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Dear Hot Dog By Mordicai Gerstein Dear Hot Dog Whether it s slurping up spaghetti or catching some sun at the beach the everyday wonders celebrated in this collection of poems will appeal to young readers Cleverly crafted by Mordicai Gerstein De
  • Title: Dear Hot Dog
  • Author: Mordicai Gerstein
  • ISBN: 9780810997325
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dear Hot Dog By Mordicai Gerstein Whether it s slurping up spaghetti or catching some sun at the beach, the everyday wonders celebrated in this collection of poems will appeal to young readers.Cleverly crafted by Mordicai Gerstein, Dear Hot Dog follows three friends from the time they wake up and brush their teeth to when they snuggle up for bed with their favorite stuffed animal In between playing outsidWhether it s slurping up spaghetti or catching some sun at the beach, the everyday wonders celebrated in this collection of poems will appeal to young readers.Cleverly crafted by Mordicai Gerstein, Dear Hot Dog follows three friends from the time they wake up and brush their teeth to when they snuggle up for bed with their favorite stuffed animal In between playing outside, making crafts, eating their favorite treats, and reading, together they delight in the adventure and magic that each day brings Gerstein s vibrant illustrations and lighthearted verse make Dear Hot Dog a great introduction to poetry for young readers.
    Dear Hot Dog By Mordicai Gerstein
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      Mordicai Gerstein is the author and illustrator of The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, winner of the Caldecott Medal, and has had four books named New York Times Best Illustrated Books of the Year Gerstein was born in Los Angeles in 1935 He remembers being inspired as a child by images of fine art, which his mother cut out of Life magazine, and by children s books from the library I looked at Rembrandt and Superman, Matisse and Bugs Bunny, and began to make my own pictures He attended Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, and then got a job in an animated cartoon studio that sent him to New York, where he designed characters and thought up ideas for TV commercials When a writer named Elizabeth Levy asked him to illustrate a humorous mystery story about two girls and a dog, his book career began, and soon he moved on to writing as well as illustrating I m still surprised to be an author, he says I wonder what I ll write next Gerstein lives in Westhampton, Massachusettscmillan author mordic

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    1. Dear Hot Dog is a collection of poems about everyday stuff Gerstein s book celebrates everyday normal items from toothbrushes to hot dogs to books themselves What makes Gerstein s book unique is the child like perspective that permeates throughout each poem, making it a great read for both parent and child alike Parents will re discover the wonder and appreciation of everyday things, while kids will share in the enthusiasm and discovery of new items they see and use in their everyday life.Also a [...]

    2. Summary In this skillfully crafted collection of poems about everyday stuff , readers can follow three friends through a myriad of daily doings Whether they are eating breakfast, flying kites, or swimming these kids question, observe, and discover as they take part in their own daily adventures from morning til night The beautiful illustrations and silly images these poems produce will make this book an easy favorite for children Because of the complex rhythm and lack of rhyme in these poems, th [...]

    3. This picture book contains poems about everyday objects that three friends encounter throughout their day I love this book I was smiling the whole time I was reading it Gerstein cleverly personifies pants and toes through his plays on words and riddles Colorful illustrations light up the pages of this already colorful book With every turning page comes another laugh, another clever display of writing The audience for Dear Hot Dog is children ages 6 9 I would use this book for a read aloud The ch [...]

    4. Poetry This was a great poetry book There is quite the selection of poems, all about ordinary things like leaves, ice cream, and socks The craft of putting words all over the page in coordination with the images is awesome.

    5. A great collection of poems about everyday objects that kids will definitely connect to Some poems are stronger than others, but there is a nice variety and they would make wonderful mentor texts.

    6. Poems, 2011 This book is a showcase of poems from everyday, relatively ordinary stuff Things such as cups, refrigerators, and yes, hot dogs Kids will enjoy how short, silly, and simple these are.

    7. This poetry collection by Mordicai Gerstein contains odes to the components of a child s world Articles of clothing, the elements, food, household objects, and weather are all represented in these free verse poems accompanied by colorful acrylic paintings.I think the poetry speaks best for itself, so I ll share just a few of my favorite excerpts below From Toothbrush I give you toothpastefor breakfast,mint,your favorite flavor.Then you go to workin the foamy, pink,cave of my mouth,scouring and s [...]

    8. Folks who think that poetry must be written about nature, love or philosophy will be in for a surprise with this book with its 22 poems inspired by ordinary everydat experiences The poem titles themselves are brief, one or two words, and the author ponders the daily experiences of a toothbrush in Toothbrush, the joy of warm socks on a winter s day in Socks, the comfort of imagining adventures while tucked safely inside on a rainy day in Rain, and the utter delight of devouring spaghetti in Spagh [...]

    9. Three friends spend a whole day thinking about their daily lives in the form of poems From brushing teeth in the morning to playing, eating and sleeping again, they will inspire young readers to think in new ways.A curriculum connection for this book would be to use it in an introductory English unit on poetry as an example of non rhyming poems.Some of these poems I liked than others But they all seemed to be from an authentic child like voice and I will say, the ones I liked I really liked I l [...]

    10. Gerstein s latest book is a celebration of the commonplace in childhood The poems are all written from the child s perspective and focus on everyday objects and activities as three children progress through their day Most of the individual poems feature personification as the child narrator speaks directly to the subject while a few express the child s joy and wonder at the subject without personifying it, and teachers will find it a good tool for helping children understand the poetic device Ma [...]

