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Let It Be Morning By Sayed Kashua Miriam Shlesinger Let It Be Morning In his debut Dancing Arabs Sayed Kashua established himself as one of the most daring voices of the Middle East In his searing new novel a young Arab journalist returns to his hometown an Arab vill
  • Title: Let It Be Morning
  • Author: Sayed Kashua Miriam Shlesinger
  • ISBN: 9780802170217
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • Let It Be Morning By Sayed Kashua Miriam Shlesinger In his debut, Dancing Arabs, Sayed Kashua established himself as one of the most daring voices of the Middle East In his searing new novel, a young Arab journalist returns to his hometown an Arab village within Israel where his already vexed sense of belonging is forced to crisis when the village becomes a pawn in the never ending power struggle that is the Middle EasIn his debut, Dancing Arabs, Sayed Kashua established himself as one of the most daring voices of the Middle East In his searing new novel, a young Arab journalist returns to his hometown an Arab village within Israel where his already vexed sense of belonging is forced to crisis when the village becomes a pawn in the never ending power struggle that is the Middle East Hoping to reclaim the simplicity of life among kin, the prodigal son returns home to find that nothing is as he remembers everything is smaller, the people are petty and provincial But when Israeli tanks surround the village without warning or explanation, everyone inside is cut off from the outside world As the situation grows increasingly dire, the village devolves into a Darwinian jungle, where paranoia quickly takes hold and threatens the community s fragile equilibrium.With the enduring moral and literary power of Camus and Orwell, Let It Be Morning offers an intimate, eye opening portrait of the conflicted allegiances of the Israeli Arabs, proving once again that Sayed Kashua is a fearless, prophetic observer of a political and human quagmire that offers no easy answers.
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    1. Sayed Kashua Miriam Shlesinger

      Czech name version Sajjid Ka ua.Slovak name version Said Ka uaSayed Kashua Arabic , Hebrew b 1975 is an Israeli Arab author and journalist born in Tira, Israel, known for his books and humoristic columns in Hebrew 15 .

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    1. Sayed Kashua is an Arab Israeli journalist and novelist who often takes the understandable albeit slightly hypercritical stance of don t think of me as an Arab Israel writer just because I m an Arab Israeli who writes about Arab Israelis The novel begins with the quasi autobiographical story of a journalist returning with his wife and daughter to the Arab village where he grew up this is an interesting touch since it roots the average contemporary reader, probably familiar with Kashua s biograph [...]

    2. This is a problematic book 1 reviewers claim the book discusses the anti semitism in the arab community in israel and they point to such a discussion as a positive example of the book however, there were no examples of anti semitism in the book rather, the main characters in the book discuss the discrimination they face from israeli jews 2 importantly, however, the community continues to present itself as israeli arabs and to refer to the palestinians of the west bank as palestinians those read [...]

    3. Update after finishing it, I m rounding it out at a solid 4 stars It gets better and better and proves its narrative construction.I m still reading this, so the of stars is up for revision, but for now it s a 3 star.The narrator is very interesting, as is the situation An Israeli Arab who s a journalist for an Israeli paper their arab guy who gradually gets marginalized at the paper as Palestinian Israeli relations worsen and whose Arab village eventually gets blockaded indefinitely I don t know [...]

    4. Different from the columns in Haaretz that I ve been following for years and grew tired of I have to admit that I read the book between the lines all the time This is many books in one, as stated in at least another review I also conceived it as other fates than the Palestinian I had a philosophical problem I didn t know of This is a book that I needed but didn t know it It doesn t seem like an important book but it is, at least for me I haven t been ignorant to start with so I m startled but no [...]

    5. This book was a good book I thought it started a little slow but it was needed for background information and leading in Once you got past the beginning the book was good I could not relate to the author very well but it was interesting in the way the story was told and his thinking through the challenges that he had and the things he did The setting was interesting and was cool to see a person s view and thinking of what it is like in his village Overall it was an okay book.

