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One Night By R.J. Scott One Night Liam Wade is facing the biggest change in his life since marrying his best friend Janelle and adopting her daughter Janelle has long since passed on losing the battle to live a few days after her d
  • Title: One Night
  • Author: R.J. Scott
  • ISBN: 9781920501341
  • Page: 246
  • Format: ebook
  • One Night By R.J. Scott Liam Wade is facing the biggest change in his life since marrying his best friend, Janelle, and adopting her daughter Janelle has long since passed on, losing the battle to live a few days after her daughter is born, leaving Liam a father, in need of finding a mother for his daughter Emma He s rich, successful, and Leigh is the perfect, approved, wife for him Before heLiam Wade is facing the biggest change in his life since marrying his best friend, Janelle, and adopting her daughter Janelle has long since passed on, losing the battle to live a few days after her daughter is born, leaving Liam a father, in need of finding a mother for his daughter Emma He s rich, successful, and Leigh is the perfect, approved, wife for him Before he settles down to give his daughter the best family he can, he wants one week away, to think Just to make sure that he can leave half of himself hidden and marry without love, because Liam has one big problem in all of this he s gay.Micah Adamson is the owner of a vineyard in Rochester NY, and has yet to find the partner he knows is out there for him He believes in love and wants forever, and one day he knows he will find his forever man He attends a wine festival in Santa Monica, seven nights in a beautiful hotel on the beach.Liam is looking for a last fling with no holds barred easy sex, booking into a random hotel well away from his overbearing family Micah wants to show Liam affection and understanding and make him see that that love between two men can be forever.One night and everything can change, for both of them.
    One Night By R.J. Scott
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      246 R.J. Scott
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    1. R.J. Scott

      RJ s goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and most importantly, that hint of a happily ever after.RJ Scott is the bestselling author of over one hundred romance books She writes emotional stories of complicated characters, cowboys, millionaire, princes, and the lovers who get mixed up in their lives RJ is known for writing books that always end with a happy ever after She lives just outside London and spends every waking minute she isn t with family either reading or writing.The last time she had a week s break from writing she didn t like it one little bit, and she has yet to meet a bottle of wine she couldn t defeat.

    912 thoughts on “One Night”

    1. Did I miss the point where the MC s fell in love with each other I don t think so there was none.The story even lacked feelings like lust or passion or a storyline that made any sense.Why should Micah fall in love with a whiny man with irrational behaviour like Liam Hard to believe.just my thoughts.

    2. As always RJ s writing was great and engaging, but even with the great writing I couldn t get into this story It started off a little slow for me and once the guys started to get to know each other I thought I would get into but I never did I never warmed up to Liam his inner thoughts were wordy and annoying for me I like Micah a lot but his POV wasn t shown as much When I thought I might warm up to Liam he just let Micah walk away hurt and thinking the worst At this point I was hoping they woul [...]

    3. This was a enjoyable story well to do corporate lawyer, single dad, winemaker, vineyards, meddling in a good way siblings, cute kid, finding life s true purpose, happy ending Liam and Micah meet at a conference and there is instant attraction They spend some time, a meal and one night together I didn t particularly like Liam s response to Micah sexually view spoiler demanding force and to be taken hard hide spoiler and he is obviously very uncomfortable with his own sexuality All Liam knew at th [...]

    4. This is a book that should never have needed to be written I applaud Ms Scott for breaking away from her usual style and writing a story that looks at the internalized homophobia forced on many gay men by society today Liam Wade is definitely a conflicted character and flawed by the intolerance of today s society I also found him to be a man of integrity and class He married his best friend even though she knew Liam was gay to give her and her daughter his name Emma became his main focus after J [...]

    5. This is not a story about falling in love but about the potential of it It is about a man who needs to find himself, stand up for himself and the way he wants to live and the man who, just by showing him how it can be, gave him the final push RJ, writes a story that is interesting, about the way that some gay men have the need or the necessity of being in the closet and the internal struggle that goes on before they come out.If you are looking for a lovey dovey romance, this isn t the book If yo [...]

    6. 2.5 starsEven an author I enjoy reading can sometimes write a book that I don t like It can happen, and this book is one of them Please check my friend, Bubbles s review since he pretty much writes EVERYTHING I want to say about this one His feeling resonates mine I never feel connected with the characters Truth be told, I just skim the book to finish And the one big let down in the end, I feel that Liam is supposed to grovel a LOT, to ask for Micah s forgiveness and to explain things, but he se [...]

    7. I ve read a lot of RJ Scott lately, and I have to say that even though I know the quality of her stories goes from 2 4 stars for me, this story disappointed me.I almost didn t finish it I almost skimmed through it, but made myself read it because I thought there must ve been some redeeming qualities After all I do like most of Scott s work so why not this Well Liam was annoying as hell, most of the time Micah was better, but still not exactly what I like in a character either The story I don t k [...]

