Una luz en la ventana #2020

Una luz en la ventana By Christina Dodd Una luz en la ventana Lady Saura Roget lleva una vida de servidumbre total su patrimonio es controlado por su padrastro un hombre sin escr pulos hasta que es enviada al castillo de Sir William de Miraval un caballero que
  • Title: Una luz en la ventana
  • Author: Christina Dodd
  • ISBN: 9788492916047
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • Una luz en la ventana By Christina Dodd Lady Saura Roget lleva una vida de servidumbre total su patrimonio es controlado por su padrastro, un hombre sin escr pulos hasta que es enviada al castillo de Sir William de Miraval, un caballero que anta o hab a jurado vivir y morir guerreando hasta que su mundo se vio envuelto en una agonizante oscuridad.A partir de ese momento la dama y el guerrero sucumbir n a una aLady Saura Roget lleva una vida de servidumbre total su patrimonio es controlado por su padrastro, un hombre sin escr pulos hasta que es enviada al castillo de Sir William de Miraval, un caballero que anta o hab a jurado vivir y morir guerreando hasta que su mundo se vio envuelto en una agonizante oscuridad.A partir de ese momento la dama y el guerrero sucumbir n a una ardiente pasi n pero el peligro se cierne sobre ellos m s all de las paredes del castillo y muy pronto ambos se ver n luchando por sus propias vidas, del mismo modo en que se rendir n a un incomparable amor.
    Una luz en la ventana By Christina Dodd
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    1. Madre del amor hermoso por fin he terminado de leer este libro, me ha costado la vida No me ha gustado nada, es que no habido nada que pueda salvar Bueno si, el perro de la familia.Es lo nico que me ha gustado y ha resultado ser lo mejor de ah , por que por lo dem s, telitaLos personajes de esta historia no sabes por donde cogerlo, tanto l como ella dejan mucho que desear, la historia me ha parecido surrealista Luego hab a frases que te dejaba con las patas colgando, hay partes que te explican u [...]

    2. Could you imagine being blind in the medieval times That s the theme around whichChristina Dodd composes her greatCandle in the Window I enjoyed the fresh perspective, its unique characters and the challenges they have to weather It s a romance, a mystery and a thriller all in one I also appreciated reading, even if superficially, about that difficult period of England s history.Lady Saura de Roget was born blind and during her young life has struggled for independence despite her drawbacks, wit [...]

    3. I liked this one I didn t see any rape scenes at all in this so am not sure where some readers are coming from I enjoyed all of this esp the hero being besotted with the heroine before she knew her feelings This is pretty opposite to what most histmances do where the man is always the last to discover he is in love.The chemistry was good and the heroine being blind worked really well The only clanger for me was that sometimes Saura was confident and other times she was supposedly insecure about [...]

    4. RetoRita 17Fail No digo que la autora no haya hecho un buen trabajo, pero no me ha atrapado en ning n momento Ni los protagonistas ni la historia No puedo decir otra cosa.

    5. 6 del RetoRita La peor novela que he le do de esta autora y llevo 11, aunque solo 3 del subg nero medieval La disculpo porque es la primera que public , a pesar de que aqu nos lleg de las ltimas, 19 a os despu s de recibir el premio RITA a la Mejor Primera Novela, y creo que le hizo un flaco favor la publicaci n tard a, no el premio , pues he visto que, despu s de 3 m s tambi n de sus primeros escritos dejaron de traducirla y no me extra a Deduzco que no ten an el nivel de lo que escribi despu s [...]

    6. No he le do muchos libros de esta autora, pero recordaba bastante bien uno que tambi n se ambientaba en el medievo y que no me hab a convencido, aun as decid darle una oportunidad a esta novela.Una luz en la ventana se toma en serio su ambientaci n medieval y Christina Dodd es una autora que se preocupa por esto, algo que admiro, a pesar de que he encontrado expresiones bastante particulares que no puedo estar segura que se dijesen en la poca, como Dientes de Dios porque solo las he visto en est [...]

    7. Me he animado a darle las 5 estrellas pese a que dista mucho de ser perfecto, pero ha sido un libro con el que he disfrutado toda la lectura Hab a le do 3 o 4 libros antes de Christina Dodd, pero ninguno me hab a llenado o enganchado como lo ha hecho ste Pese a que es un libro larguete se lee bastante r pido, y tiene una prosa sencilla y amena, con mucho di logo El gran punto fuerte han sido sus protagonistas, sus dos grandes protagonistas, no s cu l de ellos me ha gustado m s Lady Saura, pese a [...]

