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Mussolini By Richard J.B. Bosworth Mussolini Bosworth s Mussolini allows us to come closer than ever before to an understanding of the life and actions of the dictator and of the political world and society within which he operated This biograph
  • Title: Mussolini
  • Author: Richard J.B. Bosworth
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  • Mussolini By Richard J.B. Bosworth Bosworth s Mussolini allows us to come closer than ever before to an understanding of the life and actions of the dictator and of the political world and society within which he operated This biography paints a picture of brutality and failure in governance with insight into Mussolini as a human being shaped by the particular patterns of Italian society which were so vastBosworth s Mussolini allows us to come closer than ever before to an understanding of the life and actions of the dictator and of the political world and society within which he operated This biography paints a picture of brutality and failure in governance with insight into Mussolini as a human being shaped by the particular patterns of Italian society which were so vastly different from Axis partners Germany and Japan.Mussolini was a brutal tyrant who added untold numbers to the dead of war torn Europe but we cannot understand his regime by equating it with Hitler or Stalin His life began modestly in the provinces and he maintained a traditional family life for a man of his time including both a wife and mistresses He sought in his way to be an intellectual but was capable of cruelty and was a racist with the consistency and vigor which would have made him a good recruit for the SS He sought an empire but, for the most part, was of an old fashioned nineteenth century despot not a racial or ideological imperium.His end came in 1945 in the closing days of World War II Disguised in German greatcoat and helmet, Mussolini attempted to escape from the advancing Allied armies but was stopped by partisans who recognized his features, made so familiar by Fascist propaganda which eventually gave him away, and within 24 hours he was publicly executed.
    Mussolini By Richard J.B. Bosworth Benito Mussolini Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini Italian be ni to musso li ni July April was an Italian politician and journalist who was the leader of the National Fascist Party. Benito Mussolini Biography, Facts Death HISTORY Mar , Benito Mussolini was an Italian political leader who became the fascist dictator of Italy from to Originally a revolutionary socialist, he forged the paramilitary fascist movement in Benito Mussolini Biography, Definition, Facts, Rise Benito Mussolini, in full Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini, byname Il Duce Italian The Leader , born July , , Predappio, Italy died April , , near Dongo , Italian prime minister and the first of th century Europe s fascist dictators. Benito Mussolini Quotes, Facts Death Biography Jan , Mussolini was born on July , , in Italy His father, Alessandro, was a blacksmith and an impassioned socialist who spent much of his time on Benito Mussolini Role in World War II Britannica Mussolini watched the progress of Hitler s war with bitterness and alarm, becoming and bellicose with each fresh German victory, while frequently expressing hope that the Germans would be slowed down or would meet with some reverse that would satisfy his personal envy and give Italy breathing space. Benito Mussolini The Holocaust Encyclopedia Benito Mussolini was an Italian nationalist and the founder of Italian Fascism He ruled Italy from as Prime Minister, and from as il Duce, the Fascist dictator M Biography of Benito Mussolini, Italian Fascist Dictator Biography of Benito Mussolini, Fascist Dictator of Italy Benito Mussolini July , April , served as Italy s th prime minister from to As a close ally of Adolf Hitler during World War II, he is considered a central figure in the birth of European fascism. Things You May Not Know About Mussolini HISTORY Feb , Mussolini was a socialist before becoming a fascist Born to a socialist father, Mussolini was named after leftist Mexican President Benito Jurez His This Rare Photo Captures The Moment Benito Mussolini Died On April , , Benito Mussolini the fascist Il Duce of Italy during WWII was cornered by communist partisans in northern Italy The day before, on April , Mussolini had finally seen the writing on the wall the fall of Hitler s regime to Allied forces was imminent, and his hold over northern Italy was loosening by the minute. Death of Benito Mussolini Benito Mussolini Walter Audisio, the Italian partisan who claimed to have shot him.
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      Richard J B Bosworth is an Australian historian and author, and a leading expert on Fascist Italy.

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    1. Mussolini has always been a puzzle for me and after reading this book he remains a puzzle This is not the fault of the author but of the man who seems to have been a puzzle to himself Mussolini was an arrogant pseudo intellectual who employed demagoguery and flattery to obtain and keep power Once he had it, though, he was in way over his head.Bosworth does a good job describing how Italy ended up in the miserable situation of aiding Nazi Germany The Fascists were by no means natural allies to th [...]

    2. A biography of a thug very analytical and detailed about his rise and fall Could have used information about public opinion in Italy during the time period, but a worthy and well done book nonetheless.

    3. I ve wanted to read a biography of Mussolini for a while, and this one is very good A reviewer quote on the cover describes it as lucid, elegant, and a pleasure to read, and I d have to agree It s somewhat literary than some biographies, and as a result doesn t always cover the historical context as well as one might like the author s description of the March on Rome, for example, is extremely brief despite it s significance for Mussolini s rise In this way it s not like many Hitler biographies [...]