    8. This is a sweet story, with an interesting plot a rich guy who is about to get married to give a mother to his daughter takes a one week final break before going straight And he finds gay love However, I felt like the characters and the story were under developed It s like all the main ingredients were there without the spices and the adequate cooking.

    9. 3.5 stars Good m m romance about a deeply closeted guy who s convinced that two men can t have a loving relationship, only a sexual one, so he s engaged to be married to a woman so his adopted daughter will have a stable home.

    10. 2.5 ish stars I liked the idea of this story, and I usually love whatever I read from her, but I didn t really connect with either of the characters at all Maybe it was the length of the book that hurt the reading experience for me, I m not too sure.

    11. Liam and Micah are not your ordinary guys, they are living the life of the beautiful and rich, and their trouble is not how to arrive at the end of the month but even if they have not material issue, feelings are all another matter Micah is comfortable with him being gay, so much that is own relatives, two beloved sisters and a brother in law, are able to joke with him about that, but deep down Micah is lonely, he would like a very normal, very ordinary family like his parents had, like his sist [...]

    12. Hmm this book was very lackluster for me The potential was there because Micah was a very interesting character and his desire for a gentle relationship vs the rough one night stand Liam was looking for endeared me to him However, this book felt extremely rushed and I just didn t feel any relationship building at all I don t want to give anything away but Liam s actions following their tryst just seemed like they weren t driven by emotion at all It seems like his hand was a bit forced and his de [...]

    13. So I think the thing that bummed me out the most about this book is the fact that it could have been pretty good if it had been longer complete Not that it really left me hanging just unsatisfied The way the story ended made the whole thing feel really beyond unrealistic Maybe 100 pages could have stretched it out and made it heartfelt and real I liked both of the characters well enough although Liam was annoying I could imagine with some time and story he could become quite loveable There w [...]

    14. I purchased this novel on the strength of other novels by the same author R J Scott writes romantic fiction in the M M genre, and although I was initially suprised to discover RJ is a woman, a love story is a love story right Regardless of the protagonists sex.This novel did not disappoint I usually end up disappointed by the mojority of Gay fiction Too much gratuitous sex, weak characters, poor story line plot RJ never disappoints Go for it girl I m popping into the Kindle store right now to bu [...]

    15. I adored this book, I love plenty of angst, and RJ provides that especially in Liam, so conflicted and unhappy with whom he is, I really just wanted to wrap him up and tell him it could all be okay, the same with Micah I found this book a very satisfying read, it drew me in and wouldn t let go I highly recommend it, well worth 5 stars

    16. 2.5 This one was just unsatisfying Parts of it were touching, but much of it involves being in one characters head or the other while they ruminate on their lives, and after a while it s a bit dull The tentative beginnings of a relationship are sweet, but there s just not enough of it.

    17. Please leave comments for Josie 5 sweet pea and Recommended Book review at mrsconditreadsbooks index.Why, at the very peak of orgasm, did Micah intrude with gentle kisses and his words of need All Liam knew was at the very end of it, sated and finally sleepy again, he wanted , even though with Micah s clear need for gentleness and affection, the other man s gay was clearly as broken and inappropriate as his ownOne Night by RJ Scott is a rewritten 2nd Edition release It s a beautiful story of two [...]

    18. 4 1 2 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpressMicah is a workaholic who is bullied into taking a vacation conference by his well meaning family Liam is taking a week for himself to be himself and to find himself away from the influence of his family.Liam is positive that the only type of relationship that can happen between two men is hot, hard sex He really does believe that he will never get the type of relationship that he craves and the security and family tha [...]

    19. Micah owns his own vineyard and heads off to the convention for his week alone Liam is loaded but he is escaping Micah is drawn to Liam but he s not ready to just jump into anything either Just as it seems to come together it really falls all apart I like the fact that the story doesn t just make things easy Liam really has shit he needs to deal with and isn t in a position to give Micah what he needs It was interesting to see Liam stretch and grow.

    20. This was a good read but not one that will stick with me as much as RJ s other books I felt a little ripped out emotionally because Micah and Liam didn t really have that OMG I love you moment and I wanted a little of Micah s POV in general Maybe I just needed it to be longer because I did really like both the MCs and the sweet little girl the situation and plot was good, too just needed .

    21. I love RJ Scott s books, nothing like a good HEA to start the day Two men meet, one in the closet and his inexperince he doesn t realize that 2 men can love and live HEA The other man is out but has not found the love he so desires.They meet on the beachd you have to read to find out the rest.

    22. 2.5 stars.I ve liked some of her other works a lot I disliked Liam very very much, he was so, so I don t know how to say it, but I couldn t relate at all.Bubbles says pretty much what I think about it.

    23. One Night by RJ Scott is a delightful story about self discovery It is also the beginning of a promising new relationship between Micah Adamson and Liam Wade To read this review in its entirety, please visit blackravensreviews p

    24. It was so romantic it was slow start but i really got into it, i give it five stars out of five because i think its a steller read.

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