    6. No one consulted the Palestinians on the Peace Process No one cared This is what I think this story is about.

    7. A friend of mine read this book before I did and said I cannot believe the way he talks about his wife It s humiliating Does she even KNOW he writes these things about her Most probably not, right I cannot imagine her READING this stuff and choose to still BE with him I was having similar thoughts while reading this seemingly autobiographical narrative This guy is quite unlikable He s paranoid, needy and untrustworthy He is low in principles and high in opportunism Sure, sure, there are bits of [...]

    8. I really didn t enjoy reading this book The subject matter is not enjoyable and the writing style left me cold I found the style of writing extremely wooden and am not sure whether this is his style or whether it has anything to do with the translator I didn t like the main character I didn t enjoy the way he spoke to his wife and felt he had no backbone Whilst the subject matter is difficult and heart rending, it just didn t touch me emotionally, unlike Mornings in Jenin, due to the writing sty [...]

    9. This novel is hard to describe Fantasy fable about the cognitive dissonance of being an Israeli Arab is the closest I can get The writing is deceptively simple the I think about it, the thematically artful and complex I see it is The story takes place over less than a week, but during a time of extreme tumult for the characters and their community And I think that s all I can or should say, other than read it

    10. Much like the protagonist of this unsettling novel, the author is an Israeli Arab who has worked as a journalist for a liberal Israeli newspaper Ha aretz When he becomes a father, he moves his wife and baby from Tel Aviv back to their home village, where life is instantly claustrophobic At first, the noose is social, as their world shrinks from the cross cultural cosmopolitanism of Tel Aviv, to the insular world of extended family in a small village Then, when the Israeli Army seals the village [...]

    11. This is the second novel published in 2004 by Sayed Kashua, an Israeli Arab who has also created a popular show on Israeli television, Arab Labor, which pokes fun at relationships between Israeli Jews and Arabs The protagonist narrator is a 28 year old Israeli Arab journalist, employed by a Hebrew language newspaper in Tel Aviv Feeling increasingly marginalized and rejected by the mainstream Israeli society in the wake of the Second Intifada, he retreats from Tel Aviv to his home village, draggi [...]

    12. This was a slow burner, but well worth sticking with At the start it appeared to be about an Arab, living in Israel, who exudes dissatisfaction about everything his career, his home village, the city where he used to live, his parents, his wifee list goes on As the story progressed, I found it increasingly informative I like a book that challenges my ignorance and for starters I didn t realise there were Arabs who counted themselves Israeli citizens, and were happy to remain so This book is all [...]

    13. 1 This book highlights what it is like to be an Arab Israeli and the complexities of being an Arab Israeli living in a Jewish city The protagonist displays a sense of regret when he states how I hate myself for trying to believe I was really one of themI never managed to feel like I was one of them They always made me feel like an outsider 170 At one point he feels sorry for the Arab Israelis, who are in denial about the blockade, because they believe in their Citizenship There is also a general [...]

    14. I find three different books inside this one, all inducing the sense of relentless despair appropriate to the source of the book s title Deuteronomy 28 67 The first aspect of the book is a paranoid, Kafkaesque story of a siege that represents in a highly exaggerated form the indignations and oppression that Palestinian Arabs feel, not only in Israel but in the rest of the world The second aspect, which is my favorite, is an invented memoir retelling the main narrator s struggles as a child and w [...]

    15. Completo la lettura dei libri di Sayed Kashua tradotti in italiano con E fu mattina sempre grazie alla biblioteca di Prato Devo dire che pur essendo un buon romanzo non mi ha entusiasmata come Arabi danzanti o Due in uno Questo testo, anche dal punto di vista della struttura narrativa pi canonico Racconta come in una sorta di lungo reportage, narrato in chiave intimistica, la seconda intifada e la spartizione pacifica dei territori tra lo stato di Israele e quello della Palestina Il suo paese si [...]

    16. A very disturbing book on several levels First, the horrible, kafkesque predicament the village unexpectedly and inexplicably finds itself in Second, the narrator protagonist and his negative attitude to everything If there is a natural tendency to identify and sympathize with him he systematically destroys this This includes the grotesque picture of the Arab village which he draws All negative At first I was relieved that at least his immediate family came out all right but then the memory of h [...]