    4. This is a complex book about a complex man who ultimately wound up on the losing side of history He had a Jewish mistress and yet drifted into an Alliance with Hitler He was an atheist and yet reached a deal with the Pope whereby the Roman Catholic Church acquired a state in exchange for end to the catholic boycott of elections He was by instincts in favour of the rights of the working man yet progressively became closer to Italy s large industrialists He was an intellectual who wrote books and [...]

    5. A recent visit to Milan just exposed how little I knew about Il Duce In the past I ve studied the Second World War, but The Third Reich and Hitler are by far the dominant presence in most books, with Mussolini and Italy just a side note.RJB Bosworth s one volume biography is extraordinary in its clarity It examines Benito s life and actions not only in the context of the tumultuous world around him, but what went before and what emerged afterwards Mussolini with after all trying to create a new [...]

    6. RJ Bosworth makes an interesting attempt at writing a positive biography of Mussolini This book does a decent job of summarizing parts of the Duce s life but does jump around quite a bit Many of the things that make this book useful are in relation to how it reacts to other biographies and accounts of Mussolini Bosworth glazes over many of the foreign policy decisions which are where so many other biographies are highly critical of Mussolini It is noteworthy to try and write a biography that put [...]

    7. I decided to read this book after a trip to Italy, because I realized I knew nothing about the man Il Duce who sparked the Fascist movement and led his country into World War 2 as an Axis power His charisma and ability to inspire people was unrivaled, and he was admired by Hitler and other leaders long before the Nazis stormed the political scene However, his vision for Italy was ambiguous and planning was not one of his strong traits He ultimately led his country to ruin, instead of transformin [...]

    8. So boring Made it merely 200 pages in after two weeks reading Today I threw the book in the air and asked myself why the fuck I m reading so masochistically Bosworth assumes you already have a very good knowledge of Italian early 20th century politics He also branches off on random figures at will and rather annoyingly He doesn t tell the Mussolini story well at all It reads like one long scholarly article rather than a biography The author has a strong bias towards Mussolini This is one of thos [...]

    9. The book is full of interesting facts and details about the Duce I never knew about Yet, sometimes the author s narrative is overloaded with details which distract the reader from the main story and require a very good understanding of Italy s history and politics of the time in other words, Bosworth s book is not self sufficient to comprehend the Fascist s period in Italy s history In my opinion, the author s description of the Italian Social Republic RSI is extremely short The book would have [...]

    10. It certainly appears definitive, but also rather disappointing, perhaps because Mussolini turns out to be not nearly as dramatic a figure as he presented to the world stage Bosworth presents him as kind of a failed intellectual, little brother to Hitler, who resigned himself to joining WWII He does not come across in the same league as the dictators he is often mentioned with This is an extremely balanced view of what seems to be a rather misunderstood figure.The book fails at times to remain in [...]

    11. I knew little about Mussolini but was interested in making him come alive after reading the wonderful book, European Journey by Philip Gibbs This book paints a complex portrait, a person I could recognize, fully human, with deep and dark passions that could be channeled to achieve his dreams of relevance in a world where nations could be still be moved toward one of the great ideologies This book allows you to see the Duce as Italy saw him, but to also see the doubts, fears, confusion and vulner [...]

    12. Sadly, the author of the book is greatly biased in narrating the story of Mussolini In every chapter he shifts from the main idea and moves to talking about topics that have no relation with the chapter other than to create and nourish this biased image of the Duce that he wants us to know of.

    13. Interesting, but the last chapter didn t seem to have been edited well if at all Sentences repeated, etc And for an older reader, the type is awfully small It took me so lng to read partly because I couldn t read for long at a time.

    14. probably the best biography of mussolini out there readable though i did skip some parts to get to the parts i cared about but we had a week to read each book and its accompanying texts, and so i went back and read this completely over spring break nerdy yes worth it totally.

    15. The book doesn t work as a biography Mussolini is inaccessible as a person That being said Bosworth does create a very nuanced view of the times that drove Mussolini and the fascists to power and ultimately destroyed them

    16. This is pretty much the work that Bosworth has been building up to his entire life, and it doesn t disappoint A fascinating look at the man who embodied many of the most contradictory aspects of 20th century politics.

    17. turns out Mussolini had a problem with stabbing people Already three stabbing incidents, and I m only sixty pages in Twice is unfortunate, three isetty stabby Hm.

    18. Always on the look out for good historical biographies for myself, my dad, father in law and husband We all like WWII so this might make a good gift for someone that we could all share.

    19. Good read, however a decent background in Italian Fascism is needed for a complete appreciation of the text.

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