    8. RetoritaCreo que ste libro lo ten a que haber le do en otro momento.Tengo esa sensaci n de que no he sacado provecho de la lectura Los personajes principales han sido bastante buenos Con comentarios muy realistas, teniendo en cuenta la poca, aunque te chirriaban los dientes cuando lo le as alguna que otra cosa.En cuanto a la descripci n, muy detallada y completa, si eres de ste tipo de lectura te gustar , que a m me pesaba Ha habido momentos que he adelantado cap tulos enteros y cuando comenzaba [...]

    9. De 2 a 2,5 estrellas para mi ltima lectura del retorita Tengo que meditar por qu no soy capaz de darle m s puntuaci n Me ha costado mucho terminarla, no consegu a que la historia me gustara, a pesar de que la primera parte ha estado bien, con dos personajes de fuertes convicciones que chocan en un momento determinado y cuya relaci n se ha llevado todo mi inter s Despu s se me ha hecho cuesta arriba, no encajaba con la trama, con la manera de relacionarse de los protagonistas y con la resoluci n [...]

    10. Me han hablado muy bien de el, aunque me han dicho un par de cosas que no s si coinciden con la sinopsis me lo apunto porque lo que me dijeron me llam mucho la atenci n

    11. 3.5 stars, rounded upI really do enjoy medieval romances, the highland men warriors are of so deliciously big, muscular, and masculine But then turn into putty at the hands of the heroines Love that I would say that William is the standard medieval hero we love to love a big, strong man with a bit of a temper that is never misplaced or abusive He s intelligent, clever, insightful, skillful if not the best as a warrior, rich, powerful, and loves his family and is good with children, absolutely ad [...]

    12. Mmmm este creo que va a ser un NO Como sospechaba finalmente el libro no me gust No puedo precisar que fue porque el contexto hist rico est bien ilustrado, los di logos son giles y los personajes bien armados Pero no logr conectarme con ellos Con Saura especialmente, porque William me gust un poco m s Pero ella no me lleg al coraz n La Edad Media no es lo m o

    13. Candle in the Window by Christina Dodd is a mixed bag that ultimately is a failure as a book The first half of the book is a delight to read Dodd masterfully adds historic facts from the earliest English history to her tale, giving a reader the feeling that the characters are not just in a historic setting, but living the history Her characters are mostly simple, not drawing much depth and thus little attention from the reader that, is, until we meet Lady Saura of Roget Saura is a wonderful char [...]

    14. 1100 s England j 100 years after Norman invations, unrest dawning of Prince Henry Lady Saura blind since birth, raised and loved by her mother s lady who serves as her hands and eyes now that she is 19 loved by her mother, who expected and provided for her to live normally, to run in the sunshine, and trained her to run the castle and her holdings her 5 half brothers loved her and were raised to protect her and her evil stepfather abused her emotionally and sometimes physically, lusting after he [...]

    15. Parte de una idea muy interesante y cae rodando por una pendiente muy inclinada de t picos muy sobados y unos errores muy b sicos que, aunque sean de una primera novela, un lector podr a medianamente espabilado lo puede ver Lo siento, pero ni para premio, ni para ser publicado Es un fail en toda regla, 500 paginas de la m s absoluta nada Infantil en muchos puntos, no soy capaz de rescatar ni un solo personaje Una l stima toda esa documentaci n, porque como digo la idea me hab a gustado.

    16. Interesting Medieval with a Blind HeroineSet in England in 1153 at the time when Stephen was King of England and Matilda s son Henry vied with him for the throne, this is the story of Lady Saura de Roget, a wellborn but blind heiress who has learned to use her abilities despite the lack of sight When Roger de Miraval happens to see how well she runs her stepfather s castle, he sees her as the solution to his son s blindness caused by a battle injury Sir William de Miraval is wallowing in self pi [...]