    11. As the tells us, this poetry text is about everyday stuff It follows three young friends through their day and details their fascination and appreciation for different common things in their lives From feet, and toothbrushes to pillows and spaghetti, you will be delighted to read this poetry by a Caldecott medal winner Many of the poems tucked in, on, and around the illustrations have clever structures, such as the Summer Sun versed in the rays of the sun, or the style of the personified Scissor [...]

    12. This book is about what you do everyday or most days this book describes everyday things such as Toothbrush, pants, toes, socks, shoes, cups, bowls, kites, air, water, summer sun, hot dogs, ice cream cones, leaves, rain, books, crayons, scissors, spaghetti, bears, light and pillows I goes through three kids and it takes about the different ways these items are used Read this great book and you will to learn a new use for something in the book Gerstein, M 2011 Dear hot dog New York Abrams Books f [...]

    13. Poetry about everyday things toothbrush, rain, hot dogs, socks, shoes, toes, bowls, spoonsThe list is endless It is great that all of the things in the story are things that children are familiar with and will understand This will make the figurative language that much easier to understand as well A GREAT poetry selection The artwork that is with the poetry provides greater depth to the book A GREAT SELECTION THAT KIDS WILL UNDERSTAND AND WANT TO READ I would give it 4.5 if I could.

    14. I really didn t like this book Something about his imagery gave me the creeps Example, from the very first poem, about toothpaste you go to work in the foamy, pink cave of my mouth Umoss Seriously The endings of several other poems seemed very abrupt, like they didn t fit They just seemed to be tacked on to the end Let me be clear, though it takes a lot for me to like a book of poetry A lot Must make me laugh out loud or tear up, pretty much, or I m just not impressed And here, I was than not i [...]

    15. I am not much of one for poetry, so I m not the best judge there Some clicked with me and some did not My favorite was the hot dog poem The best part for me was taking sometimes taking ordinary things and showing a slightly different perspective It made the book fun I think the book works well as a Beehive nominee, though I wonder how kids will respond to it Will they just see the fun twist of the poems subjects, or will they get a little lost bored with some poems that get a bit wordy and lose [...]

    16. Poetry about things that kids know like their toes and hot dogs Does every poem work for me, educated adult reader No But that s fine this book is great for what it does introduce kids to the imagination and creativity of poetry in an accessible way and adds childlike observations like You re nothing like worms in an ode to spaghetti Books is my favorite poem in the book, of course.

    17. This selection of poetry for children is both enjoyable and educational It provides students with different types of poetry and it does so using subjects that children can relate to i.e shoes, socks, kite, sun, hot dog, etc The illustrations, which resemble sketches with their interesting use of line, nicely compliment the text.

    18. I enjoyed the simplicity of this book, but not the details.It is a collection of poems about a simple subject like Hot Dogs, the suns, shoes etcSome are better than others, so it has the ability to appeal to a wide range of interests I also didn t enjoy the weird sketch artwork I feel it is too busy and draws unwanted attention

    19. I kept avoiding this one because it s poetry Why do I keep avoiding poetry This one is brilliant I love the illustrations, but the poems themselves are just genius, addressed to everyday household objects like toothbrushes and socks, as well as things in nature like leaves and the sun and light They re funny, so kids will like them So much fun.

    20. A collection of poetry written about everyday objects life feet, a bowl, and crayons Younger readers will enjoy a read aloud of the poems and Gerstein s quirky appreciation A good addition to a strong and varied poetry collection While this title has the potential to be a fun teaching tool, I don t see it being a popular choice for independent reading.

    21. Dear Hot Dog is the perfect book to use in a classroom to introduce poetry to students It makes poems out of everyday objects and activities and would be fun for students to read, because they would be able to see the poetry in their everyday lives I would read this book to my students and then have them write their own poem about something that happens in their lives.

    22. I liked some than others but on the whole this was a great book of poetry that kids will enjoy.Because come on It s July Haven t we all had or at least craved that perfect hot dog Or on the other end of the spectrum experienced the joy of fuzzy socks on a cold winter day

    23. Copyright 2011This books is full of single and double page layouts containing different poems It is very kid friendly about clothing, food and objects Some poems are displayed in unique ways One poem is about the sun and the poem lines are shaped into a sun, with the verses being the rays.

    24. I admit I don t know much about poetry, but it doesn t seems like the poems in this book should be called poems Maybe with the exception of a few, many of the poems didn t seem to rhyme or have a poetic flow.

    25. Love it I am going to use it for students who are studying poetry It is great for visualizing The students can guess what object the poem is about Many of them don t say the actual object in the poem It should be fun.

    26. Lovely poems about everyday things a child encounters toothbrush, socks, air, spaghetti, etc I was hooked with the first poem about a toothbrush All night dozing in your holder you wait for for me I give you toothpaste for breakfast, mint, your favorite flavor Sigh Pretty AND fun

    27. Great book of poetry about every day items and experiences such as toes, spaghetti, hot dogs, the treasures in one s pockets This book inspired last night s dinner of buttered noodles with freshly grated parmesan reggiano He loves it.

    28. Very cute book of poems that can be used either for a fun, silly poem of the day in a classroom, or to use when talking to younger students about the different kinds of poetry I really enjoyed this book and all the silly poems.

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