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Majestic By Whitley Strieber Majestic It is time for the truth to be told On July something crashed in the desert outside of Roswell New Mexico An explosion of light and sound made the sheep wail the chickens squawk and the chi
  • Title: Majestic
  • Author: Whitley Strieber
  • ISBN: 9780425122952
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • Majestic By Whitley Strieber It is time for the truth to be told On July 2, 1947 something crashed in the desert outside of Roswell, New Mexico An explosion of light and sound made the sheep wail, the chickens squawk, and the children scream And then the ranchers heard a noise they thought could only have come from the devil himself.For forty years, Majestic Agency director Wilfred Stone helpedIt is time for the truth to be told On July 2, 1947 something crashed in the desert outside of Roswell, New Mexico An explosion of light and sound made the sheep wail, the chickens squawk, and the children scream And then the ranchers heard a noise they thought could only have come from the devil himself.For forty years, Majestic Agency director Wilfred Stone helped the CIA pretend the landing never happened Then his conscience got the better of him.This is the real story, told to reporter Nicholas A Duke by the guilt racked shell of the man who once worked tirelessly to cover it all up It is a truth so terrifying that Whitley Strieber had to call it fiction.
    Majestic By Whitley Strieber
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      190 Whitley Strieber
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    1. Whitley Strieber

      American writer best known for his horror novels The Wolfen and The Hunger and for Communion, a non fiction description of his experiences with apparent alien contact He has recently made significant advances in understanding this phenomenon, and has published his new discoveries in Solving the Communion Enigma.Strieber also co authored The Coming Global Superstorm with Art Bell, which inspired the blockbuster film about sudden climate change, The Day After Tomorrow.

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    1. Well I finally got to read the book MAJESTIC by Whitley Srtriber.It is a mostly fiction factual account of the Rosewell Crash in 1947 To me, this book was one of the scariest books I have ever read It scared me into horrible nightmares a couple of times Be that as it may, it was really well written and easy to follow It was very descriptive of the Rancher and his family, and the night out there in New Mexico desert where this event occured Also of all the other Military and non military people i [...]

    2. I kinda expected this to be a lot like the Steven Spielberg miniseries Taken but it is so its own thing Took me a while to get into it, but once it got going I was hooked.Strieber has a talent for cooking up truly horrifying, unforgettable scenarios They stay with you long after you read them.I d also like to add one thing One of the coolest things about Whitley Strieber is that he leaves the idea of the visitors open to interpretation Are they aliens Are they us, evolved Are they death This th [...]

    3. Majestic is Whitley Strieber s historical thriller about the events in Roswell in 1947 and the creation of the alleged secret intelligence organization called Majestic The novel follows discredited journalist Nicholas A Duke as he dutifully, if not somewhat skeptically at first, informs the public of what really happened when Mac Brazel stumbled across the strange debris while working the ranch for which he was foreman As Duke records the confessions or chronicle of Wilfred Stone, former directo [...]

    4. A ltima Vampira o segundo livro sobre a vampira Miriam Blaylock, e seu mundo foi apresentado aos leitores em Fome De Viver , publicado na d cada de 80 por Whitley Strieber.Desta vez o autor narra, al m da continua o das aventuras de Miriam, a hist ria de Paul Wardum, ex agente da CIA, que trabalha para uma equipe secreta de policiais especializados, pesquisando uma ra a de vampiros que se disseminou pelo mundo e exterminado os Miriam sempre viveu entre os seres humanos sem se preocupar em ficar [...]

    5. This is a fictionalized account of the authors speculations of what occurred at Roswell and the actions and motivations behind that There is a blend of the historical and fictional sort of a names have been changed to protect the innocent kind of thing Strieber proposes some interesting theories about the others he never calls them aliens because frankly we can t say for sure that s what they are There are plenty of other possibilities and he does not discount them This was written almost a quar [...]