    17. Una novela ligera, amena y muy f cil de leer William es un hombre que a causa de su ceguera en la primera parte del libro, es todo lo contrario a lo que sol a ser Es hura o, tosco y no parece que le importa nada ni nadie Solo quiere estar encerrado en si mismo y olvidar que ahora es un in til Saura, por el contrario, es una mujer que ha vivido con esa discapacidad desde que puede recordar, pero que no le ha hecho deprimirse, todo lo contrario Maneja el castillo que fuera de sus padres como si re [...]

    18. Well, sorry, that book started okay, but just got stupider and stupider as it went along till I couldn t stand it any Did not finish view spoiler Okay, one thing that absolute bugged the crap out of me in this book was that on her wedding day the heroine decided to go no underwear under her finery as only ther hero would know and it would turn him on, and the hero realised that and kind of got upset about it and told her to go put things on under her dress because he didn t want anyone seeing an [...]

    19. Christina Dodd is one of my go to authors I love her writing, although I admit that her older stuff is not usually what I read Candle in the Window is the story of Lady Saura and Sir William During battle William is injured, losing his sight William s father comes to Saura asking her to come help William Blinded since birth, Saura understands William s unwillingness to accept his new blindness and agrees to help When she arrives William is beyond surley He s unkept and unkind He barks at anyone [...]

    20. I would have given this book 4 or 5 stars if the story hadn t seemed to drag towards the end It s about 100 pages longer than The Runaway Princess which I also just read and I don t think it needed to be The plot is wonderful with the exception of the nepharious plan to destroy the hero, which I think took too many pages to resolve I realize the author wanted twists and turns in the story but to me it was like a car chase in a movie that lasts too long.The relationship between the two lead chara [...]

    21. When William is blinded in battle his father brings home a self sufficient young woman who been abused by her stepfather for her blindness and lusted after for her beauty She brings William out of his sulks but soon there are devious plots afoot that put them both in danger I enjoyed the book very much but if was pretty lengthy I loved all the historical detail and the warmth and humor in many parts It almost made me tear up in parts but not quite so I couldn t give it 5 stars Overall, I look fo [...]

    22. Fresh perspective and characters with unique challenges I was glad I delved into a romance set in a much earlier time Gracefully done a pleasure to read.

    23. I read this when I was young and thought I liked it I have been trying to re read it can t really get past the 50% mark this book didn t age well for me.

    24. Le este libro hace ya tiempo, pero de l recuerdo varias cosas La primera, que me gust la idea general La trama, al leer el argumento y algunas rese as que me contaron un poco m s de la historia, me pareci novedosa dentro del marco del romance hist rico medieval Dos protagonistas at picos, con una ceguera vista desde dos posiciones la de quien lo acepta e intenta hacer una vida m s o menos normal, y la de quien rechaza su condici n y lucha contra ella Por todo eso, unido a que este libro recibi e [...]

    25. This wasn t bad, but the characters really got on my nerves, the heroine in particular Saura was really stubborn, and seemed to change her mind about things really quickly Plus, I hated how worthless she felt I get insecurities, but that was just ridiculous I liked how she stood up for herself though, and she knew how to do things on her own The hero, William, was interesting I was intrigued by the premise of having two blind main characters, and I found his journey a bit unsatisfying, but he wa [...]

    26. I can t finish it really I liked the first half if it but as I was in the middle I started to get boring for me idk what makes me feel bored but I did and I really feel sorry bout it, I liked her other books and I really tried to continue reading this one but I always drop it after 2 or 3 pages T T

    27. Overall Rating 4.05 Action 3.0 Emotion 3.5 Romance 3.5 Sensuous 1.5 Suspense 3.5 Historical Flavor 4.5 Laughter 1 Grins 2 Tears 2 Teary 1Candle In The Window 4.05 Although this was not the most exciting and emotionally touching medieval romance, Candle In The Window, was a very enjoyable read that never let the reader s interest waver.Hero 4.0 Sir William of Miraval Even though Dodd failed to give William a multitude of layers to his personality, loved that this big, loud, handsome, very alpha c [...]

    28. An excellent read.There are no raping scenes in this book just one besotted knight and a blind lady.This is one of my favorites by this author I just love these two His dad and Maude are a hoot, her half brothers are amazing, his son is sweet, and Bula is a charmer.Saura maybe blind and beautiful but she is also brave and caring I like how she does not let her blindness stop her from achieving things She does carry an emotional scar of low self worth in believing that no man would want her.Willi [...]

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