Halley's Bible Handbook with the New International Version #2020

Halley's Bible Handbook with the New International Version By Henry H. Halley Halley s Bible Handbook with the New International Version Providing an accessible commentary on the Bible this text explores the cultural religious and geographical settings in which the story of the Bible unfolds
  • Title: Halley's Bible Handbook with the New International Version
  • Author: Henry H. Halley
  • ISBN: 9780310259947
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Halley's Bible Handbook with the New International Version By Henry H. Halley Providing an accessible commentary on the Bible, this text explores the cultural, religious and geographical settings in which the story of the Bible unfolds.
    Halley's Bible Handbook with the New International Version By Henry H. Halley
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      355 Henry H. Halley
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    About "Henry H. Halley"

    1. Henry H. Halley

      Dr Henry H Halley was a well respected author, minister, and Bible lecturer, dedicating his life to spreading his passion for Bible study and memorization The original Halley s Bible Handbook grew from small pamphlets about the Bible that he gave away to encourage churches and individuals in Bible study.

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    1. I didn t realize what I was getting into when I started this I had given up secular reading for Lent and intended to read several Christian books during that time But this overwhelmed me and kept me reading far beyond Lent The other books I planned to read are still waiting Halley s Bible Handbook began in 1922 as a 16 page hand printed pamphlet that Henry Halley gave out to encourage people to read and understand the Bible Halley started as a clergyman but was told by his doctor that he had to [...]

    2. This popped up in my Recommendations and I realized I had read it in the 80 s maybe not every word, but I used it quite a bit as a good reference.

    3. I bought this book because it was free in the Kindle store for a spell I m glad I didn t pay anything for it.Overall, my problem with this book is twofold 1 it takes an unquestioning literalist view of the entire Bible, and 2 it demonstrates a severe lack of intellectual curiosity throughout.I maintain that the result is worse than no study guide whatsoever.The fact that Christianity is a broad tent, and that the Bible has been read in various ways over the centuries and today, is lost to Halley [...]

    4. The version of this book I am reviewing is the 24th edition, with the 28th printing in 1978.First, the good 1 Black and white photos of ruins, artifacts, and drawn maps I know many people don t like these old layouts but I think the non colored maps are easy to view They are not hard on my eyes and while modern, geographical colored maps would be nice, these maps are good for general comprehension.2 Incorporated archaeological notes and insights While this book may be dated and it s archaeologic [...]

    5. Excellent reference book very detailed and useful for layman s study or as reference material when preparing for teaching adult Sunday school classes.

    6. Henry Hampton Halley 1874 1965 was born in Kentucky, graduated from Transylvania College and the College of the Bible in 1895, and became a minister associated with Christian Churches in 1898 When he presented his well known Bible Recitals in which he quoted lengthy portions of Scripture and explained them, he would first reveal the historical background and contextual information of each passage People began asking him for some of this information, so he decided to write his own introductory ma [...]

    7. 3 stars Literary Writing 2.5 Use 3.5 Truth 2.5 3.This is an updated version of the first Bible handbook ever published, by a man who loved the Word of God and wanted others to read it It is 1,056 pages of high gloss pages, including good resolution pictures of objects of art, geographical features, buildings, manuscripts, etc In addition to relaying material on the Bible book by book, it has background information and supplementary information taking up about 175 pages.After surveying two other [...]

    8. I have been reading this book all summer I agree with Mr Halley that every well educated person should study the Bible on a regular basis Just the history that is taught in the Bible is a great study in itself The way that the author writes gives me the feeling that he is talking in a down to earth friendly way about this fabulous piece of literature He gives Christians a picture of what the Bible is about from start to finish so that we can see the whole picture of why things happened the way t [...]

    9. I can see how this book made it into my 100 Christian Books That Changed the Century list It seems extraordinarily comprehensive and authoritative, and it prefaces itself with the Bible is the inerring Word of God I have to say I m very pleased that I re read my beginnings of the 100 Christian Books challenge, and I didn t say I d actually READ every page of every book So I wasn t cheating when I whipped through this at a breakneck scan.

    10. While not nearly comprehensive, this Bible Handbook is a fantastic touchpoint for historical and archaeological information pertaining to the Bible It can be a great resource for those looking to expand their contextual knowledge of many New and Old Testament scriptures, and also for those interested in history Each book of the Bible is covered with contextual information, interpretive insights and swathes of factual background I use it fairly frequently.

    11. I used to love this handbook but I ve since found better ones baker illustrated and since finding a better one this sits on the shelf and Often it s very brief contextual and even historical background compared to the Baker is illustrated handbook I have I still like it better than other handbooks I ve looked at so I say it s a three star review.

    12. I learned about who was believed to author the gospels and the rest of the new testament This is a great reference book that descries the modern day area of the land where the disciples and Jesus lived Plenty of histoy is included in this author s writing I will use this book than once and I am glad to have a copy of it when I have questions.

    13. Really it s not bad, though three stars makes it look so, it s just that Unger s Bible Handbook is so much better I was going to give it 2 stars because It was OK better describes my thoughts on the book than I liked it which is what 3 stars stands for, but 2 stars just makes it look worse than my true opinion of the book.

    14. I haven t yet completely read it cover to cover but It is a must have in Bible study Along with a good Bible dictionary and an exhaustive concordance Also a good Bible Atlas is helpful I do wish I had one of those

    15. Supposedly this is taught in seminary courses I was not overly impressed So so survey of the bible but not an overly scholarly treatment I don t understand why this book is as popular as it its.

    16. This was the first commentary I ever read It was a birthday present for my birthday I learned quite a bit about the archaeology being done to understand the Bible better that was included in this book I still have my copy.

    17. Most books are rated related to their usefulness and contributions to my research.Overall, a good book for the researcher and enthusiast.Read for personal research found this book s contents helpful and inspiring number rating relates to the book s contribution to my needs.

    18. This was on my pastor s Book of the Month list on time, and I ve really enjoyed learning context, history, customs, geography and in this compact little treasure

    19. The issue for me is that this is a bit too concise It does provide a broad outline of the biblical storyline, but you will need something comprehensive for any details.

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