential and repetitive, and the only reason I finished was the hope that some of the spark he demonstrated in his earlier Callahan books and early novels would be repeated It was not the case in ths collection.

    11. Stories, essays, raps, songs, whatever it is is here And they are well done and, since this is Spider Robinson, funny, amazing, smart, and wonderful Thanks for a great collection

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