Temple of the Gods #2020

Temple of the Gods By Andy McDermott Temple of the Gods Another brilliant Wilde Chase thriller from one of the best in the business Andy McDermott Archaeologist Nina Wilde s life has fallen apart Her husband ex SAS soldier Eddie Chase is on the run false
  • Title: Temple of the Gods
  • Author: Andy McDermott
  • ISBN: 9780755354719
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • Temple of the Gods By Andy McDermott Another brilliant Wilde Chase thriller from one of the best in the business Andy McDermott Archaeologist Nina Wilde s life has fallen apart Her husband, ex SAS soldier Eddie Chase is on the run, falsely accused of murder, and her only distraction has been investigating the origin of three strange statues stolen from her just before Eddie s disappearance When Nina discAnother brilliant Wilde Chase thriller from one of the best in the business Andy McDermott Archaeologist Nina Wilde s life has fallen apart Her husband, ex SAS soldier Eddie Chase is on the run, falsely accused of murder, and her only distraction has been investigating the origin of three strange statues stolen from her just before Eddie s disappearance When Nina discovers they may be relics from the lost civilisation of Atlantis, it s clear that she has to get her head back in the game, and fast Eddie, meanwhile, tries to stay ahead of the authorities as he hunts the man responsible for his fugitive status across the globe A mysterious benefactor offers the information he needs but the price will put him in direct conflict with his wife When Nina learns that a Japanese industrialist has obtained the statues on the black market she immediately heads to Tokyo meet him, unaware that Eddie is already on his way Their arrival unleashes a chain of events that could have devastating consequences for the world, setting Nina and Eddie on their most dangerous quest ever with the future of humanity itself at stake
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      267 Andy McDermott
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    1. This is an intense, fantastic, action oriented, thrilling mystery that is well worth the read The plot focuses on the archaeologist Nina Wilde and her husband Eddie Chase, an ex SAS bodyguard Together, these two characters must bring together powerful items from antiquity to form an even greater source of power The level of action and adventure in this book is high the characters are believable You will feel as if you have embarked on a true adventure with Nina and Eddie Not wanting to spoil the [...]

    2. Another fast paced, well developed Wilde Chase adventure It was non stop action from beginning to end This installment ties in people and events from previous books but don t let that deter you from diving into this thrilling read If you re looking for high adventure in the Indiana Jones vein you need look no further This is it OK, it s a bit far fetched in spots but that s half the fun Highly recommended.

    3. Had just finished Pantheon when I started this and a few chapters in I decided this was already fun than the whole of the previous book Action sequences were great However, what I hadn t appreciated was that the action would be relentless and totally OTT The main characters would endure some fantastic life or death battle in EVERY CHAPTER, always seeming to escape at the last moment by the skin of the teeth Submarine battles at the bottom of the Atlantic, escaping from a Zimbabean prison in a t [...]

    4. Nina and Eddie take on YET ANOTHER billionaire megalomaniac I swear to go the entire Fortune 500 must be made up of insane assholes Very entertaining though so I can t really complain

    5. Woohoo, my first book of this year yeah, I know I m late, but I have my reasons, alright I ve like, the biggest exams of my life, going on, and I didn t want to be distracted I GAVE IN OKAY Though, I have to say, I made a mistake This was the first McDermott book I picked up, and alright Maybe I should ve seen that this was the eighth book in the series Really I wish I had started with the first one, but nonetheless, this book has enough teasers to inspire me.Since I m not habituated with his st [...]

    6. As usual this is Nina and Eddie in Action at its most dramatic,, although the plot this time has a little edge to it than normal with Eddie on the run from all law enforcement see book 7.The story picks up where the previous left off building on the intrigue that surrounds the statues and what they can do and where they come from, the story loops back to the start with us looking back again to Atlantis to give any would be spoilers As usual you have Andy s electric pace, fun and over the top B [...]

    7. For implausible to work you at least have to like the characters Folks here are Clive Cussler mannequins, on a budget And I m starting to wonder if there is a book that says Atlantis on the title that actually does an interesting take on Atlantis Not this one.And what s compelling in villains with such diabolical schemes also being so hapless Whole squads of supposed macho super Ninjas drop like flies against one man and they started the fight with all the guns.If there was cleverness in such fo [...]

    8. I read the first 7 books in the series last year and got hooked on Nina and Eddie Well, buggeration and fy , McDermott has done it again The book, called Return to Atlantis in North America, not only picks up where Empire of Gold leaves off, it also brings a number of other plot lines to an energy packed and thrilling conclusion A fast paced adventure ride from beginning to end for any and all adventure junkies.

