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Origins By Angelo Tsanatelis Origins The legend said that the weapon bearers used them to defeat the Gods That when these great warriors vanished and the memory of their actions was forgotten their weapons were lost also Not all of them
  • Title: Origins
  • Author: Angelo Tsanatelis
  • ISBN: 9781458002600
  • Page: 204
  • Format: ebook
  • Origins By Angelo Tsanatelis The legend said that the weapon bearers used them to defeat the Gods That when these great warriors vanished and the memory of their actions was forgotten, their weapons were lost also Not all of them though Some were kept, preserved by men of knowledge It is said that there will be a time when the people will try and use the living swords again, but when that time finThe legend said that the weapon bearers used them to defeat the Gods That when these great warriors vanished and the memory of their actions was forgotten, their weapons were lost also Not all of them though Some were kept, preserved by men of knowledge It is said that there will be a time when the people will try and use the living swords again, but when that time finally comes, one of them will disagree and steal its freedom from the hands of man.A young orphan Philip, accepts the proposal of a mysterious wandering Asian warrior to assist him in his quests, after he promises him fame, wealth and titles But in a world full of dangers and secrets, everyone has his own agenda and the young orphan realizes that if he wants to stay alive, he must learn to wield a Living Sword.Unrated 3rd Edition
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      204 Angelo Tsanatelis
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    About "Angelo Tsanatelis"

    1. Angelo Tsanatelis

      Angelo Aggelos Tsanatelis was born in Athens, Greece on October 24th 1979 He lived for seven years in Bulgaria, where he studied Law at the University of Sofia During his studies he traveled in Europe and Africa, undertaking daring expeditions that no one ever heard about, visited mysterious locations or simply searched for hidden treasures in the most unlikely of places as he quoted himself in a interview in 2012 After he finished his studies he worked in the private sector for several years before he realized his childhood dream and became an author His first novel already many years in the making was Origins, the 1st episode in the Living Sword Chronicles series and it was published in April of 2011 It was followed by the novelette, the Rootless set in the same universe and the sequel to Origins, the Lodge the Tribe He is currently working on Final Colony, a science fiction seriesr info Biography from Wikia

    517 thoughts on “Origins”

    1. A good fast read, with nice characters and lots of action Interesting story overall that keeps you wanting for The ending was a surprise that brought the story at full circle I recommend it.

    2. Well I had great fun reading this one The action is non stop at times and the occasional humor adds to the whole atmosphere well Nice historical setting and the concealed throughout the book back story isn t revealed until the last pages Loved the ending, very rewarding in my eyes I am rooting for a sequel.

    3. A touching tale, with a real life common teen, as a protagonist, thrown into a violent, unforgiving world, from the very first page and asked to swim or die I enjoyed it a lot and I eagerly wait for the sequel to come out Simple, fast reading and funny.

    4. I was pleasantly surprised A good friend recommended it and I was hooked from the first page Great story, a lovable protagonist and an ending that feels like a beginning Thumbs up

    5. A good solid read, that doesn t shy away from difficult subjects nor try to hide its flaws Although it introduces a number of very interesting characters, it doesn t get carried away, but rather stays on the protagonist throughout the story I would prefer it to be longer, but as an introductory novel, it serves its purpose, that is to make the reader want, to read the sequel Sharp like a blade and extremely violent at times, cunningly deceiving, through a number of unrelated incidents, that set [...]

    6. I didn t see the ending coming from a mile and that alone was enough for me to give it five stars, in a sea of books that I can figure out in a heartbeat But then it was really raw at times, thank god I know my way around indie books, extremely violent for my tastes and you have to really wait for any kind of romance to kick in The second chapter changes the pace of the story somewhat, but again everything ends in a sea of blood It has an extremely intriguing, background story though 3.5 stars.

    7. At first I wasn t that impressed, it seemed like a story in the usual fantasy adventure style, a boy first loses everything and must start from scratch So little by little he climbs the social ladder etc I thought yeah okay, so what Well thanks to a friend that had warned me to stick around, I moved, I admit, quickly through this part of the book and then the whole thing changed There is a backstory that slowly kicks in, two villains completely different from each other, and a number of characte [...]

    8. Well I just finished reading it Wow, it was a fast read Good story, with very interesting characters A grant prologue in a way, for the sequels two as I understand that I ve read, are on their final stages I loved the fact that although opened ended, this could serve as a standalone novel But plainly it is not the whole story Maybe a touch too violent, surprisingly romantic in its own way, with some really dubious villains, but you expect as much from a sword and sandal period novel PS The Asian [...]

    9. After some getting used to, with the author s style, I enjoyed it, it was getting better better as it moved along, until the unexpected finale the battle scene at the end of the 1st chapter was epic I ve read the 2nd edition.

    10. I started reading this book over a month back after the insistence of my brother who was entertained reading it Then I forgot about it completely for a couple of weeks and started it again after the end of my classes on my Kindle The book is split into two parts The events of the first part are unfolding mainly in Spain and Portugal and those of the second in Devon, England.The story starts around 965 AD introducing the main character Philip a young orphan boy who in the first pages of the book [...]

    11. I don t say this about many books, but I can t make it through this one It seems every other sentence has a grammar error, and it s just too distracting.

    12. According to Aldiko, I m at the 27th page of a total 160 that this book possesses, and I ve encountered dozens of grammatical mistakes, and improper word uses This writing is dreadfully boring, and sentence construction is headache inducing.Yes, you may think that I m not giving this book a chance but, quite frankly, I m not willing to spend time on something that reads like an inept high schooler s D grade essay The only upside, as far as I can tell, is that I spent only 2 to get this on smashw [...]

    13. A little difficult to follow until I got the hang of the odd translations, but then I got lost again at the end.

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