    6. This book is an account of Roswell incident written from the point of a reporter interviewing a Mr X like character from the government who wants the true story to be told before he dies of lung cancer The author seems to have started with alleged facts which could also be called a ficiton by some and then filled in the gaps with information that he had come to believe true during his experiences described in Communion and Transformation I enjoyed some aspects of the book, and I have come to bel [...]

    7. Based on the famous MJ 12 document, Majestic is the story of the events that led to the clandestine agency s inception and its inner workings as reported to us by fictional reporter Nicholas Duke who is getting this remarkable story from Majestic director Wilfred Stone.My position on the whole UFO phenomenon is that I m somewhat skeptical, but the events, the conspiracies, and the speculations as to why the aliens are here are just fun to read about Now because this novel is presented as a work [...]

    8. I ve never read a book like this one It was about what happened in Roswell, NM in 1947 Nothing really different about you say, but this take on it sure was Even after reading it, I m not sure if it was actually meant to be a fictional story that was the genre , or if it was supposed to be factual The author presented gov t documents and autopsy reports and testimony from real people from leadership positions back then, so it makes me wonder The author gives a sense that the others aren t really [...]

    9. Am Interesting Read The author takes UFO reports, as well as interviewing eyewitness accounts, and changes names of the real people involved and writing his own fiction around the UFO phenomenon Most of the book covers the Roswell incident in 1947 A lot of the plot involves the author s own belief in the case of the alien s agenda, and what he thinks it is about It is certainly an interesting concept, but I doubt very seriously anyone knows the truth yet of what happened at Roswell, or what is r [...]

    10. Fictional rendition of this authors interpretation of the facts behind Roswell and the creation of Majestic 12 Strieber s writing tends to be metaphysical and he is not always easy to follow To Strieber, aliens are a spiritual phenomena then simply extraterrestrial If you accept Strieber s conceptual version, it seems demonic rather than enlightening as he suggestspure evil to me.

    11. I have mixed feelings about this book There were scenes and parts, where I couldn t put it down Scenes where I even got scared On the other hand there were scenes, and I mean a lot of them, where I wanted to quit the whole book they were so boring In the end I think it s a good read for anyone who want s to know about the 1947 UFO crash.

    12. I read another review whose author talked about this book scaring her and affecting her sleep I had the same experience It was well written and eyeopening but scared the hell out of me If only I could believe it s really fiction.

    13. This book kind of scares me with its historical facts and true events The people are real, after doing some minor research I adore this author, and I will keep reading his work.

    14. Started out strong, ended weakly It was written in 1989 and I think it could be easily scripted into a web series.

    15. Volt egy id szak letemben, gy nagyj b l az ltal nos iskola v ge s a k z piskolai tanulm nyok els fele t j n, amikor a kutat i alkatot ltal ban jellemz ellen llhatatlan vonzalom az j, az ismeretlen fel nagyr szt a paranorm lis s a f ld nk v li jelens gekr l sz l irodalom habzsol s ban nyert kiel g l st Az rdekl d s az ta sem eny szett el teljes m rt kben, csup n a n z pont v ltozott ma m r sokkal ink bb a jelens g szociol giai oldala mozgatja a fant zi mat gy visszatekintve is azt gondolom, nem v [...]

    16. Amazing UFO fiction which gets sadly very lame in the last few chapters, and doesn t go nearly as well as it should have done Three quotes from the good bit spine tingling version of the usual not factual warning at the beginning of the book if you really want to do this, your only hope is to publish your book as fiction They ll figure if they hit you, it ll tell the world it s all true You might make it So this is fiction Everything in it all the documents, the briefing papers, the interviews i [...]

    17. Do not read this book at night This is not a drill If you have an overactive imagination as most readers do this is a book that will leave an impression on you Based on the story of the 1947 Roswell crash, Majestic takes a look at those involved with the abductions and the subsequent cover up It tells the stories of their encounters with the aliens and how those encounters then put those people on their life path, up to and including the secretive Majestic government organisation.The only downsi [...]