    9. What a book I just caught sight of a blurb which says that this is the 8th in a series starring Dr Nina Wilde and her husband, Eddie Chase Where have I been All kinds of action takes place in this book, including an underwater adventure in Atlantis itself, as well as being in a Japanese sky scraper when it starts to disintegrate, on a mountain in Switzerland, and the desert in Africa Read it if you dare

    10. After 8 books in the series, I knew there was going to be a time when the story of Nina and Eddie began to grow stale I mean, it s been 8 books of literally the exact same thing ancient historical artifact, race against time, explosions and death and a fair amount of requisite stupid one liners, but somehow, I always found myself enjoying the escapades of McDermott s characters and always found something good enough in most of the previous books to give them a decent enough rating Unfortunately, [...]

    11. I really think Nina needs to get another line of work The destruction of incredible archaeological finds she makes is becoming old hat Well that and the line of bodies her ex SAS husband seems to leave in their wake Still, it s a non stop roller coaster ride following them from one point in the world to the next.

    12. Non stop action so much that to be honest you become numb to it after a while and it loses it s impact , and completely over the top in parts, with a somewhat weak story and a plethora of cheesy and eventually a bit irritating one liners but still a good lighthearted fun and action packed read if you re not looking for anything too serious.

    13. Another action packed, fast paced, crazy shenanigans, wild ride of an addition to this series I think I m a little in love with Eddieeven if I can t really decide exactly what he looks like Great stuff.

    14. If you can go with the beyond all logic plots and megalomaniacs, it s fun I don t find Sophia as interesting as I think I m supposed to, but I did enjoy Larry finding himself in the middle of a world he had no idea about.

    15. After the previous in the series with a continuation, I was VERY glad to see a book with an end, to multiple things The series keeps getting better

    16. It was a fun, but I could have done with a little less action and a little of the adventurous story line regarding the discovery and mysteries.

    17. AwesomenessThrilling ride You think the story can t get any better and then it dies Non stop action and a good story.

    18. Back in June 2011 I reviewed Andy McDermott s Empire of Gold, the seventh book in his explosive series featuring main characters Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase I am a huge fan of what a friend and I have christened quest books , and this is one of my favourite series from this genre Incredibly, the first book in this series, The Hunt for Atlantis, was only released back in 2008, so by my reckoning that is averaging at two books a year From a lesser author, we might expect inconsistent quality, repet [...]

    19. American archaeologist Nina Wilde and her husband, ex SAS bodyguard Eddie Chase, are back for another heart stopping, globe spanning adventure in the latest New York Times bestselling series that raises the bar to please adventure junkies who prefer to mainline their action Publishers Weekly, starred review.A MISSING SCRAP OF ANCIENT PARCHMENT THREE POLISHED PURPLE STONES AND FROM THE SUNKEN WORLD OF ATLANTIS THE GREATEST POWER ON EARTH.Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase have stunned the world with thei [...]

    20. After being somewhat disappointed in the last book, with it feeling a little rehashed and predictable, I was cautiously optimistic for the next in the series And thankfully, instead of being of the same, this book felt surprisingly new and exciting And that may be a little odd to say, because in retrospect, this book really goes back to what made the first couple of books in the series so special Gone is the endless and repetitious relationship issues, and the almost too long narratives that th [...]

    21. Talk about cliff hangers This book is practically non stop cliff hangers where Nina and Eddie Chase manage to escape from one impossible situation to another Somewhere in the book one of the characters describes their story as a combination of Indiana Jones and James Bond I can t think of an apt description of the story Bad guys become good guys, some good guys become bad guys, the twist and turns are a constant I liked the book because the reader gets involved with the characters, there is a p [...]

    22. And it all starts to come together The plots and schemes from the previous books may have seemed isolated, but in this book they start to intertwine and become one As to this story, oppression is oppression no matter how you nicely you package it And killing even a small % of the world population to change and improve the rest is unacceptable This is another exciting storyline, but there s not as many explosions and we re starting to see a lot of the same bad guy characters over and over And hav [...]

    23. A lost legend, a long trail, a list of benefactors and a couple who ought to prevent the misuse of the legendary piece from the bottoms of the Atlantis The demystifying theory of a thriller is decoded with a great command in the story There is ample action, thrill and drama to keep the story alive and kicking for most of the part The book with it s historical substance keeps it like a cat mouse game and leaves a long trail behind for the readers to uncover There s copious amount of unforgiving e [...]

    24. Before I start, I did not know this was a book 8, but you could tell and the story moves on just fine On the other hand, maybe it means this is eight books in one story, it sure felt like it.Story has enough to keep you reading then you realize it is just too much stuff Five James Bond movies in one book still reading make that eight I think we might be going back to Africa Just finished reading add three Indiana Joes movies, the Atlantis cartoon from Disney and Lara Croft , but you are done aft [...]

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