    17. a book I wanted to like , but didn t really I started it and then got distracted by something interesting Felt I had to finish it, and at the time the Israeli Palestinian issues were at the top of the new again.It was interesting, and the sense of things being at one minute totally normal and then normality being swept away they next minute was portrayed vividly I found the characterisation very wooden though, which in turn made it difficult to care about the characters very much So it was lik [...]

    18. This is set in a small Arab village in Israel and was a very interesting look at the struggle that everyday life can become in Israel for this minority Focusing on the life of a journalist at a Jewish newspaper, the protagonist has moved back to his small village as his assignments along with his paycheck dry up in the face of increasing tension in Israel Shortly after moving home the village is surrounded by tanks and the village is cut off from fresh supplies of food, water and waste disposal [...]

    19. This isn t a book I would pick up on my own, but it was given to me I have to say that it educated me about the realities of the Arab Israeli conflict in a very personal way The writing felt stilted, but it s a translation from Hebrew, which may explain some of that, and the narrator was not likable at all His thoughts on his wife are not what you d call enlightened, and my eyes rolled back in my head than once To me it was very uneven, sometimes feeling like an existential fable, sometimes a n [...]

    20. Due to the translation from Hebrew to English, I felt the writing was stilted I found it hard to connect to the story due to the language The story at times traveled to the past but I didn t see the connection between the present and the past with every moment The third act was very quickly paced but still felt as if something was missing As for the last lines of the book, I understood it s intent, but was left so empty Perhaps I needed context for the story I would be interested to learn abou [...]

    21. This book, without sparing the adult language, offers a glimpse at the lives of Isreali citizens of Arab descent and Palestenians with the touch of the journalist Kashua kept me engaged throughout the whole book So it went by fast I appreciated an account, albeit fictional, of what it the situation is like to be a real person in that context Kashua also does an excellent job of portraying human universals related to family, neighborhood, relationships and growing up Very good perspective overall [...]

    22. A gritty portrait of life in an Arab village in Israel during a time of conflict The story concerns a dissillusioned Arab writer who leaves behind his job at an israieli newspaper to return to his childhood village only to have his hopes of a better life destroyed by events beyond his control.Touches on the complexity of life during difficult times and, much like Dreams of Water, on the search for indentity A good read and Sayed Kashua maintains the suspence of the Israeli blockade of the villag [...]

    23. If you want a 200 page tour of the guts of the word quagmire, this is the story for you Kashua clearly draws on first hand experience as he takes the reader directly into the tangle of Israelis, Arab Israelis and Palestinians For the most part the prose and translation are good and keep the reader s interest piqued, but there are passages that could use editing Also questionable is his treatment of his female characters, for whom he has no kind words All in all, if Kashua was bitterly attempting [...]

    24. Things have calmed down Only a handful of kids still loiter, biking around the roadblocks to mock the soldiers and tanks I turn back and pass in front of the fountain, the one inaugurated with great pomp by the mayor and meant to welcome Saturday visitors The fountain is not working because of the blackout The water is fouler than ever Empty cans, cigarette butts and other filth discarded by the crowds over the past two days, stagnate on the surface.

    25. Set in an Israeli Arab village near Jerusalem Although fictional, it functioned much like nonfiction The characters were not well developed, the plot structure were designed almost entirely to convey what it s like to live as an Arab in Israel very much outsiders to Israelis, viewed with suspicion even by liberals, but also outsiders to the Arab community with very little in common with them.

    26. Another book difficult to rate It s beautifully written and translated A frankly unlikable narrator who is a journalist and has moved back to the Arab village where he grew up The village is barricaded, water and electricty turned off, and life quickly becomes chaotic The ending is a bit of a twist, turning the whole narrative on it s head I didn t really like it but I am intrigued and want to read .

    27. I ve always been fascinated with the Israeli Palestinina conflict as are many others The book starts off promising when you learn that you will be reading about the lives of the Arab towns within Israel but the book really fizzled out It doesn t really give you a sense of how the conflict is impacting the towns beyond the surface The author tries to paint a town where villagers turn against one another as a result of the blockade but the delivery was incomplete and disappointing.

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