    18. I read a couple of Strieber s early horror books a long time ago and then very cautiosly picked up the very strange and surprising Communion A True Story and Transformation The Breakthrough, in which the author claimed to have been abducted by aliens For real Majestic came somewhere in the close aftermath of those, and while this one is a fictitious story or is it it did not get much better or readable in my opinion The truth about Roswell Again.

    19. CIA Director Roscoe Killenkoetter in the NEW York Times Feb, 27, 1960 The Air Force has investigated 6,132 reports of flying objects since 1947, including 183 in the last six months of 1959 The latest Air Force statement, issued a month ago said, no physical or material evidence, not even a minute fragment of a so called flying saucer, has ever been found Admiral Hillenkoetter said that behind the scenes, high ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFO s But through official [...]

    20. I found the book easy to read and often graphic enough to make me feel what was going on The book is written as fiction, but the author says it is non fiction I don t know which is true since I have never had alien encounters of my ownat I know of There were times when I was angry at what the characters were put through The author was good at bringing that out in me But, in the end, the main character seemed to feel everything that happened was justified Why I was told a bit, but not enough to m [...]

    21. This was written as fiction only to give it protection from National Security oath violations on the part of whomever provided the documents Strieber was able to review One of the characters, I m not sure which, must have been based on James Forrestal, U.S Secretary of Defense, who was suicided while confined to Bethesda Naval Hospital, allegedly because he wanted to testify before Congress that UFOs and aliens were real The real question here is who gave top secret documents to Strieber and why [...]

    22. Ficci n disfrazada de ficci n para parecer menos ficci n G nero Ciencia Ficci n supongo yo.Lo que nos cuenta Al final de su vida, y a trav s de un supuesto periodista que en realidad buscaba un art culo de relleno para el D a de los Inocentes, Wilfred Stone cuenta la verdad de c mo se manej el incidente de Roswell en 1947 y confiesa sus propias experiencias con inteligencias extraterrestres Quiere saber m s de este libro, sin spoilers Visite librosdeolethros

    23. I also have the post apocalyptic ones sitting around in my to read pile So, at some point that will happen I don t remember anything about this I think I just slogged through I figure the way you can tell if you are a genetic garbage dump is if aliens have never abducted you But all I need is a casual glance around at my relatives to tell me that Bipolar, alcoholism, cancer, dementiaAlso excited to see him jumping on the ya supernatural or is it dystopia band wagon, yeah JOIN US Please do.

    24. I discovered this book in a small town grocery store exactly at the perfect time in my life A little younger and the abstract symbolism would ve been lost to me A little older and my cynicism would have prevented me from just letting the book run wild in my mind It s not a great book in form or content, but whenever I m heading out for an expedition the audiobook of Majestic is the first thing I play Even better if it s a night drive It just sets a perfect tone of Mulder and mystery.Give it a sh [...]

    25. This book was slow at times and tedious to read Laced with what many believe is documented fact that has been ridiculed by our government Unfortunately Mr Strieber frequently goes off course, adding fiction and conjecture to his work A rehash of his earlier work, which makes me wonder it this effort was written for the sake of publishing another book, and receiving another payday It had its moments, but not enough of them for me Ed

    26. I like the man s writing No extraneous fluff, but enough interesting detail that you feel like you know the characters or at least the type But the main selling point of the book is wink wink it is supposed to be based upon the truth about Roswell, NM Do I believe that I don t know Some reputable people that I respect believed it, but I have no direct experience so I guess I remain agnostic about it.

    27. Majestic 1989 whose subject is the so called Roswell Incident of 1947 when, those who call it an incident claim a UFO crashed in the New Mexico desert and the US Government created the Majestic 12 group whose role was to create and maintain an extraordinary cover up that according to this version of reality persists to this day.

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